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cartier replica watch

I send a cartier watch back to perfectwatches due to its not working well. They stated that I send the watch back. They received it. Usps. I kept all of the emails from them. The...

too slow

I ordered a watch from them 2 months ago and placed one more order a week later. And they gave me really a hard time not giving me a tracking number which is surely important to know. I got it one month after ordering. This is simply unbelievable. But I received just my second order, where's the first one? I'm sure if I don't receive it this or next week, I'll request a refund.

PerfectWatchesrefused to exchange

Ordered a watch from about 5 months ago and it was working fine and I really liked it.
Even thought there were many negative reviews about this website I decided to take a risk and made an order. Maybe I was lucky or something, but I did receive my watch and it was really great.
But recently it just stopped working so I decided to take it to the repair service but they were not able to do anything. Since I still had 1 month to use my warranty I contacted PerfectWatches and asked for help. They said that they were not able to fix it either and then I asked for a replacement.
Well, since they were not able to fix, they were supposed to give me a new watch, but they also refused and provided absolutely no help.
I'm very disappointed with PerfectWatches, these people do not respect their customers and are highly unprofessional!

Perfectwatches.cndisgusting quality!

Ordered a watch from and the one I received was an absolute junk!! It was very cheap looking and not what I expected. I was so disappointed because I paid over $500 for that watch! It was my birthday and I wanted to buy something expensive and nice looking. Don't order from this site, their products look like pictures, but quality is very poor. Too bad I did not check the reviews before I made my order!


I bought a watch of this company, with payment option bitcoin. The company sent me an email with payment information. I paid using this information. But for enterprise information error the payment was sent to another destination. I have done several complaints directly with the company but it does not assume responsibility for the error and does not send my purchase item, claiming not be responsible for wrong payment. For this reason I am posting this complaint.

Perfectwatches.cnscam site

I am very disappointed at them!!! Price is much higher than other sites, thought quality maybe better. But when delivered, just a piece a junk. Tried to contact but never got a reply. They rank at first page, be aware of them. Do not purchase from them, you will be disappointed!!!

Perfectwatches.cninferior watch

Literally so bad watch... I spent almost $200 on the watch, a rolex daytona replica. And I have kept my confirmation number, order number, and the conversations history with it, perfectwatches. Cn. And even I keep the package. And I took a picture of the watch I received to report my case to the service center of this website. And I just want them to deal with my case and refund to me. But I have never received any reply from them. I'm not happy. So i'll post my case on youtube, instagram, twitter, and my facebook, where I have about 6, 000 followers, some of which are considering purhchase from them. I have the duty to tell them the truth. Others, i'll report the watch, and the website to the google. No more people should be cheated by them. The watch and the website are inferior, bad, fake, scam, tin-pot, useless. I am so disappointed at them!!!

  • Jn
    J.NandT.T Apr 26, 2016

    This is a scam website who will steal your money and won't refund you!!!

    i have been waiting for a year now for my refund eventhough i sent the watches back and contact them during the guarantee period.

    You have been warned... Anyone who said otherwise are lying to you.

    Spread the word.

    Tip for consumers: do not buy!!! you have been warned!!!

    please help spread the word.

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  • Jd
    J Durocher Jun 02, 2016

    I should be very disappointed but I really can't be, given I was buying FAKE WATCHES from CHINA. I knew I was taking a risk when I sent my money; now I know that this was a dumb idea. The first watch was not the correct size as indicated on the website. When I wrote a 2-star review, it appeared on the site as a 5-star review. Then I doubled down and purchased another. It looked like crap. I just submitted a 1-star review - let's see if it gets magically upgraded again. In short, use my experience (and foolishness) to save yourself the money. You'd just handing it over to con artists.

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Perfectwatches.cnimpossible to get any news about the order

I ordered replica watch from the company Big, big scam, so better don’t buy from them. I got broken watch and the seller agreed to change them. I returned the watch, but the seller suddenly stopped to communicate. I have no idea what the hell happened with my order. Maybe someone has any idea how to track this seller and return money back, please contact me then or leave a comment. Thanks.

Perfectwatches.cnthey started to steal money from my card

I tried to buy watch from the website I placed the order, but I couldn’t pay, ‘coz the website showed error. After that the rep asked to provide card number and I sent them all required info, but after that they started to steal from me. They didn’t provide any info about order, no reply to my tons of emails. Total rip off. So be careful if you use this website or leave comments if you have horrible experience with this seller.

scam defected product reviews

.co reviews
Perfectwatches Complaints

perfect watches Problems

Perfect watches Reviews

Review of Perfect watches review

as you can see the above websites are very similar and watchesbyjames recommends the same sites, buyer beware...

I researched this company and located

These reviews appear to be reviews that are not true reviews, they are made up by the perfectwatches company. Based off of the reviews I sent almost $600 to this company via western union.

