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Recently visited this man in his store with bars everywhere and it makes you feel like you are in a pawn shop-actually I believe it is a pawn shop. You sit down and instantly he starts touching your items and simply asks you how much you want without weighing anything. The people you will find in the waiting room are your typical pawn shop goers, selling jewellery for perhaps their next fix?

His ads do not portray what really goes on there, he is rude, refuses to weigh the gold and lies about how many carats your gold is! I had 14 and 18, he told me I only had 10 but when I corrected him he offered me more money.

Harold started off by offering me $150 and then I left with over 4 times that amount because I simply refused what he was offering (I was negotiating prices with him before realizing I was being haggled for my gold which is NOT what I wanted or expected from his ads). I expected him to weigh it and tell me what it was worth--he will not tell you how much he offers per gram of gold!

It bothers me that I do not know how much my gold was actually worth or how much it weighed! I realized after I left that I should have sold my gold to money mart where a person actually weighs the gold in front of you and determines 10, 18, 14k etc.

I was simply foolish to have gone in the first place-I probably would have gotten a FEW hundred more at a place where they are honest with the consumer.

All in all, not a pleasant experience and definitely not at all what I expected.

I would never recommend anyone to go here unless they like pawn shops and all that happens at those places.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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May 23, 2014 9:40 am EDT

Dear sir/Madam,
We introduce ourselves as DYGUIBA, and ART GUINEA as Local minners of
gold and diamonds located in Guinea-Conakry.We also represent other
minners in the association of minners.We are looking for a good and
reliable buyer who can enter into long term business relationship with us.
We also need investors who can enter into Joint Venture with us as local
miners so that we can upgrade to mechenised mining for more turnovers.

Presently we have some kilos of gold and Karats of diamonds for sale and
could quote to any available buyer who is willing, ready and able to buy
from us Our normal market sales is on FOB but we can do CIF if we come to
understanding with the buyer.
We shall be glad and willing to send you an FCO for teh gold and
Manifest of the Diamonds upon request.

Please responsible buyers and mandates but not chains of madate should
contact us for more information and cooperation. Please email us at,
([email protected]).

Mr. Paul Marcoux
Group leader
(On behalf of the group)

Apr 28, 2014 3:24 pm EDT

Not even his mother would say nice things about him...

Apr 28, 2014 3:23 pm EDT

There is no Judy. That was Harold saying nice things about himself!

Feb 03, 2014 1:20 pm EST

I think this Judy is indeed Harold's mistress or even Harold himself wrote a complimenting report about himself. Harold is a [censored] himself.


Listen Judy, you must be his mistress or a few rocks short in the head bc there's no way this vermin didn't cheat you. This guy is the lowest form of rat ###.There is no way he weighed your goods or was anywhere near sweet. On your next trip to hell, his address, spit on him.
PEOPLE this guy is a theif. His own staff berate him behind his back, they're afraid of the sin spilling in on them. Stay as far away as possible
No morals, no shame. Most likely Small penis too. His beady eyes say it all. May his wife and 7 ### rot in hell on the money he stole from me. Harold you rotten ###, next time don't take your kippa off when you're man handling a woman. Either way on or off you're a sewer rat

Jan 14, 2014 2:26 pm EST

I went to see harold today, let me start off by saying i was treated with respect and dignity. I brought 2 white gold chains and a Rolex to sell, ovbously tring to get the best price. first I tried a competitor that had a huge sign saying we buy watches and gold. She looked at the watch and couldnt tell me if it was real or not, nevermind she was so rude and low balling me that I was even intimidated to go anywhere else. After i regained my composure A friend of mine told me to try Harold The Jewlellry Buyer. Thank God!
Harold weighed everything infront of me. He seems to be well educated and really knows his watches. He was well mannered and went strait to bizness as soon as i walked into his office.Overall he was a sweatheart and i look forward to seeing him again.

