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Goldicq International Incfraudulent business practices

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This company clearly states on their site that they accept paypal as payment to purchase online game gold/credits etc. However once you make the payment they do not deliver, and when you attempt to resolve the issue they tell you to make the payment again with westernunion and only AFTER you pay a second time the will refund the paypal transaction which they have yet done. Nor have they delivered any credits in game. The are cons. and will rip you off blind. DO NOT BUY FROM THEM.


  • Pa
    patricl Sep 28, 2009

    I have run into the same problem. They won't however be getting anymore money from ME!! I waiting for pay-pal to settle the dispute but it will take some time via that route. Either way they are a scam. GoldIcq International Inc is 100% A SCAM STAY AWAY

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  • Pa
    patricl Sep 28, 2009

    They took my money and have refused to deliver what they promised! I paid them via paypal and all they ever do is ask for more time. THEY CLEARLY PROMISE 8min - 24 hour delivery!!! It has yet to happen. This is an online SCAM! They have no ZULIE, NO GOLD, NO GIL, NO NOTHING!!! Buyers BEWARE!!!

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  • Sa
    Saphiira Oct 06, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    @patricl they usually take longer than 24 hours to deliver bc their suppliers are real players and not online 24/7. i bought from them yesterday (10.05.2018) and got today the half of it atleast. they sometimes act suspicious but i never got scamed by zhem before

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  • Ma
    Maccy Sep 30, 2009

    Goldicq ripped me off for 35 dollars. They are a total scam and will steal your money. I have a claim against them through paypal but I dont know if that will produce anything. Beware!!!

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  • Er
    erudo18 Oct 26, 2009

    I have been scammed too. They claim to not have stock available. When inquiring about the refund they only ask me to cancel the Paypal dispute, then they end the online chat session. Their customer support email is bogus as well. They have not responded to the Paypal investigation either.

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  • Au
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  • La
    law123 Nov 08, 2009

    Same situation I paid them for gold because their prices were so cheap, but do not buy from these people. All they will tell you is the seller is not on, or currently does not have it in stock. Its been 4 weeks and they refuse to refund me my money. Don't buy from these people they are truly scammers, customer service is almost non existent, and all of them have a grammar level of a 2nd grader. Buyer do not shop from Goldicq, they are nothing but lowlifes trying to make quick buck, because their sorry little lives couldn't handle real hustling, so they have to hustle online to make them selves feel better. Dont buy from goldicq or any of their sites, bunch of lowlife scammers.

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  • Wh
    WhereisJustice? Nov 25, 2009

    [censored] i fell into the same trap as everyone else here. I saw the low prices (5.99 for 1k gold) and thought wow they look legit and the prices are cheap let me buy from them. 24 hours pass by, and i never got my stuff, then 48 hours passed by and im in realization that this site is a scam. They are fake down to their fake live chat names and everything. I have yet to report fraud to paypal, is it worth it?All of you have said paypal doesn't really help you..I totally agree with "Law123's" post..they are low life scammers who thrive off jeopardizing and stealing from the lives of innocent people. I should seriously kill them all...

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  • Sa
    Sacrolash Nov 26, 2009

    It has been almost a month and I have yet to receive my 6K gold. All they did was buying more time from me, making excuses that their gold are out of stock. On their website they said they bought out gold from retired gamers and that makes them legit because it doesn't involve any 3rd party program - that's why I bought their gold. I just send them a charge back a moment ago via paypal. If you have enough proof and evidence (like me) that you've been scam, you can also report this to the Internet Thief Department or your local police department, they will definitely deal with them. It won't hurt much, only if they refuse to pay the charge back they will have their whole website shut down and pay some "extra" payment.

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  • Wh
    WhyWouldYouScam? Jan 26, 2010

    From reading all the comments above, I feel stupid for purchasing gold from goldicq. I am still waiting, since it hasn't been 24 hours but I doubt that they will deliver my goods. The site looks legit, but seeing from the live chat and how they act all weird I'm guessing they are scammers. They've been telling me same thing, saying the gold are out of stock. Hmm..

