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I purchased 2 boxes of the so called new Suzy Q snack cakes at Walmart. I was disappointed to the point of anger! How dare you call those tiny horribly dry as sand cakes a Suzy Q?? Either bring them back right or don't bother trying to push this deceitful crap on us. Most of the outside of the cake came off on the cardboard strip! My 3 year old neighbor child nearly choked on them. This is a totally unacceptable comeback of Suzy Q's. All you wanted was to make them twice as cheap and a higher price. The Ding Dongs were so tiny in size. Will find other snack cakes for my family from here on!


  • Kd
    kdlf Jul 29, 2016

    The wonderful, yummy hostess brand is a thing of the past. those of us who grew up on it will always be disappointed in the new "hostess" company. I just tried the new suzy q's. terrible. not worth the money and the taste is crap. years ago they were such a treat. as far as I am concerned, hostess no longer exists. you might as well take it off the market. if you can't make it right, don't make it at all.

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  • Sa
    Sandra F. Dixon Nov 07, 2016

    I purchased a box of your suzy q's on 11/7/2016 and the best by date is 11/26/2016 and after opening the product and eating one it was hard and dry and stale. I was so disappointed in the product. I wanted to try something different I always buy the cupcakes and zingers but I will never buy the suzy q's again

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  • Lu
    Lucy McGee Jul 09, 2017

    they were awful - not creamy or chocolately!

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  • Wo
    Wolff,WOLFF,WOLFF Nov 07, 2017

    Might as well not make the suzy q's for an insult and really bad imitation!!!.

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  • Wo
    Wolff,WOLFF,WOLFF Nov 07, 2017

    These are an insult to the original. rather you not make them at all. was my favorite of all the hostess products.

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  • Af
    AFormerCustomer Jan 05, 2018

    I grew up for several decades on Suzy Q's. It was the only Hostess product I ever bought or ate. Loved them.
    When they went away, it was a bad day.
    Now that they have tried to bring them back in an altered form, an even worse day.
    Just finished one, and it will be the last I ever buy.

    Whoever owns the Hostess Brand needs to address the complaints of their consumers before the brand ends up failing again.
    It's a shame when a product is ruined like that.
    You just lost another customer.
    Looks like TastyKake will be getting 100% of my business from now on.
    You could learn something from them.

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  • Kr
    krazykoyot Jan 17, 2018

    Truly horrible and disappointing

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  • De
    dennis phinney Mar 24, 2018

    Just want say thanks for the recent improvement to more cake and creme in your 6 pack. Reminds me of the way it was years ago. Now I'm back as fan of Suzy. Have you considered a further improvement like an 8 pack?

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  • Fr
    Frankiek60 Jul 20, 2018

    @dennis phinney Apparently you never had a real SuzyQ from the 70s or 80s before Hostess sold out to these peeps. The new ones are a major disappointment

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  • Ci
    cindy0 Jun 17, 2018

    So here it is june 17, 2018 and thought I would see if you guys changed the crap you call now even better tasting! did I say crap! I wrote about these when they came back out in the stores. well nothing has changed they still taste like rubber! the cake part is so so, the cream is so rubber and thick it stinks. take these things off the shelf, they are a big disgrace to the original suzy q. for the stars if it could not show stars that would be even better. box of 6 and 5 are going to the trash, yes that's how bad they are. hostess you need to take that [censored] cream out and put in the twinkie cream that would be alright or even way better. wont buy these pieces of crap again!

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  • 72
    729smg Jul 10, 2018

    My son just brought me home a package of the 2018 New Improved version of my old favorite Hostess Suzy Q's. Much Improved!! Not quite as awesome as the ones that we grew up on in the 60's but pretty darn close. Not convinced about the "50% more cake" part but the cake tastes better and the shape better resembles the original ones AND there is a MUCH better ratio of creme filling between the cakes now. Thank You Hostess!

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  • Kb
    Kbert1171 Oct 12, 2018

    i purchased two boxes of your "now even better tasting" SuzyQ's and the are disgusting. the cream filling, which was once the very best part of the treat, is now very thick and gross. why would you change the perfect treat?
    please change it back. i will not buy them again. shame on you

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