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Bogus warranty

Camping world sales pitches the extended service plan as an all encompassing warranty plan that provides full coverage for any problems that arise with your rv. Buy that line and if you pushed it they will probably offer the brooklyn bridge. Obvious rv flaws, breakage, etc is never covered - do yourself a huge favor and save the money that would spend on this bogus program because with the quality of most of the junk that the american rv industry produces you are going to need your money. I want go into detail the rv manufacturer who produced the piece of junk that we purchased new but concentrate on research, research & research everything you can find about your rv. My personal advice stay away from camping world and (i'm going to name them anyways) keystone products. Special caveat about camping world - they have your rv for longer then a month for repair, parts are in and still no repairs because servicing rv that were just sold is more important then taking care of a customer there for repairs. Their extended service plan, their service department's customer treatment is a farce!!! This is a sad state of the rv industry today, years ago we purchased an rv from a small dealer the service (sales & after sales service) was outstanding and quality of the rv was outstanding. Buy a good tent and save your thousands of dollars.

engine replacement

Submitted claim to get engine replaced. Good Sams told repair shop to keep breaking down engine to see what...

claim denial on rv rooftop ac failure

During record breaking heat the Carrier rooftop AC on our Jayco Greyhawk screeched it's last breath on October 3. A local on site repairman responded that day and immediately called Good Sams to notify of the unit failure and lack of replacement parts. Lee, our claims adjuster, admitted that he was well aware that Carrier had ceased production of AC units a decade ago and the current lack of replacement parts. He has denied our claim based on their 'technician' needing to examine the old unit to ascertain that it was indeed irretrievably broken before repairs were made . However, the 'inspector' who was sent out to verify the need for a replacement unit only took photos of all 4 corners of the coach, the tires, the odometer, the VIN number, the old unit, and the new AC unit. He declined the opportunity to inspect the old unit because 'he was not a technician and not qualified to examine the problem' and actually refused to take possession of the old unit for further examination. The purpose of the photos and why an unqualified person was sent to evaluate our claim is a mystery. According to Lee, because the old unit was not examined by a technician, a requirement that was totally within his control, our claim is being denied. We made every effort to provide proof of the demise of the old Carrier AC unit, but Good Sams warranty representatives failed to send appropriate evaluators, thereby creating a basis to deny our claim. Only when we called Good Sams on October 25 to inquire on the status of the claim were we told it had been denied. We are out $1586 and did not even receive the courtesy of a phone call. We are Good Sams Lifetime members and have had good service in all aspects until now. Our positive testimonials to others about Good Sams are a thing of the past as a result of the devious handling of our claim.

Ivan Heath
Extended Service Plan policy #GARMH.[protected].05.01
Good Sams Member number [protected]

good sam roadside assistance

On July 18 we called Good Sam Roadside Assistance for a tow truck for our motorhome that was stuck at the Nason Creek Rest Area in Leavenworth, WA.
We needed a tow truck to lift up the back end of the motorhome that was stuck on the pavement. The lady (Jordan) who took our call refused to send a tow truck and wanted to send a mechanic out to fix our jack which was not the problem. No one ever showed up including the mechanic she insisted on sending and we sat partway in the roadway for over 3 hours in the dark with our children while we waited for someone to drive by that could help us.

Why do we pay for Roadside Assistance if no one is going to come help? We returned from our trip last week and still haven't heard back from Good Sam. For all you know we could still be stuck.

I would like to hear back from Good Sam with an explanation on how this could happen and why we were ignored.

Paul & Sandy Kolash

good sam extended service plan

These guys will not honor your policy, they will deny claims after the fact, even after they tell you it's a covered repair. When you try to complain they ignore you and hang up. And they charge a cancellation fee if you are dissatisfied with their service.
You are better off not having coverage, saving up your premiums and paying for the repairs yourself.
Even after unsubscribing many times and reporting their emails as spam, they find ways around the filters and keep flooding my inbox with spam. This is a very unscrupulous company, BUYER BEWARE!

