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Gwinnett County Jail review: No care for inmates at all

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I have a loved one who is locked up in Gwinnett county jail & he informed me that you guys keep having excessive lock downs idk why y’all keep doing that knowing jail is an awful place do you evil people have any care for humans at all. After all he is important & he is a human. We all make mistakes just because somebody is in jail doesn’t mean they deserve cruel treatment. Locking the inmates up for days may have an impact on inmates mental health but the evil cops don’t care lol it’s like y’all get that job to be [censored]s because y’all just miserable & ugly inside. I’ve been calling everyday even in the morning & y’all send the phone straight to voicemail. What type of sheriff office is this? Y’all need to get this crap under control. Start being more considerate & think about what if that was you or your loved one would you want them to be treated like that ? & why do y’all need to charge so much for the inmates fees when I want to put money on his books. Y’all chose that job if don’t pay enough get a better one but don’t be trying to take out money that’s for our inmates. I can’t stand the police system & I can’t wait for the release of my loved one. Y’all treat them like they not important yes they made mistakes but God forgives. Only miserable people apply to be a cop smh those who find enjoyment in others misery smh. God is watching always remember that. I might have to pop up at the Gwinnett county jail if this prolongs in January & if my loved one is still in there hopefully not.

Desired outcome: To have more love & consideration for inmates because nobody including those trash bag cops are perfect.