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Haband / Bluestem Brands Complaints & Reviews

Haband / Bluestem Brands / failure to return payment for out-of-stock-item.

Jan 24, 2019

August 2018: Haband Order #[protected], Customer account #[protected] was never received. 30 Aug 2018: Haband cashed my check for $39.98 electronically on 5 Sept 2018 7 Sept 2018 receipt of letter from Haband requesting additional $2.20. 24 Sept 2018 - phoned Haband CS (Alvin, female...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / I still don't receive my order of pair of shoes.

Jan 18, 2019

On Dec. 13, 2018 I have mailed you a $29.99 check for a pair of shoes, but I don't received it yet. Today is January 18, 2019, over 5 weeks now. What happened? Maybe it was lost or stolen??? My order of Dr. Scholl's shoes: D6 (D copper) Sale, Dr. Scholl's Leather Casuals for $29.99 from...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / product not delivered; unauthorized cc charges

Dec 05, 2018

we placed two orders with this company Oct. 22 1018 and Nov 4 2018. We have received nothing from them. They say we received and returned 1 out of 4 pairs of pants?? upon request they gave me the USPS tracking numbers: 9261293150330728901153 and 9261293150330730313463 I entered these and...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / haband-1 pair black pumps

Dec 05, 2018

My mother (who is 95 years old) purchased a pair of black pump back in Sep 2018 and received them and they were too small. She returned them and the company confirmed that they received them on Oct 5, 2018. She also sent a check to be able to have the new size (8 1/2 wide) sent back to...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / request for shipping label for dell laptop computer

Jul 26, 2018

Please send shipping label for return of computer. Order stated "free postage if you choose to return it". Have requested many times over last 2 months for label. My address is Ed Adamczyk 191 Ontario St Cohoes NY 12047. Can be emailed to [protected] Please expedite and send...

Haband / the company abandoned me

Apr 09, 2018

Alas Haband, you have aBANDoned me. I loved you. After decades of ordering off and on, I think for the first time, I requested one of the freebies offered in the catalog. As of late all my orders were online. When the freebie (binoculars) didn't arrive, a call to customer service...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / scam/ rip-off

Mar 29, 2018

I should've read these complaints about Haband before ordering merchandise from them last year. Some angry customers experienced very similar problems that I'm having with this company. To make a long story short, I called to order a pair of shoes for under $30 after seeing their printed...

Haband / Bluestem Brands / I keep receiving the wrong item packaged in the bag identifying what I really ordered

Feb 01, 2018

This problem has been reoccurring since 9/13 2017 On 9/13/2017, Haband shipped the following from order #9421757 1 Triple Ruffle Bedspread Cabbage Rose Size K 1 Triple Ruffle Sham Cabbage Rose Size KNG 1 Triple Ruffle Sham Cabbage Rose Size KNG The bedspread was correct but the sham...

Haband / shoes

Dec 24, 2017

I purchased 2 pairs of Dr.Schoals loafers for $56.47 from an ad in the Smithsonian on July 29, 2017...I have just noticed there is a defect on those shoes after 5 months of alternating wearing them...The small cloth fabric between the leather and sole is tearing apart allowing dirt to...

Haband / billing

Nov 27, 2017

Received e-mail from Haband saying they miss me for not ordering merchandise. Offered 20% discount on next order. Ordered merchandise Was billed full amount. Called Haband and told customer Service rep. Told no discount since product already shipped. Didn't know they charged full amount...

Haband Home / men's slacks/returned

Jun 16, 2017

I purchased two pair of men's slacks for $35.98 and returned them because they were so out of proportion for the size ordered and was given the information to return them. they said there would be no shipping charge (either coming or returning) or no other charges either. haband took it...

Haband / order placed online 9 days ago

May 22, 2017

I placed my order, May 13, 2017. I kept waiting for it to come - when going online to check on the order - all it stated was that it was "In Process". I ordered these items for a trip so I called to cancel the order since it was not processed and 2 of the 10 items ordered were no longer...

