Hooblyselling exotic shhair kittens

Avery shorthair exotic kittens is a scam business. This person us constantly selling the same kittens over and over again making tons if money. He is connected to amarex pet shipping also a scam company. They have over 500 complaints yet hoobly keeps posting their ads. Their main hel is [email protected] I have turned them into the fbi. Ftc. Bbb, oig, omb, etc several times with every name they come up with. This is the third name this person has used since july. When are you going to stop posting their ads? You're helping them pursue the crime of scamming. Stop enabling them.

  • Updated by MADDY10, Oct 02, 2019

    Avery Exotic Hair Kittens is a scam business making money on Exotic Persians and Persians. These people are also scamming people on puppies and parrots. So far there have been over 600 complaints against these people. They do not have any animals for sale it's all a scam to get your money. When you see the HRL [protected] it goes back to the same scam company who keep changing their names so they won't be recognized. They work with Amarex Pet Shipping also a scam business. BUYER BE AWARE don't let them scam you.

  • Updated by MADDY10, Oct 02, 2019

    The add for Avery Exotic Shorthair Kittens is still listed PLEASE DON'T THESE PEOPLE SCAM YOU. THEY ARE ALSO SCAMMING FOR PUPPIES AND PARROTS. When you see the phrase "SAME DAY SHIPPING" PLEASE REALIZE IT'S A SCAM.

Sep 30, 2019

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