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resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Goldicq International Incfraudulent business practices

R Review updated:

This company clearly states on their site that they accept paypal as payment to purchase online game gold/credits etc. However once you make the payment they do not deliver, and when you attempt to resolve the issue they tell you to make the payment again with westernunion and only AFTER you pay a second time the will refund the paypal transaction which they have yet done. Nor have they delivered any credits in game. The are cons. and will rip you off blind. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.


  • Ma
    marloex Jul 27, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I purchase a virtual online item cost me 15USD the item not received but the purchase has been made and deduct my bank account. At their website, there is an option for paypal service, so I did use that for payment. I also filed a case on paypal service for dispute claims and bank cancellation for this matter


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  • Da
    DawnCat Jun 27, 2019

    Call paypal if they won't give you your item or a refund. I got scammed as well. I checked out as guest and thought there was nothing I could do, here's what happened to me:

    I STARTED the process of purchasing gold through, when they asked me for a picture of my card and my ID, I NOPED out of the transaction, specifically stated I no longer wanted to go through with the transaction and ended the chat.

    They used my payment information that I had entered and charged my bank account ANYWAY. The minute I saw the pending transaction on my bank statement, I contacted the fraud prevention arm of my bank. I explained the issue and I was told the transaction would not go through. So apparently the fraud prevention arm sees different [censored] on your account than your actual bank, and it appeared to the fraud people they payment would stop, wrong, it went through.

    I attempted 3 times to live chat and either get the gold they charged me for, or a refund. Each time I was simply told that they do not accept paypal as a payment (its on their website as 3 different payment options) and if I wanted a refund I would have to purchase through western union for a second transaction (even though i never actually made a purchase) to get a refund. I threatened them with filing a case against them with paypal, same response. I was hung up on, at no point did I ever curse or escalate, still hung up on me.

    I contacted my bank, they said they couldn't do anything about the transaction until it processed, then I *might* be able to reverse it but they couldn't promise anything.

    I called paypal, the first time he misunderstood me and attempted to have me file a claim through my paypal account, but I was logged in as guest and it doesn't show up as a transaction on my account. So I called back and explained that this was done without my permission, through a guest checkout. The person I spoke with explained he could file a 'goods not received' claim, they would have 10 days to prove to paypal the goods purchased would be delivered. If after 10 days, the goods aren't, paypal will initiate a refund. Or that I could contact my bank, attempt to flag it as theft and then they would have to cancel my card, send me a new one and, knowing how my bank works, I may or may not ever get my money back.

    1. Don't buy from these people.
    2. If you do get scammed, you have many avenues in your favor. Contact everyone. Most banks charge 30$ to reverse or cancel a transaction, so use your own judgement there.
    3. Make sure paypal knows the transaction wasn't approved by you (it might help even if it was).
    4. Don't give up, they are depending on you getting so frustrated that you do.

    Lastly, I am going to wait until I get the refund then, I am going to contact my bank and explain the situation. I will file paperwork to list them as a predatory business and they will go on a list. Anytime ANYONE that does business with my bank, their accounts and cards will get flagged and the transaction put on hold until the person is called and they approve it. I am going to add all other .com's this company hold to that list.

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  • Is
    iSmurfSoul May 11, 2019
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have brought online product which is E Rm134.48 and already 5days, they say supplier have problem, finding new supllier, and keep on say supllier offline, untill now. And i ask for refund, and they say pls give them more time, and now finnaly they say cannot, and i ask is it a scam, haha no reply at all

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  • Ke
    kennethjjordan Jun 05, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this site is still practicing and scamming people, I only found this site after I already purchased from here almost 7 days I have been waiting :(

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  • Al
    alexjb Jun 03, 2017

    They are still scamming. Had the same thing happen to me. Just initiated a chargeback

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  • Ki
    king2014 Oct 10, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ive also had to go through an ordeal with and anything liked to them, buyer beware, they tell you that they have the gold and make you wait until you create a dispute and then tell you that they have the gold and even give you half the gold for you to close dispute, that way you cant reopen and the take the cash. 2 days and opened a dispute 20 days asking for my gold and nothing dispute won and now i am spreading the word. so sad come from work and need a little boost in a way of purchasing a little gold and get to be put though this ordeal.

