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I am 7 months pregnant with my second child. My firstborn is 13 months old and since living in Georgia (a little over a year now) I have been constantly harrassed and attacked (with many video evidence) by an older woman who is severely mentally ill. She was evicted in the past after months of terrorizing me and my family... she comes back and the police does NOTHING. (Even the judge was wondering why we had to go through an eviction process since she pays no rent, has no lease, was trespassing, and even deemed her mentally unstable) Each time she attacks one of us (3 times while I was pregnant, first time was 2 weeks before I delivered my firstborn son), the police show up and do nothing. The ONE time she was finally arrested was after she attacked my sister with a hammer! My sister caught it all on video as well and they gave her a slap on the wrist and was only charged with "family violence" and was released later that night. She will scream, slam things, throw things, and attacks us right in front of my 1 year old! Police does nothing. Just recently she came home at 4am, drunk, screaming and slamming things (my sister had company over and this woman freaked out over it) she woke my son up and he was screaming and shaking, I had to calm him down and then she came back upstairs and woke him up again while getting in me, my sister, and her bfs faces. Im 7 months pregnant, blocking her from my sons room, asking her to calm down and that she is scaring her GRANDSON, She runs up to me yelling and in fear for myself, my son, and my unborn child I pushed her off and away from me which causes her to fall (didn't help she was extremely drunk). She called the cops and since she had a mark on her face and I didn't I WAS ARRESTED! I was arrested for defending myself against this VERY hostile and dangerous woman. My sister and her bf were witnesses to this altercation and the police had NO interest in talking with them since I was related to one of the witnesses! I have NEVER been arrested before, I have always been a good person and the police were told many many times of the issues here as well as presented with video evidence in the past and they decide to arrest a 7 month pregnant woman because it was a "he said she said" scenario and I wasn't left with any marks. I had to sleep on the cell floor, water didn't work in the cell, and there is an toilet with a camera facing it. Not a single person there cared that I was put there in self defense and was pregnant and I had 1,300 bail and was charged with the SAME charge as the woman who attacked some one with a hammer. This system is messed up! Police are supposed to protect and serve but they've failed me and my family many many times. I'm losing more and more faith in humanity as well as the "justice" system.