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Aug 15, 2018

Holiday Inn Club Vacations (Orange Lake Resorts) Smoky Mountains — customer service/scamming representatives to buy timeshare

I attended the resort on a "promotional deal" of a four nights stay for 199$ with promise of...

Aug 15, 2018

Holiday Inn — overall experience

My mom, daughters and I rented a hotel room with you all on September 4th. We went to Sesame Place during the...

Aug 06, 2018

Holiday Inn — room provided

I recently stayed at the Holiday Inn Express on 2255 Buena Vista Rd Lexington Ky. They originally had me...

Holiday Innholiday inn express 300 se georgia ave. sweetwater, texas


I am staying weekly in Room 107 at Holiday Inn Express located at 300 SE Georgia Avenue in Sweetwater, Texas.

I leave the room at 6:30 am. I do not return until around 3:30pm. My room is never made. No room service. I never get replacement towels. When they do the room, often times they do not leave replacement soap, or towels and do not put the plastic bags in the trash cans, just sling them over the tops.

When I asked for the manager, they said that she was on a conference call. I came back and I did not get to speak with her. I think she was not even there. They make excuses such as the maids are still on the floors. But shortly afterwards, the rooms that were propped open with the door locks, are immediately closed and they are all standing in the office ready to go home for the day. They did state that they could do the room when I complain, but I dont want to leave again to have them do it, they had from 7am to 3:30 pm to do it, just like they did all the other rooms. It is not the first time and it is very intentional and meant to bother. My company pays $110 per night plus tax for this poor or lack of service. I have extended. Each time I extend, they take more advantage of the situation. A brand new La Quinta was just built adjacent to the parking lot of this Holiday Inn and their rate is only $75 per night. How do you plan on staying (if you ever were) competitive in this situation?

This all seems to be disrepectful.

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    Holiday Inn Express & Suites Austin Downtown- University Austinhotel reservations: expedia travel confirmation - jul 4 - (itinerary # [protected])

    July 4th: One night

    To whom this may concern:

    My name is Vanessa Hernandez, from Dallas, TX. I was hoping to experience a great vacation with my boyfriend but I was deeply disappointed that my stay was discouraging. The hotel was very rude and messed up our reservation for 2 king bed- non smoking. Please fix this issue!!! They said it was your fault. If that is true I need to steer clear.. please prove them wrong. This took place in Holiday Inn Express & Suites- Downtown Austin. :(

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      Holiday Inn Club Vacations/Orange Lake Country Clubtimeshare/lying scamming thieves

      Do not get a timeshare from these people.

      To listen to their salesmen, this was the best deal ever. Go anywhere, go anytime, easy on-line booking, value going up up up. We are telling you these promises are nothing but lies sold to us by high-pressure salesmen.
      I am going to tell you how it really is!

      I paid have paid over $17, 000 in the last 5 1/2 years and have gone on vacation 3 times. These vacations were sadly subpar and not worth the money. We were "lucky" to have even gotten that far. The website was not easy to use. Plenty of times I tried to book in 2015 and 2016. I was able to go on, but unable to book anything. Going to "account overview" or "plan a vacation" always resulted in error page. Once I got lucky and was able to book vacations for december 2016 and february 2017.

      Representatives weren't helpful. It didn't make a sense to even contact them. (when I did at first try going through them for a booking, they told us it cost $50 to book a vacation. Salesmen never mentioned that. These three vacations have cost us $150 just to book them.) miles d. And others never told us about maintenance fees. It was a very bad surprise to get that bill and not have planned for it or budgeted for it. That took a big chunk out of our finances.

      They never told me about the rescission period, although I wasn't looking to just cancel it right after buying it. I wanted to get some use out of it like they promised me. How could I have known about the problems I would encounter so far in the future?

      I have called to talk to them about not wanting it any more. They told me we had to pay it off first before you will take it back. They gave me the name of a resale company sumdayvacations.com and told me to try and sell it through them. They wanted $500 just to list it. No, I didn't do that. That is no help to me at all. And they have very bad customer reviews. Why would you refer me to a company like that?
      Renting it out to make money? More points through referrals? Rci points? There is no way I will refer anyone to orange lake after the hassles I have been through. Same for renting it out. The salesmen told me I could use points for airfare - not doable.
      What the salesmen told me about the timeshare is not close to our experience.

      Once again do not buy a timeshare here.