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  • Te
    TeesMaarKhan May 06, 2014

    I paid with debit card through paypal and they said im not covered and i need to speak to my bank, i dont understand how paypal is providing these scammers with a credit card processing service... its what baffles me... I order 30k gold for a game been 3 days and have got every excuse under the sun

    supplier offline
    manager asleep
    cant authorise refund
    moved up to top of que
    give us some more time
    we are looking new supplier

    wont give refund... i hope these ### die of cancer

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  • Mr
    MrPunkKid Feb 04, 2013

    Kristy 02-04 18:36:18
    Hello, how may i help you?
    You 02-04 18:36:29
    hey is the gold supplier online yet?
    Kristy 02-04 18:37:05
    for which game
    You 02-04 18:37:11
    atlantica online
    You 02-04 18:37:34
    if he isn't i want to talk to him personally i want his contact information
    Kristy 02-04 18:37:54
    May I have your payment email address and character name please?
    You 02-04 18:38:22
    ive already given u my information several times i want to talk to the gold supplier himself
    You 02-04 18:39:12
    whats his information
    Kristy 02-04 18:39:28
    i don't have his information
    You 02-04 18:39:51
    how do u not have his information when u say hes offline if hes offline then u do have his information
    You 02-04 18:39:56
    or does he even exist?
    You 02-04 18:41:29
    how do u contact him/her to give me my gold
    You 02-04 18:41:35
    if u dont have his information
    Kristy 02-04 18:42:26
    we use QQ, understand ?
    You 02-04 18:42:53
    if u would mind explaining to me what QQ is?
    You 02-04 18:44:33
    is that a email system out of china?
    Kristy 02-04 18:44:41
    just like MSN and we are not allowed to give you our supplier information to you, our customer cannot connect with supplier directly
    You 02-04 18:45:25
    i c well then how bout giving me my refund?
    You 02-04 18:45:40
    its <my email> (Protected for privacy)
    Kristy 02-04 18:46:13
    I will leave a message to our manager for you, he will deal with your order soon. Sorry for the delay of your order.
    You 02-04 18:46:30
    ive already contacted the manager myself
    You 02-04 18:46:50
    he wont reply to my emails
    Kristy 02-04 18:47:10
    maybe he is too busy
    You 02-04 18:47:33
    i have not known anyone to be too busy for 3 days straight
    You 02-04 18:47:40
    i know that is a lie
    You 02-04 18:47:59
    if u run a business customer always comes first
    You 02-04 18:48:05
    not ur own desires
    You 02-04 18:48:51
    so dont tell me that you all are too busy
    You 02-04 18:49:00
    i understand a couple hours
    You 02-04 18:49:20
    but why do u make a promise on ur site we deliver no later than 24 hrs if u cant keep it
    You 02-04 18:50:12
    what is he busy with anywayz
    You 02-04 18:50:30
    if hes too busy why dont u have a backup person to take his place
    You 02-04 18:52:12
    if he wont reply to my emails what makes u think he will look at ur messages
    You 02-04 18:52:30
    unless of course u get special attention of some sort
    You 02-04 18:54:40
    so u gonna get my gold or what? if not give me my refund otherwise ill put the biggest lawsuit against you guys for fraud and take whole business down
    You 02-04 18:55:02
    i have the money to do it
    You 02-04 18:56:00
    and im sure u don't want ur business crashing down becuz of a simple <payment i gave to them>
    You 02-04 18:56:03
    would you?
    Kristy 02-04 18:56:47
    You 02-04 18:57:04
    thats exactly what i mean
    You 02-04 18:57:09
    so give me what i want
    You 02-04 18:57:23
    i paid for it so give it
    You 02-04 18:57:43
    this is your last chance to do something otherwise legal action will be taken against you all
    You 02-04 18:58:06
    and u will be seeing me in person
    Kristy 02-04 19:16:50
    we will give you a refund
    Kristy 02-04 19:19:54
    your payment has been refunded
    You 02-04 19:21:10
    alright ill check into that
    Kristy 02-04 19:21:35

    In a nutshell after countless times of *bleep*ing with these ppl, i finally got my refund back.

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  • Br
    brokenlove91 Oct 09, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have purchased at least $50 from them on May 2012. Till now October 2012, I have been chatting with them, and they don't seem to reply me and refund me back.


    cannot be trusted.

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  • Mi
    Mikedeal Oct 02, 2012

    i am one more have been rob by this compagny 48.72$ i called paypal and try to figured out if they can block and lock that compagny deff trolling averyone of us so yeah dont buy gold from Goldicq they will steal your money!

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  • Jh
    JHenne78 Aug 21, 2012
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Scammed me as well report them ...just report them call google lol I even called the FBI and nothing...

