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My name is Donna Roosevelt and I have lived in Crystal City for 5 years, we have wonderful neighbors here and we all get along up till the new habitat homeowners had moved in next to an empty lot / I have had legal permission to use for a garden. the lot is 25x82.

I have kept it clean and mowed and maintained this entire 5 years and my neighbors all appreciate this considering the land owner doesn't have anything to do with it. I have asked 3 yrs ago to purchase the lot, due to the children who make the decision of selling and with the permission for me to use it the selling process has been on the slow side.

Jenny and Jimmy Wilson had moved into their habitat home in Nov of 2012.

The wife and I both agreed they could buy 2 ft of the property and put up a fence. her husband is not happy with this, he wants half.
I've wanted to build a garage and there are zoning laws that have to be met.
Since Dec and Jan & just a few days ago, I have had to call the police for several obscene loud and rude behaviors. I have several photos and security footage of his obscene behavior.
They have 5 trash containers without lids that are always heaping full blowing into the east side of my home and yard.
Their dogs continuously running loose and pooping in everyone's yard but their own.
Their children hang on my gate teasing my 2 dogs.
Jimmy is a convicted felon with charges of assault, I can believe this...
Recently the landowner was out and reaffirmed them of my permission to use the lot for my garden, I was asked to move it over the 2 ft and I did. I worked 3 hours tilling and weeding my garden and Jimmy came home and drove up into the lot right through my garden.
Since there were many threats from him to me and unstable words which worried me, I called the police and am now filing harassment charges.
No thanks to his ignorance NEITHER of us are allowed to use this lot until it is sold.
If they are in a habitat home for the low income aren't there any rules or stipulations about purchasing more property?
This is very depressing to me knowing they can get a home for half the cost with no interest on their home, but yet they have money to buy land?
Jimmy is destined to get half of this lot, therefor I will not have enough room for a garage, Thankfully the landowner is considering me to purchase it since I have asked 3 yrs ago, and they know I am okay with a fence for my neighbors.
But with all of this harassment and bullying I would like to know if they have a right to purchase this property at all?
Any information on this would be appreciated..
Thank You, Sincerely
Donna Roosevelt

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