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        Holiday Inn Express Childress vineyardsexecutive housekeeper

        I have been an employee at the vineyards for almost 2 years. Until today I walked out on my job for the second time. I'm tired of being disrespected by the executive housekeeper. Nobody wants to come forward to say anything because of flooding their jobs .but I will.this ex housekeeper had the nerve to say something to me about the way I looked.i can't help it when I've been sick and lost a lot of weight.she told me I need to look at myself the way I look.she does mean things to people just to get others mad and turned against each other .she's a bully .as long as ur doing exactly what she wants and when she wants u have no problem. I don't think that's any way to do employees furthermore she's the worst supervisor I've ever had.always wonder why the turn over is so bad.now I know why.

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          • Updated by Melva Adams · Jun 24, 2018

            Shame shame shame.no way to treat employees.this executive housekeeper needs a dose of her own medience. Sounds like the kind of person that's just cold hearted as they come.

          Holiday Inn Corpus Christi TXmy makeup bag I left behind

          I was a guest at your hotel on may 18 thru 20th in room 610. I left my makeup bag behind, and within couple of hrs calling back, nothing was found nor turned it by housekeeping, I have talked to someone a couple of times, and the last person I talked to told me"so what do you want us to do" I want my stolen bag, or at leastpay me for it, the house keepers are probably wearing my red lipstick and all the makeup I had, please someone tell me something will be done. I had expensive makeup in there, it may not just be makeup to you, and your staff, but I worked my [censored] of to buy my things, I dont steal. Gracemartinez


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            Holiday Innovercharged

            I made a reservation nearly 3 months in advance at the Holiday Inn Express Suites in Meiden, CT. Upon my arrival, I found 3 employees arguing about their work schedule in full view of customers and I had to wait for one of them to notice me to be acknowledged and get service.
            I didn't realize that the woman had placed me in a handicapped room and was overcharging me by over $100. I had just driven 4 hours and was tired and trusted that the charges were correct.
            The pool water was cold and no one was swimming.
            I noticed the overcharges just before leaving and made the front desk aware but the young man said he couldn't change it; his supervisor would have to. He contacted her and told me she apologized and would address the issue later in the day but never did. I left thinking that the problem would be resolved. I had to contact Booking.com. They tried to contact the facility and received no immediate reply. I had to send proof of the charges and am awaiting a resolution in this case.

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              Holiday Inngetaway

              I made a reservation at Holiday inn Anaheim, after I was transferred to a guy trying to sale me a 3 night stay in Vegas. I told him I wasn't interested right now. He was very persistent and after 20 minute of dealing with him I said ok. I would like a refund of the $199.00 to my IHG credit card. Package#REE1524505869 I do not want this package. Please refund my money! Not interested. Thank you, Frances Reed

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                Apr 15, 2018

                Holiday Inn — holiday inn express oakland-airport

                I had a one night stay that I booked on business at the OAK Holiday Inn Express Oakland Airport because of...

                Holiday Innroom 420 on biscayne in miami, fl

                Room 420 on Biscayan Avenue in Miami Florida is dirty . I didn't notice until that evening when I was in the restroom that the bottom of the toilet was not clean nor was the back of the toilet . I think got ready for bed and pull back the covers to my bed and there was a long black hair in my bed . That was an indication my sheets had not been changed . My mother slept in the additional queen bed that was in the room and I did not notice until the next morning that her sheets had not been changed either there was a bloody spot that was crusted over on the side of her sheet on the side of the bed on the fitted sheet. That also was a pretty good indication the sheets had not been changed from the previous guest. I mentioned it to the guest service attendant downstairs and she didn't seem very interested in what I was talking about . I Then came back up to my room thinking I needed to check out but first I was going to call and talk to the manager and he didn't answer so I left a voicemail on his phone and I have not heard back yet. I want him to come and look at what I'm talking about but that's probably not going to happen since check out is very soon . Please call or text me at [protected]. Thank you, Julie Windle

                room 420 on biscayne in miami, fl
                room 420 on biscayne in miami, fl
                room 420 on biscayne in miami, fl

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                  Holiday Innreward points

                  When I became a rewards points member, I was assured I would not ever lose points that I earned. When I recently tried to use them I was told I had lost them. I was also told that I had been sent E-mails stating that holiday inn was changing their policy. I never received any e-mails, but was told I lost my points anyway.
                  I would like to redeem my points if possible.
                  Priority club # [protected] Kenneth Byas

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                    • Ri
                      Ripped Off and Lied to Mar 19, 2018

                      Holiday Inn Rewards Points
                      I WAS a customer since 1989 and had 367, 000 points. Had some personal and health issues for a bit. Went to book a room and was told that my points expired Jan 2018 which was less than 60 days ago. They also said they sent e-mails but I never received
                      They did offer to tell me ways I could spend some more money to get points- too funny
                      So much for customer care!

