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We bought our Platinium Collection home in 02/2007... we could go on forever about what has gone wrong since... here are some of the highlights. The home was incomplete on day of closing (try moving in around painters, tile people, cleaning lady etc.) Our original punch list never completed it was carried over to the 60 day which is still incomplete 1 year 3 months later. We have had problems that include drainage issues (there is a mosquito infested swamp in our backyard) dead sod laid on property (builders response to complaint 'Its been a bad year for sod') Shower leaked in wall and into bedroom due to fixture not being anchored correctly. Home not built to electrical code. Energy Star means squat our doors leak and you can see daylight around them... Garage leaks by doors, paint is peeling, trim/baseboards are crumbling/coming apart...


  • Do
    Dorothy Aug 31, 2008

    This sounds like our experience too, we also purchase a Platinum Home. What area do you live in, we are in Moore. Has all or any of your work been completed, since this complaint?

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  • Do
    Dorothy Aug 31, 2008

    Please check out (www.homescreationsblows.com) for more information regarding other complaints with Home Creations. You may this very informative.

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  • Br
    Briana L. Mar 23, 2011

    My husband and I bought a Home Creations Home in North OKC this year, and the house is fantastic! My dad and uncle are builders and said that the house was very well built. Of course we moved into the model, which im not sure it makes too much of a difference. The builder for the edition Clayton Green was very helpful and understanding about everything we pointed out in our walk through. The house is beautiful inside and out, and has been up since 2007 so im sure after 4 years anything major would have already arised. With all that said I think that Home Creations is a great place especially for young couples just starting out, such as my husband and I. The prices are fair, and the quaility is great for what you pay. And the community im in is fantastic!

    You all need to remember that houses are man made and sometimes do have flaws and problems, im sure nothing that cant be fixed. Im not sure about the builders in Moore, seeing as every community has different builders, but it could have been just a bad contractor they hired. Who knows. Im just speaking about my experiences.

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  • Tl
    T.L.L. May 28, 2011

    My wife and I bought a house frome Home Creations and one of many problems we had was the front left corner of the house was starting to seperate from the rest of the house. The mortar used for the bricks is not the right consistency. When I wanted to mount exterior wall features I didn't need a concrete drill bit, I used a wood bit because the mortar was still soft after 2 years. Now the water pressure from my front water spicket is so low that i cant use a water sprinkler. I have to connect to my backyard spicket drag the hose from the back to the front to water my lawn. The gate of the privacy fence has one screw holding it on. So now I will have to hire a profession to fix the fence. I think they cut alot of corners on the building of the house.

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  • Ou
    ougirl25 Jun 18, 2011

    I just closed on my home in late march and I noticed pieces of my foundation are breaking off on the back corner of my home. I have a flooding problem from their lack of knowledge in knowing how to grade yards. I have multiple layers of dead sod all over my yard. I filed a complaint with the BBB and home creations response was to try to make me look like a liar and that I'd made up all these issues. I dont care what their structural warranty states, the fact remains the issues are real and continue to grow and they really don't care about their customers after you purchase your home. If you start to complain about issues they start getting rude or just ignore you all together. I came home a couple days ago and the steel door leading into my house from the garage literally fell off the hinges and almost landed on me. I have been contacting the warranty dept since early April and the only "fix" they made was the dig a huge trench down the front of my yard. Their work is shotty at best and thats putting it nicely. I've been here since the last week in April and there have been 4 homes built and completed from the ground up in less than 3 months time! If they would take the time to build a home and have some type of quality standard that they actually took time to meet myself and others wouldn't have the issues we have. They're a terrible company.

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  • Ni
    Nick Anderson Apr 05, 2014

    April 5, 2014
    Yes I totally agreed. Home Creations are 1 of the worst builder in Oklahoma. I lived in Yukon, they don't level the ground first before built the house. And they do SUPER sloppy jobs on every houses but people don't know then they will think is a nice home. Please look carefully every details to your home like grout, crown molding, bathroom corner, inside the cabinets. under carpets still have nail especially on the enter from door to room.

    60 days or even 1 year of warranty: they will trying to come up with any excuses to avoid to fix your problems or either promises but will be delay. Bathroom: if you look and compares with other home same price, they don't really upgraded. I have to go to Lowe's and Home Depot buy a lot of stuffs to fix it myself.

    Overall, They did super sloppy jobs and will not fix your problems. Even they did, will be sloppy job. The construction guys are horrible to deal with ! I will never ever buy any homes from Homecreations again and will not recommended anyone else myself. Good luck to you !

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  • So
    sooner08 Nov 13, 2014

    I will NEVER build with Home Creations ever again. If I had to be thankful for anything, I'm thankful that this is my very first starter home. The floor plan and what we picked out looks GREAT. However, the builder cut corners. I've called them out on their work and the products that they've used, but our building manager always gave a reason. We did two walk throughs prior to closing. I was about to push closing because I wanted everything done. They were working on the house the day of closing and the building manager specifically told us, "Just because you close on the house doesn't mean we're done and we leave." We have witnesses.

    Anywho, you can see the seams along the wall where the dry wall was puzzled together. They blame them being visible because of the paint color. We have gray walls... The grout work looks absolutely terrible. It looks like a DIY project gone wrong. Gaps between the furnishings and the grout was globbed in areas on the trim and not smoothed out. If we were to have an open house, the buyers would think WE did that... they probably wouldn't think that the actual builder did it.

