I had a deck put on my home by Homefix here in Illinois. I had to pull a permit for the deck. The deck was projected to be built in two weeks from when I got the quote. 5 weeks later it was about 3/4 done. It remains uncompleted as of today. The Homefix guys that came out to build it simply stopped building it. I contacted Homefix who could not locate the crew or provide me with a solution or return my money. Worst of all however is that my local building inspector came out and asked me if the footings were in. I told him the deck was mostly completed. He inspected the deck and told me that it was suppose to be built with frost footings below the posts. Homefix just simply put the posts on cement blocks. The inspector told me he would not pass the inspection until it was redone. Of course Homefix refused to correct the work telling me that I should have told the crew to put footings in first! I should have read the reviews on this company before I went with them.

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