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  • Ca
    Cantbelievethisbs Feb 15, 2010

    yea really wish i had done some background on this company. And apparently paypal will not credit you for digital transactions. Filed a dispute with my credit card company now, hopefully its alittle more fruitful then paypal. Otherwise this is the ultimate scam because there is nothing to stop them from pulling it off.

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  • Mo
    Mosa Lenzing Feb 25, 2010

    I spent 49.80 at and they scammed me out of my money, I have posted it on the cronous forum site and my facebook and even my email profiles They are a big time scammer!!!

    So i know this does not have to do with anything about the actual cronous game but i wanted to let all my fellow cronous players that think about buying cro currency in the game cronous.

    Here is my story i tried to post everywhere about this site...

    I used a website (They are a Chinese Company) to buy cro for cronous. They scammed me out of my money. The told me that paypal was having problems with their company and that i would need to use western union. So i did. They told me that i would be able to get my cro within 15 minutes of payment. Once they received my money they told me there was a problem that they could not get ahold of their SUPPLIER. They told me that i needed to come back at a later time to see if the supplier is online. 3 hours later i did go back. They told me that their supplier is having computer problems and that they do not know when the supplier will come online. They told me that they are in the process of using multiple suppliers to get my cro.

    Its been three days and still nothing. They finally told me today that they will not give me a refund or send me my money back. They told me that they do not have the cro and tried to get me to use another game in which they can give me items on there. Then they told me the supplier is not available for numerous games i suggested.

    To my fellow cronous players please be careful on who you choose to buy any type or online game items. These people are scammers and never use western union to someone you do not know.

    A valuable lesson has been learned...


    P.S I know it was foolish to chance it...Better me than you right ;)

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  • Ph
    pho Feb 25, 2010

    fking scammers OMFG FK MAN

    [Lynn] Hello, how may I help you?
    [Visitor] hey
    [Visitor] [email protected] and name is iArZ4N
    [Visitor] i paided alrdy
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.
    [Visitor] hey
    [Visitor] vvhat if i buy nx card
    [Visitor] hovv long vvill that take
    [Lynn] within 20 min
    [Visitor] ok
    [Visitor] r u sure?
    [Lynn] we always keep the old customer on the first list
    [Visitor] ill buy 20k
    [Visitor] nx
    [Lynn] ok
    [Visitor] k
    [Visitor] i bouhg it
    [Visitor] i bought it .
    [Visitor] r u goign to phone me?
    [Visitor] dont phone!
    [Visitor] o_o
    [Visitor] hello?
    [Visitor] i bought 20k nx
    [Visitor] [email protected] iArZ4N
    [Visitor] ..
    [Lynn] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Visitor] ..
    [Fleury] hello
    [Lynn] hi
    [Fleury] ..
    [Lynn] Im getting the gold ready for you, please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.
    [Fleury] hovv long?
    [Lynn] sorry the supplier supplier cant contact him
    [Fleury] OMG
    [Fleury] u guys r fking goign to scam me
    [Fleury] can i have my money bac k novv

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  • Go
    GOLDICQ big SCAMMER Feb 25, 2010

    I used They are a big time scammer!! I bought kinah off them. After I paid, they said "can you please deposit your money via Bank of China ICBC again". I was like, ICBC is not Bank of China. what the hell are you talking about. She (she called it a 'she', maybe a guy though) said Paypal is having a problem please deposit via ICBC or Western Union so I get the refund on my paypal account. I was like yeah, you want me to deposit more so you can refund, What the fck is wrong with your logic!? I said I won't deposit more so you can cheat me more. I proceeded straight to PayPal and reported her. I even send her back What I wrote on paypal to her trying to get her refund my money. She didn't and she was trying to talk me out not reporting her. I gave her a warning that if she didn't refund my money, I will call the police. I didn't wait for her reply.

