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A Nov 19, 2019

Google Ads
My horrible experience!
This spring I signed up for Google Ads. I agreed to a $300 a month limit. Everything seemed ok for three months.
Then BAM! I checked my American Express statement on line. WOW! Google billed me for over $2, 000.00 within about 15 days. I immediately contacted American Express and put a permanent STOP Order on Google.
When I contacted Google the rep said that I had started a new campaign with a $300.00 dollar a day limit.
Yep, that's $9, 000.00 a month. I am retired and have a small company part time. My Social Security is $1, 100 a month.
I have sent Many certified letters to both American Express and Google. All responses have been lame, incomplete and do not address my inquiry of OVERCHARGING me. I have recently had a meeting with my counties Small Claims Court. They have agreed to allow me to file a law suit. I will be following my courts procedures. My personal cell phone is 314.581.0514 ask for Alan. p.s. This reminds me of how Wells Fargo entered thousands of illegal accounts into their system by means of their employees being promoted to engage in the illegal activity.

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