    Name Server ...
    Registrant ID ... hc075236649-cn
    Registrant Name ... lifang li
    Registrant Organization ... Li Lifang
    Registrant Address ... fuchen plaza 3-1804
    Registrant City ... Changzhou
    Registrant Province/State ... JIangsu
    Registrant Postal Code ... 213000
    Registrant Country Code ... CN
    Registrant Email ...
    Administrative ID ... hc009850635-cn
    Administrative Name ... Lifang Li
    Administrative Organization ... li lifang
    Administrative Address ... fuchen plaza 3-1804
    Administrative City ... Changzhou
    Administrative Province/State ... JIangsu
    Administrative Postal Code ... 213000
    Administrative Country Code ... CN
    Administrative Email ...
    Technical ID ... hc847280992-cn
    Technical Name ... Lifang Li
    Technical Organization ... li lifang
    Technical Address ... fuchen plaza 3-1804
    Technical City ... Changzhou
    Technical Province/State ... Jiangsu
    Technical Postal Code ... 213000
    Technical Country Code ... CN
    Technical Email ...
    Billing ID ... hc820662695-cn
    Billing Name ... Lifang Li
    Billing Organization ... li lifang

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  • Eh
    ehg96502 May 23, 2012!

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  • Eh
    ehg96502 May 23, 2012

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  • Eh
    ehg96502 May 23, 2012

    I can understand each and every one of you.
    However consider these things first, then make your own judgement.
    I will go into details about what is going on exactly behind the iron wall of the internet.

    1.The "Second Grade" English

    If their English is bad, than this is to blame that they have learned their English online in one of the game's you bought gold in.
    Their main language is Chinese/Korean/Vietnamese or Thai.
    The people (privileged) to work at Customer Support are usually promoted from gold farmer to customer support employee because of their English speaking skills.

    2.The Delay ( waiting period between the payment and the actual transaction)

    take any random game they deliver to ( i will take Rappelz as an example)
    In said game you buy a minimum of 2 billion Rupees(Gold).
    Now imagine the time it takes you to farm this phenomenal amount of money by killing the same critter over and over again. beware you are not allowed to use the Auction house or any of such features.
    By the time you would have got this amount (2B) you would be 9 months further
    Now the gold farmers can make this happen faster by killing the same stuff in big teams (120 people or more) they cant magically order money like you have the luxury too buy it they have to farm it all by hand.
    They work in 9-12 hour shifts to make sure you get your money.
    and all that for 12 Cents a day.
    On the bright side of it, they do get fed by the employer and in some cases all the gold farmers can sleep in the same hall they compute in day and night..
    This is in no way difrent from slavery.
    You the privileged western citizen who has grown up in a rich neighborhood and never had to endure true poverty can by no means understand what these "professional gamers"* have to go trough on a day-to-day basis.
    your pocket money( if it weren't you wouldn't spend it on a digital game but use it on food)
    is being used to pay these slave laborers and feed them between their sessions.
    although yes they are slave laborers and work for HEAVILY under-payed work, they do need the few cents that they are payed. this is usually to pay for basic human needs as rice or water for their not so fortunate family members.
    I do sincerely hope that when you buy gold you consider these things.
    Pay the people some respect !!
    they are humans beings like you and me, with emotions and feelings like you and me.

    * this is what they call themselves, Professional gamers in the purest essence of the word. their profession is gaming. sounds fun, but in reality it is mind numbing hell.

    3. So if GoldIcq is using Slavery can i still get my gold ?

    If you still care about your egocentric needs, i have good news for you.
    They do deliver !
    Before i knew what i know now, i myself have bought gold frequently of of them.
    large amounts simply take more time.
    But be aware of the fact that in third world country's problems can occur.
    think of bad internet connection, frequent power cuts, and sometimes the demand is simply overwhelming.
    in these cases they have to keep you on a leash because your pocket money is hard needed and they cant afford to loose it.
    Please be more considerate, be nice when you speak to them, and pay respect to them.
    Profesional gamers are humans too, their ages ranging between 6 to 50 years.boy or girl.

    A fellow gamer.

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  • Ga
    GaryaMcfall May 23, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    is it possible for these guys to be shut down for scams. today they have stolen 27.40$ from me and refuse to refund no matter what i say or do, they usually close the chat.

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  • Jo
    Jordash May 18, 2012

    Mary 05-18 21:36:33
    Hello, how may I help you?

    You 05-18 21:36:52
    Hi.I would like to know if I could have my money back for a 100k(33.25) order

    Mary 05-18 21:37:10

    May I have your payment email address and character name please?