    Updates: Paypal denies my refund claim and give me this reason that since it's a virtual good, we cannot determine if it's delivered or not and closed my case!!! I am pissed. I told Paypal to being less ignorant because if they did deliver, they will have ways to show that they did, I cannot show that they didn't deliver because I have nothing so what can I show you? Like non-virtual goods, if they mailed the good after I pay, they will have some forms of postal receipt proving that they are innocent. In fact GOLDICQ doesn't say anything on the dispute and does not have anything to show that they are innocent. I even saved the chat log and the document showing that they received my Paypal payment. They said they have problem in PayPal and can't get the money. This is already an lie! If Paypal is ignorant enough. I will sue and/or report to Police both GoldICQ and Paypal. Paypal is not doing its job because it helps create more victims by allowing this kind of scam to continue without any form of actions. This can be a civil lawsuit against Paypal for big amount of money they help people to lose to scammers.

    I am in the process of talking to intepol. I wish they are of any help. If not, I will seek other means. My money is not too much just 100+ USD but I don't want anyone to fall victims of this kind of crime! Please support me or report to police if you are ever a victim of this company so collectively our voice will be heard! Thanks all.

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  • Go
    GOLDICQ big SCAMMER Feb 25, 2010

    Please report to

    The IC3 is co-sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
    and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
    Complaints filed via this website are processed and may be referred to federal,
    state, local or international law enforcement or regulatory agencies for possible

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  • Fe
    Fell4it2 Mar 01, 2010

    Hi everyone, I fell for it too (stupid -_-) BUT there is a number that handles complaints.


    It's a number in the Jiangsu province, and it's probably just a third party vendor for complaints, but if you are as peeved as I am call a lot.

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  • Go BIG CHEAT Mar 03, 2010

    i have the same problem they cheated me, dont believe,

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  • An
    AngryMan45 Mar 29, 2010

    Yeah same here although i got my first 300mil in two days.Later than they said but still happy with results so i decided to get more, a larger amount this time.Oh big mistake in chat f0r 4 days and they either said supplier wasn't on or they are still collecting.I then found this site and decided to contribute to the hate :)

    Day 5 chat went like this...

    [Julie] Hello, how may I help you?

    [Visitor] hello I have purchased gold 5 days ago and still not got what I payed for.I must receive it from you today or I will have to open a dispute in paypal and will not purchase a third time.

    [Julie] May I have your payment email and character name please?

    [Visitor] Character name: KeyGrip email ***************

    [Julie] Please hold on, I will check on that.

    [Visitor] my patience is running out.

    [Julie] We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.

    [Visitor] you said that 2 days ago

    [Visitor] Could you send me what you have collected so far?

    [Julie] so sorry for the delay

    [Visitor] will you have it by tonight?

    [Visitor] thats 7 hours

    [Visitor] should be enough

    [Julie] yes

    [Visitor] ok will check again later thank you

    [Julie] np

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  • Sh
    shingers33 Apr 04, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    those people haven't gave me the mesos yet its been a couple of days and they keep on saying "wait a couple of hours" or "our supplier isn't online right now please check back later"

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  • Co
    complgoldicq Apr 09, 2010


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  • Jh
    jhipson May 25, 2010

    i got fkin ripped off to they need to be taken down and forced to refund all moneys. i [censor]in hate these guys and their copy and paste [censor]

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  • Om
    OmgAPanda Jun 16, 2010

    I got scammed too, and currently my lawyer and I are working on a class-action law-suit and I need more people, these people are coming down, one way or another.

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  • Wo
    wouter Jul 14, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    this scammed me 30 $

    i got the same responses as before, before i payed i asked them how long it would take to get me the gold, they said 20m, after i payed, i had to wait 10 mins between every response of them, first they asked allot of personal information and my telephone number. then they told me the supplier for the gold wasn't there, and that he had a computer problem, he couldn't login to the game, then i waited for few more hours, and still the same fking [censor]. then i told them they voilated the terms and conditions, and i wanted a refund becouse i never gotten my ingame gold. when i told them this, they said they would send it to the manager... and he took care of it in 12 hours.