Dec 29, 2013 3:17 pm EST

This guy is the biggest crook in Toronto and can't believe he hasn't been shut down or arrested for fraud and ripping people mom took out a 5, 000 loan with jewellry worth more than $100,, ruby's really heavy chains all of our heirlooms and things we were suppose to inherit. He was always trying to convince her to sell it, would never show it to her like he was suppose to when she came to make payments and assured her that the jewellry was safe. Well she was a few days late with a payment she had called him to arrange something and he avoided her calls and when she arrived at his shady no good scamming shop to make her payment he wouldn't let her in threatend to call police and told her the jewellry was melted. His plan all along was to get his fat, midget, greedy, gross, hands on our inheritance and has been scamming people this way for years! He uses the same tactics with everyone..he deserves to eat bread and water for life in jail! This guy needs to be shut down, he is a crook and a horrible, greedy, discusting piece of ### that has been ripping people of for years and continues to get away with it. This guy deserves to spend the rest of his life in jail and hope the law will win and he gets what he deserves!

Jul 07, 2013 10:13 pm EDT

If you choose to do business with slimy jews like this Harold ###, you choose to get ###ed.

This guy is a piece of ###. I'm not surprised he got robbed and pistol whipped. He deserves it! This guy has no manners what so ever. I gave him an earful after his condescending suggestion; telling me take my stuff to a different store. I would love to see this man go bankrupt.

May 08, 2013 9:40 pm EDT

There are better places to sell than Harold. Pinto, Van Rijk, and Korda.
All offered way more.
In the end I didn't sell. I'll wait for gold to go back up.

Mar 02, 2013 11:32 pm EST

Let me clearly state that he has no MANNERS. He humiliates the person like the other person is a beggar. When I called for an estimate he hungup the phone, I said, so and so is offering me this much what is you offer, he said, if he's giving you 5800, i'll give you 6000 "CLING" he hung up the phone and my next sentence was just about to be uttered. I was enraged. Next day, I said to myself I'll just go and check (but why would i go to someone who acted like this over the phone"). Anyways, I went and he disrespected. He started talking to other people infront of me while holding my stuff. And he ignored me for 40 minutes. ANd he didn't even look at me. Then he started just talking on the phone and saying whats up to his friends on the phone and was doing just entertainment talk, and I was sitting there alone, trying to say, kindly harold can you please attend to me. And he goes WAIT! Then he goes to his friend, so what else is up. And then he goes what do you want for this, i'm not gonna give you a price, you tell me, or listen, come back next week. I have a headache. And after he made me wait a total of one hour, he just walked inside to his office and never came back and he pressed the button from his office to open the front door and said - leave whenever you feel like.
This man needs to be sued and be put in prison.

Mar 02, 2013 11:24 pm EST

This guy is a piece of ###. He is a robber, a theif, he has no manners, there are not enough words to describe this BURGLAR.

Harold Harold oh Harold ! Who let you immigrate to canada? You should be deported back to where you came from...Hell ;)))

Jun 18, 2012 8:05 pm EDT

Harold is the ### of the earth. I have never seen anyone so deceptive in my life. I certainly did not expect thousands of dollars for my items when I went into him. I knew what I had and what I had payed for it. I even knew the weight. He lied about about every aspect of the deal right down to trying to tell me that my diamond bracelet was fake. I do not mind low balling but this guy was out and out a total thief of the worse kind. He offered $200 for $4, 000 worth of gold and diamonds. I picked up the items and walked out. This guy is ###

Feb 24, 2012 5:10 am EST

This man look at my diamonds and ask how much I want for it without really checking it . He said you want $100 then whispered it's not real but then the funniest thing happened when I did not reply and I wanted to leave he quickly grab my bag of jewellery and proceeded to help other customers. I ask for my stuff back then he offered to give me $300 but I refused then he said $400 by the time I reached the door hr was offering me $600 what a total loser. First off he said it wasn't real, so why would you offer someone money if it's not real. He is a very bad business man, really bad a total scam !

