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i just can not believe it.. we are only 2 adults and 2 babys in a 1 single house, we had direct eneggy for a while and we decided to switch to Green mountain energy since alot of people talk to us about how cheap and good service they had.. that;s bunch of [protected]@$&T.Our first bill was 96dollars and now its 280.00 dollars for 1 freakin month that is so crazy. and we call customer support and all they said am sorry that u are upset but you have to pay the bill.. i mean dam shi t, u guys need to either train your employee to read the meter right or something because that is extremely high as hell.. we are even not in house that much, plus we don';t even use our a/c we use dam fans.. so please a manager or someone please call me so we can take care of this, i have been on the line on HOLD FOR THE PAST 20 MINUTES..


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    MarkJones3000 Nov 14, 2009

    I can understand how mad you would be, so would I with that big of a jump, but your electric company doesn't read your meter, it's the wires company that does it for all residents in your area. They own and maintain the delivery of the electricity, including the meter reading. Didn't Green Mountain tell you that? They have no control over what the wire's company (in Houston we have Centerpoint) reads or reports. Did you talk to your wires company about it?

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    j elizabeth Feb 03, 2010

    $96 isn't much for 3 people, especially if you aren't consistent about turning off all lights, etc.

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