    DO NOT [censor]ING THRUST THIS FRAUDELENT SITE, you do not wanne know how furius i am right now.


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  • Wo
    wouter Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    after a week of going to there livechat, talking to there employees they still did not give my gold

    every time that i give my payment email : they ignore me ( prob. leave livechat)

    they copy paste crap they don't have it or that supplier is offline or that supplier has computer problems. but every time it is a copy paste i seen the day before. it's just hilarious ...

    THEY SCAM, Phone:

    i m now going to spam there livechat till they say something i like .

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  • Wo
    wouter Jul 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    wanted to add this : this was from a livechat today, it was said in the same livechat:
    (copyed from mmorbread livechat)

    Sally: employee
    visitor : ME

    We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.
    [Visitor] ooo you getting it ready
    [Visitor] i haven't heard that before you peace of [censor] chinese mother[censor]er thiefs
    [Visitor] you keep copy PASTTE THE SAME [censor]IN?G [censor]
    [Visitor] AND I M [censor]ING TIRED OF IT
    [Sally] Our supplier is offline now, would you please check back later for the face to face trade ?

    my bad for the offense but these THIEFS are making me really MAD .

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  • Wo
    wouter Jul 24, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    can anyone please tell me why this company can keep on scamming people and stealing there money ? and still being online? :S

    i seen ALLOT of ppl getting scammed and that's prob. only 5% or less of the ppl who actually report it on forums or sites.

    why i god's name, can those Thiefs, continue there scamming business ?? ...

    i pray they get arrested, becouse this isn't how the world works. thiefs should be ARRESTED.

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  • Ga
    gamer_xxx Aug 26, 2010

    cant believe the website is still up.

    i did a dns lookup and founf out that this [censor]ing website is on [censor]ing china. [censor] chinese scammers, [censor] you all

    Domain Name: GOLDICQ.COM
    Whois Server:
    Referral URL:
    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 24-jul-2010
    Creation Date: 06-jun-2007
    Expiration Date: 06-jun-2011

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  • Na
    Navarone Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I been scammed by these guys too ... i didnt know they had ALOT of different sites under the same GOLD ICQ umbrella...though they did deliver after a week of complaining once under there ROMGOLD site... there are way better sites who dont scam... avoid GOLDICQ at all costs...

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  • Ji
    Jim090 Sep 30, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    law123, I agree with you. The customer representatives are very uneducated and it seems like I'm communicating with a simple computer with a vocabulary of a 2nd grader or worse even; they show no emotions what-so-ever. I decided to to purchase Nexon cash because it was a convenience to me. (Nexon cash cannot be brought through Paypal until 7 days of registration) after about 10-12 hours of hopelessness, I realized I was never going to get the virtual currency I purchased, and that I have been scammed. Fortunately, I was only scammed for approximately $27 dollars. While I may have been a victim in this situation, I hope anyone who reading this will decide not to buy ANYTHING from Goldicq in the future.

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  • Xr
    xrainy Oct 10, 2010

    haiz [censor]ing scammer... i regret not googling abt them 1st b4 purchasing from them.. this sucks even though it was only usd20..

    when enquiring abt the items, they will give u prompt reply..

    after giving them my order no, they say ok payment received. then when i asked where to meet in game.

    they dont even reply you at all, waited 20mins no reply!!!

    i tried another operator, same thing, after giving my order no, they dont bother replying you!!

    email them saying i want a refund and they reply me - Will refund you when the manager back.

    either way i am filing a paypal dispute and calling my bank to do a chargeback

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  • Gu
    Guest User Oct 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    October 10, 2010

