Holiday INNthe treatment of employees

C Nov 28, 2017

On November 25, 2017 I overheard the owner of the Holiday Inn 5627 East 22 Panama City Florida, yelling at a female employee. The owners name is Ajay Bhakta. He yelled at the employee saying she should know something off of the top of her head. He was also yelling because a light was left on. There was also new wallpaper going up. That same employee and myself was exposed to a lot of flying dust. There was also unsafe construction equipment left laying around. I also had problems the following morning around 4:30 am finding the night auditor to get more towels. The night auditor was in the kitchen making breakfast. Doesn't holiday inn have certified people to prepare breakfast? Very concerned about the wellbeing of the employees at this establishment. I am wondering if I need to consult with a lawyer.

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