                      0 Votes
                    • Ar
                      Arn1234 Oct 03, 2019

                      Just found out that the same thing happened to me. Over 200, 000 points confiscated with no notification given.
                      Talked with them, no help was offered, not restitution of confiscated points.

                      I believe this is a potential legal matter and either an individual small claims case can be made based on the estimated value of the points. If enough people have had points confiscated an enterprising lawyer may find it worth his while to mount a class action suit against IHG.

                      IHG should be ashamed at the way they have treated loyal customers.

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                    Holiday Inn Express on 50th Street and Chandler Boulevarddirty hotel

                    Very dirty unhealthy or sanitary Hotel. Smell of urine in stairwell missing objects in room. Dirty floors very very small pool. Hotel looks as if it was remodeled 10 years ago and not a penny put in sense then. So-called laundry room was broken and useless. Staff help it's just as useless as this hotel it's a shame because the Holiday Inn Express when first introduced was a fine hotel but not anymore

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                      Holiday Inn — room

                      Hello, . On 11/29 I arrived in New York to vacation with friends, This was my first time visiting New...

                      Holiday Innthe treatment of employees

                      On November 25, 2017 I overheard the owner of the Holiday Inn 5627 East 22 Panama City Florida, yelling at a female employee. The owners name is Ajay Bhakta. He yelled at the employee saying she should know something off of the top of her head. He was also yelling because a light was left on. There was also new wallpaper going up. That same employee and myself was exposed to a lot of flying dust. There was also unsafe construction equipment left laying around. I also had problems the following morning around 4:30 am finding the night auditor to get more towels. The night auditor was in the kitchen making breakfast. Doesn't holiday inn have certified people to prepare breakfast? Very concerned about the wellbeing of the employees at this establishment. I am wondering if I need to consult with a lawyer.

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                        Holiday Inn — customer service

                        James at the Rocky Mount NC Holiday Inn greeted us upon our arrival. We truly welcomed his friendline...

                        Holiday Inn — humiliation, privacy violation

                        We stayed in holiday inn express siegen germany, a family of four, me and ny husband abd 2 kids, a 2.7 year...

                        Holiday Innroom was not clean

                        I submitted a complaint in a survey I received thru email but have never heard back from anyone, I would like a complete refund in the amount of $128.35 by check for my stay on June 9, 2017, room 202. I have pictures to back up my complaints of cobb webs all over the ceiling and above curtains, mold growing around shower, rust around the drain, nasty stuff splattered on light fixtures in the bathroom, bathroom door knob that was broken, cracked hair dryer, and an awful looking leather desk chair that was cracking all over it. I was there with a baseball team and I asked others if their room was as gross as mine and they said no. I usually stay in Hampton Inns but the team was all staying here so I did too. I will be hesitant to stay at a Holiday Inn from now on. I usually have had good experiences staying at a Holiday Inn. I appreciate your time.

                        Tammy Rudolph

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                          Holiday Inn Express & Suites Gatineauoverbooked, room never provide, no help to accommodate

                          I booked a room for 3 nights (July 1to3) at holiday inn express &suits ottawa gatineau through hotel.com reservation. I received an email confirmation the confirmation # is [protected]
                          I talked to hotel.com and hotel itself on 29 june about my booking
                          I left toronto and reached ottawa, when I was closed to the destination I called the hotel the person told me there is no room for me because it was over booked and he was trying to accommodate in the near by hotel but he was failed to do so I was on the phone with him about 3 hours
                          In the mean time I was calling hotel.com customer service from my other phone and your service is very amazing first of all your call dropped after every few minutes second the person on the phone was never took any note and when I called again I have to tell the whole story again, I repeated this about 20 timed the last person I spoke to name rose I told her if the call will dropped this time can she will call me back I gave my cell # to her she promised and gave her word but no, call dropped nobody call me back no help I was in a new city no where to go it was raining badly
                          The suffering and pain not ended here but I checked my credit card statement and the hotel already charged me $308.21. I
                          Need my money back and compensation from hotel.com

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