Haband / Wrong order shipped, overcharged and double charged shipping

May 06, 2017

In late MarchI placed an order by mail with Haband for two Guyaberra shirts. They were advertised as one for 25.99, 2 for 21.99. I ordered two and had a coupon for free shipping. When the order arrived, they sent only one shirt and charged me $25.99. I shipped it back as the order wa...

Haband / Wrong item

Feb 15, 2017

I bought a dress from Haband and paid extra money for fast delivery. Instead of dress they sent me a shirt and when I contacted Haband and told them that there was a mistake they tried to assure me that everything was fine with my order. I told them that I bought a dress and that shirt wa...

Haband / Fake website

May 12, 2016

I ordered a pair of athletic shoes and was told in an email that they would send me a shipping notice in an email when my order was shipped. That was a week ago, and I have not received an email confirming shipping or the order. I tried to get on their website but every attempt was a...

Haband / Worst product ever, no customer service

Sep 09, 2015

Add did not say that it was 'pieced' leather. Jacket had a strong 'chemical' oder, which I assumed would disapate. After hanging in our hall closet, along with other items, I came down with bronchitis. I realized that I coughed the most when in the vacinity of the...

Haband On-line / Since March I didn't get the confirmation about the order

Aug 29, 2015

Stay away from the company Haband On-line. I have ordered two pairs of shoes from them and it was in the middle of March. Since that moment I got tons of promotional emails, but nothing about the details of the order. No confirmation, no info about the shipping. Real scam. I tried to...

Haband / AARP / misleading ad

Aug 14, 2015

resulting from a ad in June monthly AARP issue I ordered a pair of shoes from Hasband 07/11/15. 07/15/15 my credit card was billed the correct amount of $34.99. In addition Hasband billed a amount of $1.99 07/12/15 to become a club member and 08/11/15 $14.97 monthly club membership fee. If...

Haband / Fraudulent Billing

Jan 25, 2015

I am an 87 year old woman who has purchased from Haband on numerous occasions. I had been satisfied until recently when Haband starting sending me items I did not order. I was billed and credit after fighting the charges. They recently sent me a pair of mens shoes they said I had ordered...

Haband Clothing Company / They charged me, but I haven't purchased from them

Oct 12, 2014

People, I really need help. I checked my account recently and noticed unauthorized charge from the company Haband Clothing Company. I was really shocked, ‘coz I haven’t bought from them and never heard about this company before. I tried to find their contact info, but the email...

Haband / Poor Cust Svc

May 22, 2013

I placed a $300 order with this company and got a Order number. I did receive a email with order number and partial shipment list, and that it was shipped via US Mail - no tracking number. Waited for 7 days. Logged into my account to check the status, entered the order number, shows up...

Haband / Return policy

Apr 02, 2013

I returned a pair of shoes. After two weeks they processed the return by charging me an additional 8.99. So it cost me another 8.99 to send the shoes back but the refund for the shoes is still pending. HUH?? I will never order from this company ever again.

Haband / chemicals to cause cancer,birth defects and reproductive harm.


Hello my name is Marche Bowen, My mother ordered two pair of pants and two blouses, and on the packing slip there was a WARNING:THESE PRODUCTS CANTAIN CHEMICALS KNOW TO THE STATE OF CALIFORNIA TO CAUSE CANCER AND BIRTH DEFECTS OR OTHER REPREDUCTIVE HARM. THERE WAS NOT ONE WORD IN THE...

Haband Perks / misleading offer


I accepted an offer from Haband to join Haband Perks. My bad...I didn't read the fine print. I thought Haband was a legit business. When I got my confirmation, and after being alerted by my bank of a credit card charge that I wasn't aware of, I did read the fine print and found...

Haband / no confirmation of cancellation of Haband Perks program


I tried to contact "[protected]" but was unable to link to that which is the contact given in membership guide which was mailed to me. This is regarding the Haband Perks program. I e-mailed the general customer service link to cancel but never received a response. I just contacted...