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auto service

I have had the service for 1 and half years, 1st time I called for service came within a hour (14 month...

Poor customer satisfaction

I have 1999 gas motorhome. Last year on a Sunday morning I had 2 Rear blowouts just north of Kingman AZ, I...

Extended service

I had a Good Sam extended warranty on my 2007 Dodge which had the transmission rebuilt at 146k in Asheville NC. The claim was denied because my service interval was "tardy". They demanded service at 60k, 90k and 120k. Provided proof for 66k, 103k and 119k. But that was not close enough for them even though it had nothing to do with the transmission failure.

Bad Sam will get no more of my business. i have lost faith in them as a company and warn all who have to cancel and get their money back before being disappointed.

Agreement is no good

We purchase a motor home from Camping World Syracuse, NY. We were told everything had been checked out and...

Falure to honor warranty

Failure to honor a warranted item on the Good Sam Extended Service Plan. After following the procedure...

Failure to pay a claim

Good Sam is not paying per the contract terms and the so called review board ignore the facts in order to...

They are in the business of selling worthless extended protection plans

My problem is with the "Good Sam" RV club. They are in the business of selling worthless extended protection plans. They sell you this plan when you buy an RV that is 10 years old or newer, for 10% of your purchase price. I had a claim the first year. The jacks wouldn't work. They denied the claim. The second year I had a claim leaking air bags. They denied it also. I appealed to the department manager, a man named Scott, who said, "you don't really expect us to pay out money on an 8 year old rv, do you? He upheld the denial and suggested I not try to place any future claims. I'm now out the $2300.00 I paid for the plan!

  • Gr
    Grannie Goose Sep 27, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I too have been fleeced by Good Sam Extended Warranty. The steps on our 2005 Newmar Country Star failed to retract after stopping to buy fuel. We were flagged by a passing motorist and we pulled to the shoulder. We were unable to stop before we clipped a guardrail. The bottom 2 steps had to be removed to proceed on our trip. When we returned home we took our rig to be repaired. They called Good Sam Extended Warranty and the claim was denied. They said the damage was due to a collision rather than a failure of the equipment. The collision would not have occurred if there had not been a failure of equipment. They said that it would have to be determined what failed to cause the steps not to retract. My repair person said he could not determine what failed with what was left on the rig. I called to cancel and I was informed that I have no recourse if I cancel. Another ploy to keep my unearned premium. Don't waste your money with Good Sam

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  • Ge
    GeorgePatty Apr 06, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I cancelled my worthless Good Sam policy today. Sick of fighting with them, they deny everything. They had the nerve to charge a $50 cancellation fee. Should change the name to group of thieves!

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Failure to honor insurance claim

I had called the claims department to verify that repairs to my RV rooftop air conditioner would be covered...

Stay Away From

Good Sam Visa Card, we have had the card for over 3 years and never have missed a payment, we loved the Rewards Program on this card as we are avid RV’ers, we charge and average 5 g’s a month and pay it off for the point. This past month we were close to the limit and due to being away on vacation I was really not watching as close I should have. When they posted the interest it caused the card to go Over Limit, as soon as I saw this I made very large payment bringing the balance to almost 00.00. OK, 3 Years Never Late..So due to going Over Limit they are Raising the Interest to 27% from 11.9 and have Refused to do anything about it, I called Good Sam to Complain they say there is NOTHING They can do for this Life Time Member , We have Closed the Account and urge Anyone Looking at getting a Good Sam Visa to Beware and Stay Away from them!

  • Te
    Teri L Aug 22, 2016

    Lehman's RV Resort...Positively the WORST Good Sam Park yet. Cash only, NO wifi, No grocery as advertised not even milk or bread, NO T V, Dog ### next to picnic table I have no pet .Filth everywhere, laundry I/2 machines out of order, no soap no softener, filthy. Do NOT come on property till noon. Screwed up prebooked spot for relative and gave to someone else for a night. Isn't Good Sam Ashamed. Never use again and telling everyone about this site. Teri Ostrow 1762 Dunvegan Dr Punta Gorda FL 33980 Sam # 826146987.

