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I ordered an FM Transmitter for my iPod on 12/28/07 paid with Paypal (recommended). I received order confirmation from them immediately followed minutes later by notice from PayPal that my account had been charged. Emailed them on 12/30/07 asking for ship date - no response. Emailed them 01/04/07 saying if I didn't received product by 01/07/08 I wanted to cancel the order - no response. Between 12/30/07 and 01/07/08 I attempted to reach them by phone numerous times . Typically the line would ring so long I would eventually get a fast busy and a disconnect. Since I hadn't received my order by 01/07/08 and had not heard from them since the day I ordered (12/28/07), on 01/08/08 I opened a dispute with PayPal. The evening of 01/08/08 I received email via PayPal that the order had shipped on 01/09/08?! I checked the tracking number several times but only electronic information had been received. Nothing had actually shipped. On 01/11/08 I posted a comment at PayPal regarding the dispute stating "As soon as I receive the product and am satisfied with it I will withdraw the dispute." That evening I received email, again via PayPal, that the product had shipped. I checked the tracking number and my order was on it's way. I received the order on 01/14/07. I checked it out and it worked OK. That was the evening of 01/14/07. The next morning I received email that the seller, Kewyei Inc., had elevated my dispute to a claim. I had the product in hand less than 12 hours without withdrawing my dispute and Kewyei elevates it to a claim! will charge you immediately and take their own sweet time keeping their end of the bargain. It is my personal opinion that these people are either incredibly naive about running a business, incredibly stupid about running a business, or incredibly dishonest about running a business. I will NEVER shop at any site run by Kewyei and I will warn everyone I can not to do any type of business with them.


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Feb 13, 2008 12:08 pm

DO NOT WORK WITH OR ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY. Like the others' experinces, this is a terrible company which you should avoid it! Tried two days on contineous basis to call but no response. Be aware that do not leave your credit information since you can not erase it afterwards. I contact my credit card company and warned them about any misuse.

Jan 28, 2008 6:33 pm

After I filed a complaint with the BBB, one day after the complaint I received an email notification from HDAccessory about a shipment being made, and guess what - a few days later I got my stuff. So do the same thing - file a complaint, receive your order and never order from them again!

Jan 18, 2008 9:53 am

I have the same problem (ordered something and never got a shipment). I actually checked them out on the Better Business Bureau and they have a good rating! I just filed a complaint with the BBB and urge everybody with problems to do the same. It appears that complaints that were filed previously by other people were all resolved. The more people complain, the better! Either issues get resolved or the good rating of HDAccessory gets changed to a bad rating, so that consumers avoid getting ripped off. Interestingly, somebody must be still working there, because the HDAccessory website changes (new specials and so on) almost daily. Good luck to everybody and post a new comment if you get something resoved.


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