    6 months into occupying our home, I go into the guest room. A PLANT was coming out of our socket!! 2-3 ft long ivy was coming out through our socket. Of course, another excuse... "a seed flew in during construction." I thought plants don't thrive without sunlight...? So, I thought there was sunlight coming through somewhere. If that's all I yanked out, who knows if I have a field growing behind that wall.

    7 months into our house (today), we had a plumber come out because there's a leak in our ceiling. Oh, and we haven't had rain in a while... Turns out the pipe that connected to the shower water source had a nice crack in the pipe. Who knows how long that has been leaking for. I have 3 spots on my wall and they've all been poked with fingers. Our wall now looks like a stained crater. ALSO, we find out that we have black mold in the attic where the pipe had busted.

    We built so we wouldn't have to deal with maintenance. Yes, these homes are "man-made, " but I've never heard of friends and family having this many issues with a brand new home. I bet homes that have been built in the 1930s don't even have these issues. Pathetic company and I will never recommend or build with these fools ever again.

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  • Ni
    Night90 Apr 27, 2015

    I wish I had seen this before we got our home built with Home Creations in 2012/2013... Terrible terrible company. They left construction waste in the walls/underneath cabinets; no cleaning up. We had lumps under carpets, all kinds of issues where they clearly didn't care about doing the job RIGHT as much as doing it fast and cheap... We put in a list of issues for our warranty soon after we moved in and they only completed (most of) the jobs AFTER our warranty had expired, so we didn't have a chance to get other issues we found, fixed. Just awful!!

    Biggest problem is down the side of our house; it flooded all the way up to the house and sat...they came and "fixed" it eventually, but it still doesn't drain and is like a bog over there!!! Makes me so mad every time I go over there and end up with water in my shoes as I sink into the sodden ground...

    We also picked a brown color paint for the outside of our house and they painted it yellow/cream but said they wouldn't fix because it was the correct paint, it just looks different in swatch (it's a HUGE difference!!) so we have to deal with our house looking pretty ugly until we can afford/justify a painter.

    Cracks in bathtub, mortar falling off corners of the house and they really annoyed us by not giving us all options at the consultation to have our house built... We have seen and spoken to neighbors because they have upgrades on their house that we had no idea about!! Brick on the back instead of wood for example - I don't know if they just assumed since we were a young couple that we couldn't afford "extras" or if they were just so desperate to be done so they could go home that they didn't bother discussing with us... We were very unhappy though. Bad customer service, rude warranty team, shoddy workmanship and a very disappointing result. This was our first house and we know for sure we will NEVER go with Home Creations again.

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  • Jr
    JRC1964 Jul 03, 2015

    Thankfully I did not get to the point of building with Home Creations because their poor customer service and false promises I was able to get out of the contract and get my earnest money back before they broke ground. If you still feel bold and want a home built by Home Creations do not work with Brandi. After signing the contract with Home Creations miss placed my paper work so the pre construction meeting was delayed for two weeks longer than the two weeks I was originally told. I called several times to get a status of the preconstruction meeting and when the appointment would be with out any call backs. Finally I sent a text to the individual only to be told that because she received 30 voice mails a day that she did not check nor respond to voice mails and that here preferred method of contact was text. Well I am the customer and my preferred method of contact is what I choose.
    After the preconstruction meeting the company was supposed to break ground in 6 to 8 weeks…. Ha ha… 8 weeks later and they have not even closed on the lot that I had selected meaning that the signed a contract to build a home on a lot they did not own yet. This in addition to requesting a copy of my finalized plans because I had some changes Brandi thought I was being a Sassy customer because I wanted to make sure what I was getting what I was paying for.
    I can not comment on their construction quality since I never got that far. If you walk into a model home request that you work with Elizabeth….

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  • Jo
    John 1971 May 24, 2016

    I Bought a House from Home from the in 2008& by 2009 our House Had Broke off on one end of our House& Broke our Tile that I worked Hard to put tile though our Whole house,
    First off the Build the Foundation Right on Top of the Dirt& Push Dirt up against the House, Witch they R not suppose to Do, our Windows Separated From Brick! We Could never Get anyone to help Us with all the Problems we Had no Lawyer would go Close to them, Probley because they Payed them Off! I watched both Houses on each Side of us Be Built& it not What it all Cracked up to Be Someone Need to StopThese ### From Ever Building Again! Especialy when u Pay 200, 000$ For one of there Freaked up Houses!! I do not Recomend anyone Buy Houses From them!

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  • Ro
    Rounds Family Oct 13, 2016

    My parents use to own a insulation company and our nickname for home creations was always home cremations lol very poorly built and not up to code on inspections.

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  • Ki
    Kitty Kline Feb 11, 2019

    Brandish trash cans in front of properties. HOA is a joke. Most homeowners are on military welfare, so they run down the properties quickly. Sold my home and moved away and couldn't be happier.

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  • Ni
    Nicole.ava Nov 14, 2019

    Contractor on site yelled f*ck you to my daughter sitting in my truck on our driveway. The Home Creations rep on site response was that I was causing a problem. Neither Home Creations or the contractor hired by them took any responsibility in that situation. There is video of this incident and I am now being harassed. You can silence this review if you choose because I am not "the owner of the property" I am however the LEASE HOLDER paying the mortgage to live here. It has been a TOXIC ENVIRONMENT since the inception of our lease. Home Creations pays for their survey service and are controlling their reviews and can also just make it not available to leave one at all. We were told the "H.O.A." was doing some sort of "investigation" ... there was no H.O.A. formed at that time... only the attorney representing Home Creations and the Developer, one in the same.

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