Haband / Non-receipt of merchandise


It has been well over 30 days. I would like to know whatever happened to this order. It has not arrived as of yet. I requested information about this order on 1/9/12, but never got a reply. Sincerely, Richard N. Sherrer Dear Friend Thanks for placing your order at the Haband web site. You...

Haband / Be careful with your credit card



Haband, Inc. / Larger sizes not available


I really like the quality and pricing of clothing that Hadand offers, when you can get them. I am a large sized male and find it really hard to understand why the sizes I need are listed but when I order they show that size is not availble. After making a selection that is not my first or...

Haband / fraud/deception


My mother (90 yrs. old, homebound, early Dementia, Congestive Heart Failure, severe Glaucoma) received an unsolicited Haband catalogue in the mail. She fancied some winter clothing in the catalogue- so my wife went on line to Haband and ordered two set of sweats for her. Used my mother...

Haband, Inc. / Stay away from these guys


I ordered 2 pairs of slacks, size 40L. They arived 4/21, One pair was as ordered, the other was at least 3 sioo large in the waste, although the bag showed 40L. I send 3 emails to customer service requesting their approval not to debit my account for return shipping charges of $7.99, When...

Haband Company / Watch out


After making the mistake of ordering a TV remote control from Haband, I found it to be a piece of junk! I returned it for a refund, which was eventually credited back to my Mastercard. They refunded the price of the item only, and not the postage costs either way. The postage costs were...

Haband / Don't buy from this outfit


Don't buy from this outfit. I am convinced that their Customer (Non)Service people failed and never even graduated from Kindergarten… I returned some items on July 8, and between July 18 and July 24 I questioned them SEVEN times if they received the items because I have yet...

Haband / $1.95 Credit Card Charge


I ordered a pair of shoes on-line from Haband and have been watching my credit card account for the charge to appear. It did, but also there was a charge of $1.95 for Haband Perks. I called the toll-free number shown on my on-line bank statement and a representative came on a few second...

Haband Co Inc / Doesn't honor Guarantee


Purchased pair boots, sole came off after one year, e-mailed for their !00% guarantee and was told I had to have a receipt. I just wanted an exchange. Wrote to Mr. Duke Haband for replacement Haven't heard back yet?

Haband Company / Orders red flagged


I have been ordering from haband company since 2009. In 2010 I ordered 2 pair of tennis shoes and paid by mastercard. I only received one pair. After complaining for wevereal months to their customer service department which appears to be totaly computerized, I finally received the other...

Haband / Horrible company to do business with


A horrible company to do business with. An XL jacket was ordered, they shipped a L and charged us for the shipping on the exchange. The jacket cost about 20.00 and to exchange it cost an additional 8.99. What a rip off. The best part is that on their label it says you will be charged a...

Haband / overcharges


call center is in Philippines, operator tried telling me at first it was in Georgia. Half an hour later I was told it was Phillipines. Ordered 2 items - did not add up correctly, (I am quick in math and know my numbers). This line of clothing caters to elderly, I was making a call for my...

Haband Perks / Unautorized charges


I was charged $1.95 on my Am.Express card on 2/22/2011 without my knowledge after ordering some merchandise from Haband catalog. Than I was charged again $14.95 0n 3/23/2011 . I NEVER authorized these charges. Called the Haband Perks on [protected] 3 days ago, was promissed refund, (get credit...

Haband / Back orders scince Nov 2010


I ordered clothing in Nov 2010 and after months of e-mailing and phone calls to haband. I finally got this phone number to call [protected] EXT 1600 and actually got to talk to a real live person, ask for Mary. She will be very apologetic but in the end it's still a run a round. I...

Haband / cashed my check, no jacket


I sent a check for a tan jacket on 2/7/11 for the amount of $33.96 and they cashed my check on 2/16/11 but I have not received a jacket from them. when I try to check on the order they tell me they can't find a order for me. So where is my jacket and where is the money that I payed...