Jan 31, 2012 1:31 am EST

We went to Harolds today, he is a very rude person, looked at our item, threw it down on table with a low ball offer, then went to the back and dealt with other customers. he kept us waiting there while he was in the back watching videos and ignoring us completely. Finally after 20mins i had to yell for him and he came out as if nothing, took my item and left. WORST businessman, WORST customer service, WORST additude, WORST atmosphere, WORST offer! His comercials are false advertising and poor portrayal of his character.

Jan 12, 2012 8:44 pm EST
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"The worst gave me the lowest bid on a .7 diamond 14 karat gold he offered 300 I got it for 650 somewhere else, he took my ring to his back office, spoke to his seo or sem guy with regards to his website which is all he cared about, he is rude and cheap."

I need to sell a gold and mixed jewel ring that is appraised at $7300, Where did you get $650? With a ring as expensive as the one I have I want to make sure I go to the best place because it could be a difference of hundreds of dollars.

Dec 08, 2011 6:01 am EST

The worst gave me the lowest bid on a .7 diamond 14 karat gold he offered 300 I got it for 650 somewhere else, he took my ring to his back office, spoke to his seo or sem guy with regards to his website which is all he cared about, he is rude and cheap.

Jan 27, 2011 3:23 pm EST

He is a bad man. Very bad man. Why do you think people want to firebomb his store? Not trustworthy and deceptive. A few people have accused him of scooping some of the gold while they're not looking. I don't know for sure but I wouldn't put it past him. Keep your eyes open...

Dec 30, 2010 10:25 pm EST

Don't be so quick to condemn Mssrs. Gerstel, Oliver etc. Most people get screwed when they originally pay retail price for something in a jewellery store. The markup is easily 2 to 4 times, so that ring you paid $1000 for actually cost the retailer maybe $250. Sorry, but you are not going to get anything close to what you paid unless you sell privately. These buyers will usually sell the item for scrap value to somebody who will melt the gold and resell the gems to a jewellery manufacturer. If you have 24 karat gold you might get something.
Appraised value is well inflated over retail.

Dec 28, 2010 6:50 pm EST

Happy day everyone. This lowballer got firebombed. Google him and read.

Oct 25, 2010 8:23 pm EDT

I know Global News Toronto busted Harold for his tactics. The reporter went in with a hidden camera and showed 11 ounces of gold jewellery which should be around $12000. Harold was haggling to reporter and finally offered $11000. Then they went back the next day at offered them $4-5000. This isn't honest. Its just deception

p.s I have no connection to Global News. I just saw the segment

Jul 23, 2010 6:05 pm EDT

I agree with the guy about his complaint. I was a total novice, went in with some gold that was not being used, and Harold basically took it right from me, put money on the counter, and walked away when I was still trying to negotiate. He did not weigh, would not come back when I was asking for a better deal, except when he wanted me to include the wedding bands. He offered so little, it was laughable, for my engagement ring and band, then tried offering me $150 at most more for everything. I quickly caught on and demanded my rings back, but was still scammed because he would not return my other pieces, saying I had accepted $50 for all of it. I went to Russell Oliver and he offered me twice for the wedding bands that Harold offered, but I still declined. I left feeling like an idiot, but I had no clue how this would work and that when he handed me money it was saying I had accepted a price when we were still negotiating. I have to chalk it up to a learning experience, but I am warning everyone to STAY AWAY!

Jul 17, 2010 8:44 pm EDT

Hey, this guy is a whole lot better than Oliver, the Cash Man. He has to pay for all those ads somehow, so of course you're not gonna get top dollar for your stuff. If you really want to avoid getting jacked for all your gold, you should have educated yourself on what your gold was worth. My opinion: he provides a service to liquidate gold into cash. How much you get will be determined by how much you know. If you went in there blind, what do you expect is going to happen?

Jun 19, 2010 7:43 pm EDT

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