GWM South Africapoor customer service - very high fuel consumption

Lu Oct 02, 2019

Good day,

My vehicle's (gwm m4 2017 model) fuel consumption is very high! I first realised this about two weeks ago when we went to visit my sister in pretoria east. I filled my car just before we went and we drove only there and back again. When we got in middelburg the petrol light was already on... To my sister's house and back is about 280km...??? Last week, I drove my car to work and back for the week... Also a tank petrol, just for the week. I filled it up on monday and by friday it was empty. I drive about 30/40km per day???

We used to drive with my husband's vehicle mostly, because it was a litter lighter on fuel, than the gwm... I told my husband I have to take my vehicle in, because I don't think it should be so high on fuel consumption. I did not realise how bad it was until now. We were almost hijacked, they threw a rock at my husband's car and now we cannot use it anymore... I had no choice but to take the vehicle in asap. I had to fill up my car last week already and I filled my husband's vehicle just before the incident with the rock. That was our month's worth of petrol and it was supposed to last us until pay day.

I took the vehicle to eastvaal motors this morning, but the guy who assisted me, christo, their workshop manager, just told me that there is nothing that he can do for me... He said that it's probably just the computer that needs to be reset or the fuel gage that has to be calibrated, but he did not even try to see if there is anything wrong with my vehicle??? I am a woman, but I am not stupid!!! If there was something wrong with the gage, they would not need to put 40+ litres of petrol when it ran empty!!! When I got upset, the guy laughed at me and said unfortunately there is nothing he can do???

The service lady that assisted me told me that I can bring my car back tomorrow, they will make a plan, but I want to lodge a complaint against the workshop manager that assisted me and the service that I have received from him!!! I think it was very unprofessional!!!

This is the second incident with my vehicle that I am having and the service was not good at all!!! Also, the other thing is... I have lost my service booklet. I took my car for a service earlier this year and I asked for a new service book. I am still waiting and no one knows if they have ordered one and if they did, where it is...??? I think that this also is very ridiculous... How do they sell cars, if they don't have service books??? Therefore, there must be one that they can supply me with???

I need something to be done here, as I am very very very unhappy with the service that I have received, since I bought this car!!! I will defintaly not recommend anyone to buy one of these, just because of the service that you receive after you have bought the car.

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