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I usually am not one to complain and always give credit where its due but in this case I need to make a complaint. Recently my wife and I went grocery shopping at our local FoodLion. We decided this trip we would switch it up and try Hostess doughnuts as we haven't bought them in many months due to quality of product and the amount of bang you get for your buck. We have enjoyed the products over the years but as I stated the quality is poor and it always seems dry. The product I purchased was one bag of hostess doughnuts of the powder doughnuts and one bag of cinnamon sugar crunch. The powder doughnuts were dry, and just tasted horrible. We ate one and disposed of the bag. I was disappointed but not a big deal. I just said we won't buy hostess again. Here's my chief complaint. The next morning which was today my wife took a few out of the bag and put them in a zip loc bag to take to work. My daughter wanted them for breakfast so I gave her a few with milk. As she was eating one she noticed something weird about the taste and said something "blue" was on it. She had 3. She had eaten the first 2. I told her to stop and let me inspect. Upon inspection I spotted mold. I was pissed. How does this happen? Now I have to hope my wife or child doesn't get sick. I just want people to be aware and I want answers of how this happens? I have attached pics for proof of the date on package and the mold. I'm sorry hostess but you have lost my business!!!

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      Oct 19, 2017

    Ever since Hostess bounced back from bankruptcy a few years back, the quality of their products has been rather lackluster. So I'm the least bit surprised by this. I recently bought a box of Twinkies a couple weeks ago and there was little to no cream in them. Needless to say I'm very disappointed about that.

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