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The cops were very mean in Norcross. After I got verbally attacked by a group of cops I was put in handcuffs, while they continued to treat me terribly and searched my van accusing me of illegal drugs, which I did not have. All I had was my prescription medications from my doctor. They did the breathalyzer test on me and checked my water and I had ZERO alcohol that day. Then they just make assumptions and one of them said "were you using the gps I just took out?" I said no, and that the GPS I was using was out in between the front seats. I said I had two old gps systems and one new gps system in my car. Then when a cop found a phone charger, he said "you have LOTS of phones", and I didn't. I just had one phone.Then when I got to the jail it was terrible. The cops were very mean as well. They keep the rooms so cold that everyone is freezing. They would not give me water all day long, when I repeatedly asked for water. Even the cop wouldn't give me water before I got to jail. Also they did not let me make a brief phone call before I got to jail. Some of the phones do not even work at the jail, , so good luck trying to call to get out of there. I told them I have anxiety medications but they wouldn't even let me have them, since I was feeling very claustrophobic in the back seat, handcuffed with my hands behind my back and even a bug was on my lap and I could not move it off since I was handcuffed. When I told the cop he didn't care. The cop ignored me half of the time when I tried to speak in the cop car. He was driving very fast, and texting to a woman on his phone. I could tell it was a woman since I read his string of texts. What I don't understand is why is a cop allowed to text while driving, yet I'm not allowed to text while driving? I got so thirsty I had to drink out of the sink in the room, since they refused to give anyone water. The first cell had scraps of toilet paper on the floor, was very filthy, and even had discards of people's food from a prior time period. Then they moved us to another cell to "clean the cell", but it wasn't done well when I came back to the first cell. Also I don't understand why there is no hand soap or hand sanitizer in the cell. Using the toilet was done with no privacy, and we couldn't even wash our hands afterwards. Plus the whole cell was dirty, and the benches were so uncomfortable they made everyone's necks hurt.They treated everyone terribly, screaming at inmates left and right. Of course looking out of the cell I see a bunch of cops not really doing much. One cop took a BIG sip of water in a big water bottle right in front of us, suffering with no water. Also, there was hand sanitizer available for all of the cops, and one woman spent 30 minutes disinfecting her desk I was told by an inmate. Also I did not have my cell phone so my phone was left in my van at a wrecking site, and a cop wouldn't let me use the phone coming out of jail. So I had to ask two people in the waiting room to please let me use their cell phones, since I didn't have one. Then they don't even tell me where my van is at, and gave me a list of numbers to call. I called a bunch and my van wasn't there. Hopefully I find the van today. I don't even know yet how much my bill will be to get my van back.


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Jan 15, 2019 7:58 am EST

They assaulted me! I had my hands-up in the universal signal of surrender. they tazed me and I flew up 2 feet in the air and back 10+ feet. I continued to request medical care due to high blood pressure and a heart condition for over 15 minutes while wedged in my car door. I was bleeding from my elbow. I was denied medical care, held for 3 weeks in solitary confinement without a lawyer and it has all been covered it up! I still limp and no investigation! police/fire reports don"t match! I never saw a fire truck or ambulance!