Home Warranty of America [HWA]hwa will screw you

H May 08, 2018

Do not trust HWA Home Warranty. I had the Diamond package with green replacement and HWA refused to go or the contract to replace a unrepairable electric cooktop with one that fit - they selected a cheaper and smaller model. I pointed out that the replacement was not the same size but that there was a model (same brand and features) that was slightly larger in size but $100 more, HWA said it was an upgrade and I would have to pay $118. 1st HWA refused to agree ro replace the cooktop with one that actually fit, which was readily available simply because it cost more. 2nd, HWA charged an upgrade fee merely because the model that actually fit was more expensive. And, moreover HWA wanted to charge more than the MSRP difference - HWA charged 118 when the MSRP difference is 100. HWA said they have a supply agreement with GE for appliances, which would mean a price less than the MSRP but they are charging more.

As a warning - HWA will interpret the agreement as they determine, such as saying that the term "readily available" means readily available based upon internal company policy and that HWA will determine dimensions of the replacement. They will not negotiate, listen to any alternative solutions or give any concessions. HWA offers a take it or leave it option and if you don't take, there is no other option other than to sue them. It is a horrible company and has poor customer service. My advice is to not use HWA but if you are here, my guess is that it is too late and you are having the same experience as me.

Also, do not fall for the trick of contacting the so called "Office of the President" often mentioned in BBB responses from HWA. This is not the office of the presidwnt but merely a complaint department that will not resolve anything, will not answer your questions and will not negotiate. This so called Office of the President will give you the "take it or leave it option" and tell if you do not take their option, your claim will be closed and you get nothing. This was nothing but a trick to prevent you from filing a BBB complaint.

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