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Gwinnett County Jail review: Medical treatment and neglect

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This is long but I need help and I am grasping at straws at this point.

I have reached out to the sheriff, the head of medical at Gwinnett County Jail, the Gwinnett County Police Department, the major of Mental Health at the Jail, the lead Physician at the jail, the Warden for the state correction system, my husbands court appointed attorney…and the only person that I have received any level of understanding and any authority to help me, whether it be contrived or otherwise is Cpl Cho with Internal Affairs but my husband still remains in a lot of pain and pleading to be taken to the hospital.

My husband is in Gwinnett County Jail. He began feeling ill when his throat began to close, hives were forming on his body, and sores forming in his mouth. It took several days for anyone to give him any real medical attention. Finally it was determined to be Thrush in his mouth and he was treated after I was persistent in my emails and calls to everyone I could find. His throat began to reopen. But his skin did not improve and has not improved. He is constantly bleeding, has open sores, was forced to sit in bloody clothing for days before being given a change of clothes, left with empty IV attached leaving him vulnerable to embolism. It’s been several days that this has been happening and he’s been given Tylenol and iv fluid. He’s lost a lot of weight because he can’t eat. He is susceptible to a number of different infections and bacteria from being in an overpopulated jail with improperly bandaged wounds. He blew his nose today and it was bloody which could indicate internal bleeding if all of his other symptoms are considered. My husband is DETERIORATING in the Gwinnett county jail for what seems like no other reason than penny pinching and neglect.

He is IN the jail because he was denied his doctor prescribed meds in the first place causing him to hallucinate.This whole thing started because the jail failed to take his mental health seriously and he caught another case for assault. And now he could die in jail because they refuse to take his physical health seriously. This all started because of the jails lack of regard for human life. They caused my husband to deteriorate mentally, even though they had his medication on hand. I get that they wont let him have it on him, but then deny it to him when he asks for it. We went so far as to get another prescription to keep at home so when he was out for work release, we can make sure he takes it because it is so vital he take his medication…but the jail refused it because my husband could not be awake at 4 AM for med call…and the time they wake inmates up is at 4:30. This is done in practice as well as the work release orientation packet. How can they be expected to take their medication (and then not offered it at any other time of day and when asked for it, refused it) when the medical cart with meds is available before they are even awake? They are not allowed alarms or any other type of object to wake them up. If these meds were for a pregnant woman or someone to be confirmed to have a chronic physical illness like Cancer, they wouldn’t miss a day of meds. But because it’s was mental health, they don’t care. And now my husband has an aggravated assault charge and open wounds and clotting issues that could kill him. All because they see him as a dollar sign. I need my husband to go to a HOSPITAL before he dies. Because if he dies in jail, it won’t be the last time I’m heard from. My husbands rights are being violated in every way. He has a right to adequate and zealous counsel to defend himself and advocate for him as this man has made zero attempt to contact my husband. His lawyer has asked ME to set up a call with HIS client when I can’t make direct contact with my husband…I have to wait to be contacted to tell my husband when is a good time to do this. And then when I finally have a time and availability to provide the attorney, an out of office response is returned via email stating he will be on vacation for a week…I am not saying the man cannot take a vacation but no where was this mentioned to me that I was a time constraint. The attorney has privilege that I don’t to make faster contact with his client. Now I have to hope my husband survives the week or doesn’t contract an infection. Secondly, My husband also has the right to not be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment by the state. The man is BLEEDING. He hasn’t STOPPED BLEEDING in days. He’s now possibly bleeding INTERNALLY. He is asking to be returned to a regular block so he can retrieve his personal items that give him comfort that are postcards from me in case he dies…he wants a postcard with him because it’s the only thing he has of me to comfort him IN CASE HE DIES…does that not strike anyone else as really insane…this is insane that I cannot get anyone to help me. He is in the jail due to neglect and now he could die in jail

For the same reason.

The Gwinnett county police department says it’s a jail issue. The jail and sheriff won’t answer me. The warden of the state corrections (even though it was state work release that this all started) won’t take any ownership. His lawyer as a rep of the state legal system won’t answer me. So if no one wants to take ownership of my husbands inhumane treatment, who will? If everyone wants to stay away from the problem and wait for him to contract an infection and die, what will happen next? Because at this point with all of the paper trail and written attempts that I have made, the written grievances my husband has made in jail, but no one has responded…wouldn’t it just be easier and cheaper to take him to a hospital? I think it would. He is still insured with my insurance so if it is a matter of money, I can cover the medical expenses. The county just needs to get him to the hospital. Someone needs to listen to me before all of this gets worse and I have an incredible lawsuit against the county for wrongful death and neglect.

Desired outcome: My husband to be taken to a hospital and given adequate legal representation as promised by the state.