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  • Te
    Teri L Aug 22, 2016

    Camp Gulf, 8/12 to 8/14 16. Refused to give Good Sam Discount because we stayed on beach, even though brochure states Good Sam Park and Discount. Bad park again. Teri Ostrow 1762 Dunvegan Dr Punta Gorda FL 33980 941 979-8759

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  • Te
    Teri L Aug 22, 2016

    Make a note Good Sam, Camping World Service sucks as well. in Island Lake IL same trip last month re: Hydraulic lines failed after repair under warranty!!!

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  • Te
    Teri L Aug 22, 2016

    NOTE: Have Signed up with KOA

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Claim Denial

I purchased a continued service plan from Beaudry RV when I purched a motorhome. I have now had the motor home about 2 years. On a trip out this summer, I had three items fail that should have been covered under the plan. I called after the repairs were completed because the dealer had failed t include the exclusions page on the booklet that describe what is covered. The repair facility therefore had no proof that I was cover and therefore did not call for authorization. Whe I called in to get the situation straightened out, I was told I would be covered if I obtained the exclusions page athat was missing and provided a copy along with the repair order. I did all this by mail.

I am now told that I will not be covered on these repairs because I did not gain prior authorization. Sine I paid nearly $3, 000 for the contract and now am on the hook for another $1, 000, I reaaly got fleeced because of a technicality. Don't buy this contract, it is worthless

Won't honor $20 free fuel offer

I responded to an email offer in November of 2008 for membership with the offer of a $20 free fuel...

Bad contract

I called Good Sam Club's Continued Service Plan on 1-9-09 to advise that I was selling my motor coach and asked them for cancellation instructions. They advised that I could transfer the continued service plan coverage to the new owner by faxing them the new owner's information. I also asked them not to take the automatic withdrawal from my credit card on 1/13/09. They advised that as long as I advised them of the cancellation prior to 1/13/09, that there would not be a withdrawal.

Good Sam took the 1/13/09 payment and credited it to the new owner. The contract states a 30 day notification is required.

I called Good Sam on 1/21/09 and again on 1/30/09. I was told on 1/30/09 that I should have read the contract (The contract states that a 30 day notification is required.) and not taken verbal instructions from Good Sam. The service rep laughed and said "You are out of luck".

I sent a complaint to Sue Bray, Executive Director, Good Sam Club on 2/16/09. She hasn't bothered to respond.

I would suggest that, if you have a Good Sam Club Continued Service Plan for your motor coach, you read the contract and do not call them for information or instructions. If you are considering purchasing a Good Sam Club Continued Service Plan, I would advise not to. Their service is, without exception, the worst service that I have ever received from any company.

  • Gi
    GilBurns Sep 10, 2013

    Good Sam charged me a $50 termination fee when I sold my RV and cancelled the extended service contract.

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  • La
    Larry Hadden Jul 08, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This complaint/feedback has nothing to do with the complaint noted above. My wife and I camped at a Good Sam Campground (Florida Springs RV Resort in Bonifay, Florida) on the 30th of June 2017, and had, what we considered, a bad experience. Upon arrival, we were told that the campground would be filled and we would have to take a spot at the far end of the campground. We reluctantly took that spot. The campground was supposed to have cable TV ability and appeared to be wired for it. We were told that the service was broken. There was only one shower/bathroom facility with only one toilet and one shower. When using the toilet or shower, there was a regular knock on the door by another park camper wanting to use it. We do have a toilet and shower in our camper but because we were only staying for one night, we chose not to use it. We noticed that the campground had plenty of open spaces that we could have been assigned. I made a point to monitor the available spaces from the time we parked our camper until the next day when we checked out of the campground. When we checked out of the campground, there were numerous very nice spots that we could have been assigned. I suppose that it comes down to the fact that we expected better from a Good Sam Campground. A response from Good Sam Club is requested. Our e mail address is: [email protected]

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