    You 05-18 21:37:58
    [email protected] and MrAidenJohnson

    Mary 05-18 21:38:06
    Please hold on, I will check on it.

    You 05-18 21:38:19
    Nawww...Don't check on nothing ma'am

    You 05-18 21:38:27

    Mary 05-18 21:38:43
    we have sent your order to the supplier, when he finish it for you, i will email you to check it and change the password at once.

    You 05-18 21:38:55

    You 05-18 21:39:01
    I want my money back

    You 05-18 21:39:10
    I don't want the credits

    Mary 05-18 21:39:19

    but we have ready credits for u now

    You 05-18 21:39:23
    i want my 33.25 back

    You 05-18 21:39:37
    no you said that 14 times today

    You 05-18 21:39:49
    i have been waiting 8 hours for credits

    Mary 05-18 21:39:50
    because we have many customers, maybe the supplier need more time to do it one by one, when he finish it for u later, i will email you to check it at once, hope you could understand

    You 05-18 21:40:07

    You 05-18 21:40:15

    You 05-18 21:40:18

    Mary 05-18 21:40:28

    Our delivery time is in 10mins to 24 hours, at most time you can have gold in 15mins. Sometimes, the supplier is not avialable, however we will tell you that in advance and still you can have it in 24 hours.

    You 05-18 21:40:43

    You 05-18 21:40:51
    Like I said and I repeat myself

    You 05-18 21:40:57

    You 05-18 21:41:10
    I can go buy 100k for a retail seller

    Mary 05-18 21:41:11

    please hold on

    You 05-18 21:42:09
    Hurry up

    Mary 05-18 21:42:57


    You 05-18 21:43:23
    Is my money getting back on my credit card

    You 05-18 21:43:30
    because if it isn't?

    You 05-18 21:43:48
    I wil report you to my local police station

    You 05-18 21:43:54
    get you SHUT DOWN

    You 05-18 21:44:08
    have a report set on you

    You 05-18 21:44:24
    and have everyones money back to them

    You 05-18 21:44:33
    then I will own this mess

    You 05-18 21:44:43
    because i want my money back

    You 05-18 21:44:56
    or allthat ### i jjust said will happen

    Mary 05-18 21:45:10

    please hold on, we will refund u

    You 05-18 21:45:15

    You 05-18 21:47:45
    is it back on my card?

    You 05-18 21:47:56
    shouldn't take 8 more hours to do that?

    Mary 05-18 21:49:36

    we have refund u

    You 05-18 21:49:50
    one second make

    You 05-18 21:49:53
    one secon

    You 05-18 21:49:57
    let me check

    Mary 05-18 21:50:39


    You 05-18 21:51:26

    You 05-18 21:51:33
    i want my money off my card

    You 05-18 21:51:37
    take it off now

    Mary 05-18 21:51:47

    we have refund u

    You 05-18 21:51:54
    it still says

    You 05-18 21:51:55
    05/18/2012 05:02 AM PAYPAL *GOLDICQINTE
    [protected], CA
    Reference: 070200
    160100 POSPreAuthCompletion:Checking:NoAccount $33.25

    You 05-18 21:52:01
    take it off

    You 05-18 21:52:13
    the police station is still open

    You 05-18 21:52:20
    and im bout to go to them

    You 05-18 21:52:27
    so if you dont take it off

    You 05-18 21:52:50
    i will make my way over there with this chat and my laptop and my card

    You 05-18 21:52:54
    take it OFF

    Mary 05-18 21:53:24

    maybe you can check it later

    You 05-18 21:53:30

    You 05-18 21:53:36
    maybe i can check it no

    You 05-18 21:53:37

    You 05-18 21:53:49
    my patience is going off

    You 05-18 21:53:53
    your testing me

    Mary 05-18 21:54:21

    we have indeed refund u

    You 05-18 21:54:25

    You 05-18 21:54:42
    can you confirm my invoice number if you have did so?

    Mary 05-18 21:55:04

    what do u mean?

    You 05-18 21:55:19
    the invoice number of the refund

    Mary 05-18 21:56:05

    can u check your paypal or credit card? we have refund u

    You 05-18 21:56:16

    You 05-18 21:56:26
    i looking at the website now

    You 05-18 21:56:35
    and it still is up there

    Mary 05-18 21:56:56

    maybe it need more time to trasnfer, you can check it later

    You 05-18 21:57:05

    You 05-18 21:57:19
    I'm headed to the police station

    You 05-18 21:57:21
    see ya

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  • Ze
    Zenne Apr 10, 2012

    Took long. but they delivered (4 days).
    If they have trouble delivering it really is their supplier.
    Its not like they steal your money!!

