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I have had a battle with hwa lately due to their irresponsible decisions and unprofessional conduct of business. My family suffered no electricity for a few days and then exposed to some electrical safety issues.

I wanted to share the below info if you are having trouble with hwa.
I spoke to many associates, and they just wasted my time. Useless - no help. So you have to directly contact the executive management for a solution. Hwa is a family-owned business.

Physical address:
1371 abbott ct ste a
Buffalo grove, il [protected]

Vp of operations:
Robert sobel
Phone: [protected] ext 703
Fax: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Marc roth
Email: [protected]


  • L
      Aug 15, 2018

    Head line- Are you ready to call them multiple times a day and live with service items 2-4 weeks only to hear the coverage is refused???? Their staff will hang up on you/no call backs, per their job descriptions, so good luck getting any coverage out of the warranty.

    Here's how they do it- They don't have techs in your area (WHY??? because they ask vendors to use unqualified local techs), so for most claims you will be presented a dazzling option to find a vendor in your area, It will be marketed as "Just ask the vendor to submit the diagnosis report and authorization will be available in 48 hours, don't worry everything will be covered". Your claim will then be on hold for 2-4 weeks (trick to frustrate you and fix it yourself), HWA will finally decline the coverage saying it was your choice.
    For any question you ask, "This was your choice", "HWA reserves all rights", "We are trying all ways to expedite", "You will get the call"

    I was gifted this warranty by seller. I owned Gold plan for 2 years and that's how my AC claim was handled.

    Their Gold package is failure, AC coverage is non existent, they'r full of false marketing, check their reviews on BBB/consumeraffairs/Yelp.

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  • A
      Nov 18, 2018

    @LA_R Having trouble myself, 10 days with no water. Your email addys for two execs comes back "undeliverable, " and this site won't show me their phone numbers. Can you e mail their numbers to me at AnaRealtor at gmail dot com, please? Thx!!

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  • S
      Nov 21, 2019

    UACCEPTABLE! This has been the worst experience I have ever had. I have been without my refrigerator for 30 days but according to HWA it has only been 17 business days. They've been told my situation concerning me caring for disabled adults in my home but they don't care. I have explained to them the importance of refrigerating medication and I get the run around or they hang up on me. This is unacceptable! They've (HWA) been told by the vendor they recommended that the parts needed are not available anymore. According to our contract they are to replace the refrigerator since it can't be repaired. How long does it take to make a decision? They've been paid for their service but are unwilling to provide me the service I need as stated in their contract. I am looking into legal action because this type of business can't be tolerated. The service they say they will provide is a SCAM.

    Mrs. Murray

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  • Z
      Nov 27, 2019

    For 3 weeks we have been dealing with a broken washing machine. The service tech came out the first time spent 45 minutes replacing a plug and said it needed a clutch and he had to check with HWA for authorization. Three days later I call HWA and they said they authorized the repair. The following Saturday the tech comes out and I am not kidding you for 3 hours banged on the washing machine only to say he can't fix it and he will contact HWA to see whats next. 3 days after his visit I get a call from the repair company that they believe the washing machine is unrepairable and they are submitting the necessary paperwork to HWA. I wait and call HWA 4 days later. They said yes they got the paperwork and it was forwarded to "options department" and they will call me within 24 hours. 2 days later I call back and I am told its at the Options Department and they can't call that department because they have no phone number for them, but they will email them to rush the job. 2 days later I call back same thing. wait 2 more days call and speak with Gilbert who tells me that they are going to replace the washing machine but he cant officially tell me that but someone will call me on Monday. Yesterday I call and they say yes you will hear from Options within 24 hours. I just called again since i haven't heard anything and once again I get the run around and I am told Options will call me. When I ask to speak to a Supervisor I am told there is no Supervisor working and no one else can help me.

    We have been customers of HWA for 9 years and recommended 6 other families to use their service. I can not believe how bad customer service has gotten. If anyone has an additional emails let me know. I am not gonna let this rest. I have taken to twitter as well to let everyone know how bad their customer service has gotten

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  • P
      Dec 09, 2019

    I have been a customer of HWA since purchasing my home in 2015. I would also add that each year I have renewed my contract to the Premium upgrade plan with the expectation that I would receive premium service from my home warranty company. That is not the case and I am extremely frustrated with the poor customer service that I have received and am at the point where I feel that I need to seek legal remedies in order to resolve the issues that I am having in getting this company to honor the contract that I have with them.

    On October 31st, I opened a claim (Claim #3226351) for a problem with my hot water heater which was making loud knocking noises. The initial service vendor who was assigned the claim, dispatched and received the $75 trade fee (Pipe Doctor 247) diagnosed the issue as sediment in the tank and indicated on the work order that it was a non-mechanical issue. After several attempts to contact this vendor for an update on the claim and never receiving a return phone call I followed up with HWA and was told that the authorization for repair or replacement was denied because it was a non-mechanical issue. I referred the customer service person to the Premium Upgrade clause of my contract which clearly states that “problems due to sediment” are covered and at that time, I was told that a new claim would be opened (Claim #SRO0025392), and a second vendor would be dispatched for a recall since the first vendor did not adequately diagnose this issue and the claim had been closed.

    The second vendor (Plumbtegrity, LLC) came out on November 13th and provided the same diagnosis, sediment in the tank, but said that given the age of the 9 year old tank, a flush and drain was not an option and that the unit needed to be replaced. He indicated that he would submit his findings and an authorization request to HWA recommending the hot water heater be replaced. Several days later after not receiving a follow-up call or status report, I reached out to the vendor and was told by his wife, Susan that the claim was denied because it was a non-mechanical issue. This began a vicious cycle of phone conversations with countless number of HWA representatives who continued to say that the claims are denied due to a non-mechanical issue and that it must be escalated to authorization, but there is no one in authorizations that I, as a customer can speak with and no one from HWA has ever contacted me to discuss the denial of the claims despite my asking to be transferred or that I be contacted by authorizations.

    At one point, I was told that the claim for a replacement water had been approved by HWA, but at the same time Plumbtegrity was being told the complete opposite that the claim was denied and they stopped communicating with me and again, the claim was closed out.

    I have always had to initiate contact with HWA and have spent a great deal of time on the phone going back and forth with the customer service.

    Most recently on November 25th, a third claim was opened (Claim #SRO0041473), and a third vendor (Valiant Plumbing) was dispatched to again re-diagnose the problem.

    The technician, Jason came out on last Thursday, December 5th, once again gave the same diagnosis as the previous vendor that the hot water heater needed to be replaced given its age and the amount of sediment. While there he indicated that he would be submitting the authorization request immediately and I watched him sit in his vehicle for approximately 20 minutes after he completed the service call entering the information.

    This morning (December 9th) I called HWA to get a status update and was first given the “non-mechanical issues” excuse once again by the agent and when I again referred him to the premium upgrade clause regarding sediment was then told that due to a problem with the system, the vendor was unable to submit an authorization request and that he (the vendor) needed to resubmit the request. This is totally unacceptable and I should not have to continue to receive the spend countless hours, wasting time trying to obtain services from a company that I am paying a monthly fee.

    Throughout this process, I have been researching other customer experiences with HWA and I am completely flabbergasted at the level of dissatisfaction among most of the persons who provide reviews and feedback regarding the company.

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