Hair Cutteryunethical behavior/discrimination

T Sep 09, 2018


I was in the hair cuttery seeking service for a wash and blow dry for me and my grand-daughter, i was asked by the stylist what i needed, i told her i had a coupon for a wash blow dry and hair cut but i did not want the hair cut for either me or my grand child, she told me i would have to pay an additional $20.00 for my granddaughter's service because she did not have regular hair, i asked her what did she consider regular hair and she pointed to a white lady that was sitting in her chair and told me that her hair was regular hair, i asked to speak to a manger i told her what i just experienced (humiliation and discrimination), she allowed us to use the coupon with no extra charge, however the damage was done. I am seeking compensation to pay for therapy for both me and my grand-daughter who have both been traumatized by the incident. i reached out to the district manager in reference to the incident, who in return sent me a apologetic letter and two more coupons for the same service, as if i would risk being subjected to this type of treatment ever again.

unethical behavior/discrimination
unethical behavior/discrimination

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