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I Purchased an "Ash Vacuum - Channellock" 404247 Model: EATc6085-C 2001 early 2021 @ my local Kingston, NS Hardware Store for 119.99 + Tax Total $138.00. The filter got damage and I contacted the store to purchase a replacement filter. I was told the Channellock Vacuum I purchased was now discontinued and that they could not obtain a replacement filter!? I checked other stores in the immediate area and was told the same thing. I phoned the Greenwood Store back and spoke with the Store Mgr who listened to my complaint, having purchased a New Ash Vacuum from Home Hardware and now unable to obtain parts for their product. Furthermore, I now find I have basically a relatively new vacuum that is required to clean out my Pellett Stove daily, which I now can't use and what am I to do? She took my name & phone number and said she would get back to me. That was two weeks ago now and I was never called! Today (*Sept 8th, 2021) I find advertised in the Home Hardware Flyer, effective Sept 9-12, the very same Channellock Ash Vacuum Model on Sale!... for $79.97 - Reg. $119.99! So, not only did Home Hardware misinform me about their product, to add insult to injury, I was basically "lied to" by Home Hardware management. I then went Online and ordered on, the exact replacement filter I was told wasn't available! The filter is costing me $52.86 to ship from the States! I worked in retail management for over 40yrs. and I know this is NOT acceptable Customer Service, by anyone's standards, let alone *Home Hardware, one of the few great Canadian Companies that remain operating in Canada. Please respond. Than you.

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Jun 24, 2022 7:58 pm EDT

may i ask how your filter got damaged? was it from

hot ash? i just got one from home hardware as final clearance, i am guessing the inavailability of filters is why.


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