Because it was taking longer for them to update my account (they give you a link to your account for status updates). The status said they were pulling it and packing it, it said that they were waiting on the shipping company to give the tracking number then nothing for a few days. During this time I researched further this company. I found some forums that told me that the perfect watches was a scam, (Google Perfectwatches problems, perfectwatches issue, perfectwatches scam etc) I read post from people that they were told after the same process that perfectwatches would then start the run around and say that perfectwatchez was out of that particular watch, or that perfect watches has some quality issue with the watch or anything to run you around.

I was told that perfectwatches had a quality issue with the item and that there would be a delay. I asked to cancel the order and refund the money, they tried to run me around when I ask when they would refund my money, perfectwatches told me I would have to contact a different person, I continued to press them for an answer and they told me it would take 30 days to get a refund. I doubt I will every see the money nor the watch. It has been reported in replica watch fourms that this company is a scam and that people do not get their items

Stay away from perfectwatches

Beware of perfect watches

I will post the name of the guy that I sent the money to via western union when I retrieve it from another computer.

My Perfect Watches compliant is that Perfectwatches is a scam, I purchased a Tag Swiss from them and paid $500 for it and it does not work at all. Perfect Watches is a scam, selling replica tags that are not worth 1ten bucks, when you try to set the time by turning the dial clockwise the hour and min arms rotate counter clock wise and the second hand does not move at all. I followed all of their instructions and the same as the above. Perfect watches want me to pay to send it back but perfect watches states that they will resolve to my satisfaction but they lied and are a scam. When I complained to them they just stated that complaining does not improve my situation but makes it worse. Avoid Perfect watches they are a scam. They had absolutely no intention on trying to make anything right with the buyer

They offered to give me a discount on a purchase of a new watch but were not willing to exchange it unless I paid for the shipping back to Hong Kong. A company that doesn’t fully stand behind their product doesn’t desire my business, or yours for that matter. Perfect watches is a problem company and are a scam, their positive reviews are done by their people they stated that they have people doing SEO to drive down the negative reviews

scam site review is fraud.
I ordered my watch on early Feb. they provided a tracking number. but the package never made it through the custom.
I asked them what to do then.
they said they would send replacement. and they provided another tracking number.
some days later that package was delivered to someoneelse in the states.
I asked them what was going on.
they replied may be mistake by the shipping agent. and they were going to check.
then no further response from the company.
by the time I am writing, it is already 41 days after the payment and I still got nothing and no reply from the scam. is scam site is scam site
They directed me to credit card payment page on
After I put in card information, the site shows payment failure.
So I gave up and did not try again.
Then some days later I found out that my card was charged actually on their site.
Worse is that I started receiving bills of payments unknown to me, which I believe is that the scam site recorded my card information.
So now I have gone into big trouble.
And I must warn you to stay away from the site.

credit card fraud warning is credit card fraud
I paid for a watch on the site via credit card.
and I waited for 15 days and still did not get the tracking notice.
I contacted the site and they asked me to wait.
I asked for how long.
they said wait please.
that is not a satisfactory answer and I told them that refund me or I will file chargeback.
they said:"Before you do that, we need to inform you that we have recorded your credit card information and your personal information and we have contact with marfia and we can sell your information to them if you do something unwise."

See, this is how they treat customer. - scam review site run by - scam review site run by this site is ridiculous. the reviewer claimed that he bought watch from every site to review - i really doubt...

PerfectWatches.comkeep away its not safe you have been warned

I placed an order to purchase an omega fake watch which they did not deliver they also a tracking number to track the package on delivery which the package has disappeared from radar I informed them & they told me to contact the courier which isn't my job but I did & they could not help me I contacted the seller & told them & received no satisfaction from them asked for a refund & they refused to give me one so come to the conclusion that this web-site is run by fraudsters. I consider myself very fortinute that I have lost a small amount of money but I wonder how many more vulnerable people using there web-site end up losing a lot money than I have. From my experience using this web-site keep away its not safe you have been warned.

  • Wy
    WYATTDAVID Feb 09, 2014


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  • Wy
    WYATTDAVID Feb 09, 2014


    0 Votes — replica scammers Stay away as you can see the above websites are very similar and watchesbyjames recommend...

Perfectwatches.neta very screw up and attitude support

Told me that no stock available. Selected a replacement. But no response after. When to live support. A very screw up and attitude support. Refund a fraction of my payment as I demand it. I proceed with a chargeback and forwarded the email. Got my full refund.

http://www.perfect-watches.comextremely inferior products with extremely poor services, don't trust what you see on website!

extremely inferior products with extremely poor services, don't trust what you see on website and don't expect to talk to any rep.

  • Mj
    mjford Oct 16, 2018

    Ordered on 17th July paid for Swiss movement Rolex replica no reply from them and my credit card has been charged ! Help

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