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  • Sc
    SCAMCATCHER2012 Feb 23, 2012

    scammers same as Goldicq International Sales Ltd scam scam scamers youtube for my conversation with them do not buy from them you WILL LOSE YOUR MONEY... COPY AND GO TO SEE FOR YOURSELF...

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  • Co
    Compl GoldiCQc Feb 04, 2012

    [Visitor] I want my rsgp
    [Visitor] my order # is
    [Visitor] ***************
    [Vivian] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Visitor] ...
    [Vivian] We can't login game atm because of the problem with our proxy here, need some time to fix it, please check back later, thanks for your understanding.
    [Visitor] lol
    [Visitor] first your supplier isnt on
    [Visitor] now you cant login game?

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  • Fl
    FlyffPenyas Sep 26, 2011

    Same problem for me, they wont deliver the product and they don't want to give me a refund.

    [Evian] Hello, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] OrderNo.: ????????????
    [Evian] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Evian] hello
    [Visitor] hello
    [Evian] can you closed dispute ?
    [Visitor] I will close it as soon as you send the gold or my refund
    [Visitor] why after so many days you are unable to send gold or my refund ?
    [Visitor] hello ?
    [Visitor] hello ?
    [Evian] you want a refund ?
    [Visitor] yes, and you were suposed to send refund 2 days ago, and still nothing
    [Visitor] why don't you just refund me now, and I close the dispute and everything is done
    [Evian] i am sorry
    [Evian] we not have a refund rights

    The operator has ended the chat. Thanks for contacting us.
    The operator has ended the chat. Thanks for contacting us.
    The operator has ended the chat. Thanks for contacting us.

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  • Xm
    xmonasdasdasdasd Sep 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    ok guys check it out!!! threaten their websites and they will refund immediately, it worked for me..

    i told them this lol.

    i said,

    do i have to take your websites down will show you i'm serious?
    then no answer for 5 minutes
    i guess i do
    what fun...

    no answer.

    we are anonymous, we are legion.

    refund initiated lol, ahahahahahahahaha

    stupid ###ers believed me aaaahahahahaha, they probably ### their pants,

    and i apologize to anonymous for using their name.

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  • Xm
    xmonasdasdasdasd Sep 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    and what is ic3? i got bent over for 30 bucks

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  • Xm
    xmonasdasdasdasd Sep 08, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    get low orbit ion cannon here

    join me in showing these scammers whats up :)

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  • Ja
    Jan Jun 25, 2011

    Pure scam and Paypal knows it, it is on their website and they do NOTHING!!! Should be reported to Interpol.

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  • Bu
    budsteanbear Jun 24, 2011

    Well they got me as well. However I have cut and pasted all the complaints to IC3. They will shut them down and hold the company owners accountable.

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  • Sc
    Scammed69 Jun 16, 2011


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  • Ch
    cherri 1 Apr 29, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have just had my second life account put on hold after purchasing money through Goldicq, they delievered the money a couple of hours after I placed the order. I have recieved an email from them telling me to use the lindens quickly which I now understand why, the lindens were delievered by a completely new avatar, who first gave me only 90% of what I paid for...I am so heart broken if Linden Labs suspend my account, I have seent 3 cases, and no reply, I have tried ringing the number provided many times but no one answers. I have raised a dispute with paypal and have recieved an email from Goldicq a few minutes ago asking me to remove the dispute and that they will pay me an extra 1k. I will send paypal copies of the correspondence with Goldicq and this link, fingers crossed I get my money back. Any advice would be recieved with gratitude.

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  • Th
    thenit3vision Apr 28, 2011

    hey guys! I had the exact problems as you guys

    but I solved it by ### on the operator for hours!! If you make fun about Chinese(yep they are chineses) they will get mad

    and they will swore at you too XD but don't worry, just keep kaing fun about Chinese here's what I did~
    [Adaleen] Hello, May I help you?
    [Visitor] you ###ing piece of chinese Mother ###er
    [Adaleen] how can u be so rude
    [Adaleen] i even do not know why
    [Visitor] oh how can I be so rude???
    [Adaleen] how can u be so rude to me
    [Adaleen] ### korean
    [Visitor] obiously someone is trying to rip off my money
    [Visitor] well that doesn't get me mad
    [Visitor] wow...
    [Adaleen] its not my fault
    [Adaleen] i am not the one who made the mistake
    [Visitor] ###ing chinese, smells like ###ing gay
    [Adaleen] ###

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  • Th
    thenit3vision Apr 28, 2011

    O_o guys I went really crazy and swore at the operator for nearly hours

    and he did give me the credits... Just all you need to do is keep making fun about Chinese

    he will get mad and swear at you too, but eventually will send you the credits

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  • Do
    donfkwithme Apr 10, 2011

    And they have another website called, but i do not think I will buy anything from them after reading these posts.

