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In September 2020, I took out my subscription to the above build, & was given a subscriber number & told via email that I would b receiving my first issues within 28 days. Up until now, I have not received any parts. But have now been informed by customer services that this build has not yet been released, & may never be released. I enjoy my model building as it helps me cope with life due to mental health problems along with other health issues. I have tried to find out what is going on, yet it appears I am being given false information. I was building the Spitfire, but had to suspend my subscription due to finance problems, & have asked for my subscription to resume from issue 4, I am informed I can only resume from issue 27., which would mean not having issues 4-26. I feel this is a bad way to treat customers, as I have had problems in the past, where I have got halfway through a build, then no more issues sent out. I want these issues dealing with ASAP, as I am getting really stressed out & is putting me off ever building another model. I deem this as discrimination ASL have already mentioned I have mental health issues. Building these models helps me stay calm.

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May 08, 2021 5:44 am EDT

It appears that making a complaint via the complaints board is a complete waste of time. No contact is ever made from either, those who we are complaining about, or the complaints board. Best advice I would give to everyone who are considering building any models from Hachette, (& a few other companies like them), is: do some research, check reviews, & if still not sure, do not subscribe. I have had enough of companies like Hachette who just do not care about their customers, & have no faith in the complaints board, for the lack of response.

Jan 18, 2021 10:00 am EST

Having contacted Hachette Partworks many times regarding my subscription, I have decided never to build any more models. I did have a subscription to build the spitfire from Hachette, but had to halt this due to cost, but when I tried to restart my subscription from issue 4, they said I could not, but could from issue 27, with the hope of being able to purchase issues 4-26 in the near future. This is a very bad way to treat valuable customer. I will never purchase anything again from Hachette Partworks, & any other company like this again. They are complete scammers. I am now considering taking this up with the BBC program "Watchdog". These companies need prosecuting.


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