Grant Writing Expressfraudulent charges and scams


This site offers you a free cd for $3.95 shipping and handling which is supposedly for grant writing help to procure govt. grants. I received the cd and on my next credit card statement I was billed the $3.95 and $74.95 for a membership to I don't know what, and a charge for $29.95 for what is supposed to be a newsletter which I never received. I have been billed from February to June for these two charges, have had them disputed and credited back to my account, and for June I had my credit account cancelled and new account opened only to be told that the June charges have been credited back to Grant writing express as being legit, and also have been informed by credit card co. that all new charges will go onto new account. I am now in the process of disputing new charges, and will just contact card co. and have account closed.

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