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  • Mi
    mikeyyy12 Feb 17, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Se
    Sereono Feb 17, 2011

    Scammed My [censor] out of 80$ A Fun Lesson Learned, Now I have the live chat bookmarked and i go on there occasionally to [censor] around with the [censored]

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  • In
    intelP Feb 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this is the company or person who owes the website

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  • In
    intelP Feb 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had the similar issue about 2 days ago. I highly regret of not googling them before doing a purchase and im getting a crazy run around from them...Seems like im talking to a poorly designed bot that gives me generic answers.

    Has anyone received refunds via PayPal?

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  • Ph
    ph0t0gr4pher Feb 03, 2011

    I too was recently scammed on January 29th, 2011, using their website to purchase Second Life Linden Dollars. And like many of the posters here, I did not receive my Second Life Linden Dollars immediately. I was told by Goldicq, DBA, the supplier was not available. When I asked for a refund, I was told the manager would not be in for 12 hours. I did receive my Second Life Linden Dollars from Goldicq 8 hours later. January 30th, 2011, my Second Life account was put on administrative hold. I investigated the possibilities of why this would happen on the Second Life web site. After eliminating other possibilities, the most obvious was, "One or more of your transactions may involve fraudulent Linden dollars." quoted from the Second Life web site. Unfortunately, I've learned the hard way that Goldicq and their web site are not an authorized supplier of the Second Life Linden Dollar. I've since opened a dispute against Goldicq DBA with PayPal. They responded within 2 minutes of opening the dispute directly to my e-mail and not the PayPal resolution center. I informed Goldicq, the dispute would remain open unless I received a full refund from the transaction conducted via their website. My plan is the escalate the dispute to a claim, should they not refund my money within 24-36 hours. It is my hope that anyone planning to conduct business with Goldicq would find this board and consider all the complaints prior to conducting business with Goldicq. I am highly advising to not use Goldicq or their as a means to obtain Second Life Linden Dollars, unless you're willing to risk having your account put on hold and/or supsended.

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  • Ak
    akiraceo Jan 13, 2011

    AS of today, i too have been scammed, it has been 1 month, 11 dec 2010, Where i purchased mesos from, a branch of GoldICQ.

    38 USD. Everytime i contact them, same reason, manager not in!

    I filed a dispute to paypal, only to be disappointed as they say They cannot Refund me because goldIcq Sells virtual goods, BUT I GOT REFUNDED LAST TIME! What a waste of money. Its around a hundred bucks here!

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  • In
    int0xicatedddd Jan 12, 2011

    Its been 7 Days now and I ordered 1.5 Billion @ $20.07 USD. They delivered 150 Million to me and said my order was complete. I disputed the delivery over email with them and they tried to call me a liar until I produced a Screen shot in game of the Delivery in my mailbox. Then they proceeded to say that the supplier had made a mistake and he will deliver the rest of the 1425M that they owe me. I've sent numerous emails and logged into that fail chat on their website and gotten the same run around as you guys. They are definitely scammers. They processed my first 3 orders just fine. Now all of a sudden the supplier is never online or I have to wait. 7 DAYS LATER! I have my dispute/claim going through paypal now. Thanks to you guys. I may provide paypal with this site address too just so they can see that my reason for claim is valid. Along with my screenshot. Thanks for opening this thread.

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  • Do
    donshae Jan 05, 2011
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I wish i read this before i bought gold from UFO. I am having the same problem i payed but my order still says unpaid. Plus they wont answer any of my emails

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  • Sa
    Sadalmelik Dec 28, 2010

    File complaints with Paypal, Visa, Mastercard and any other payment method you used. We might not get our money back but at least we are going to make a hell of their business. Call paypal directly ask for a claim against them.

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  • Sa
    Sadalmelik Dec 28, 2010

    I was scammed as well for this bunch of thieves. And what makes me more angry is the fact that nothing cant be done. Let make this thing to stop, spread the word, post whereever you can about this scammers, if you have details about this company post it too. This cannot go any further.

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