Grammarlygrammarly didn't pick a phone up!


They didn't pick up a phone and kept leave a message the machine. I am so frustrated and wanted to talk with someone. They are so avoided!!! Because I wanted to talk to someone and give my money back. They keep said to comments to request. I was like what the hell... Is not help to me! They just comment, but they asked me a new account. I was like... Wtf, I never wanting to make a new account and I had been deleted my account. Because I am so tired of them aren't help and just been follow policy. That is not cool and they are so greedy the money and avoided from the phone which one that I wanted to talk with customer service! I am so grumpy and so frustrated with them aren't very helpful!!! They wanted money more, but I love grammarly, only problem contact and leave a message the machine!

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