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L Aug 15, 2018

Head line- Are you ready to call them multiple times a day and live with service items 2-4 weeks only to hear the coverage is refused???? Their staff will hang up on you/no call backs, per their job descriptions, so good luck getting any coverage out of the warranty.

Here's how they do it- They don't have techs in your area (WHY??? because they ask vendors to use unqualified local techs), so for most claims you will be presented a dazzling option to find a vendor in your area, It will be marketed as "Just ask the vendor to submit the diagnosis report and authorization will be available in 48 hours, don't worry everything will be covered". Your claim will then be on hold for 2-4 weeks (trick to frustrate you and fix it yourself), HWA will finally decline the coverage saying it was your choice.
For any question you ask, "This was your choice", "HWA reserves all rights", "We are trying all ways to expedite", "You will get the call"

I was gifted this warranty by seller. I owned Gold plan for 2 years and that's how my AC claim was handled. Today is 8/15 and I am yet to see any warranty benefits of claim filed on 7/7

Their Gold package is failure, AC coverage is non existent, they'r full of false marketing, check their reviews on BBB/consumeraffairs/Yelp.

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