    [Moolin] Hello, how may I help you?
    [Dwayne] hi moolin i just placed an order, form number is : 10101022094xxxx
    [Moolin] Please hold on, I will check on that.
    [Dwayne] ok
    [Moolin] Could you please email us your character name, level and Server, we may need to make a confirm before the first time trade.
    Please make sure the character name you wrote is exactly the same as your ingame name, with correct capitalization.
    Please email it to [email protected] . Thank you.
    [Dwayne] ok
    [Dwayne] Hi message sent
    [Moolin] ok, let me see
    [Dwayne] sure
    [Moolin] wait
    [Dwayne] ok
    [Moolin] We may call you to make a confirm, if you don't mind, may I have your phone number please?
    [Moolin] :)
    [Dwayne] 1-403-xxx-xxxx
    [Moolin] how old are you
    [Dwayne] xx
    [Moolin] whose card did you use to buy
    [Dwayne] my own
    [Moolin] ok
    [Moolin], wait for the call
    [Dwayne] ok i am waiting
    [Dwayne] I use paypal as i have my card link to this account this is also for my protection as well.
    [Moolin] ok
    [Moolin] Oh, we meet some problem with our phone connection currently, I won't call you now, we may would call you next time, sorry for the inconvenience.

    [Dwayne] no this wont work as i have to back to work in a couple of hours. If you are not able to process at this time then I would like to cancell this order and not process later.
    [Moolin] contacting the supplier for you
    [Dwayne] ok, continuing to wait.
    [Moolin] Our supplier is offline now, would you please check back later for the face to face trade ?
    [Dwayne] I do not want to wait anymore, I contacted Mary about 30 minutes ago and she said that you had stock. I wish to cancel my order and not meet face to face later.
    [Moolin] the supplier just has a little pqoblem with his system, he cant log in game
    [Dwayne] I would like to have a credit back to paypal. This has taken to long, sorry.
    [Moolin] can you wait ?
    [Dwayne] for how much longer do you think?
    [Moolin] soon
    [Moolin] ]he is trying to fix
    [Dwayne] Moolin this is my free time I dont wish to waste it waiting, my patience is wearing thin.
    [Moolin] sorry:(
    [Moolin] can you check back later'
    [Moolin] I know your feeling
    [Dwayne] It not the mater of feeling as i am not able to play online later as I have to work. I wish to cancell this order now and not wait and I suggest that you find a more reliable supplier.
    [Dwayne] please return credit.
    [Moolin] our supplier are reliable
    [Moolin] just need time
    [Dwayne] no more time.
    [Dwayne] If you can not issue a credit at this time then I will have Paypay contact you directly as I have stated I no longer wish to proceed.
    [Moolin] sorry, plz dont do that
    [Dwayne] Then simply issue a credit.
    [Dwayne] All that is lost is an order.
    [Moolin] I have no right to refund
    [Moolin] :(
    [Dwayne] What is meant by that? you have no right is it not the company you work for?
    [Moolin] the manage has the right
    [Dwayne] He will also have the right to speak with Paypal and Mastercard. I will also post these comment for others to read as you seem not to be co-operative.
    [Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon
    [Moolin] I will leave a msg to our manage, he will deal with your order soon
    [Dwayne] Yes he can deal with paypal now. Unjustified Customer.
    [Moolin] he is not here, when he come, he will deal

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  • An
    Anti-scammer!!! Oct 11, 2010

    I got scammer by these animal too. I can't believe I fell for it when there are alot of people alway did so. We should report them altogether to paypal and let's see if they'll take any action.

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  • Wu
    Wutwutwut? Oct 11, 2010

    Goldicq Is a low life scamming site. I ordered 8m Gold about 20 days ago. Then when they decided to pay me they're like oh the prices have risen you will get 5m gold instead do you agree? i'm like no cause it's fault it risen and you're trying to rip me off. They are rip off scammers don't buy from this site it's all bull [censor] money scam i've contacted them everyday and i get about 5/8m gold i ordered rip off cheapskate scamming site NEVER BUY I MEAN NEVER!!

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  • Ch
    Chib Oct 30, 2010

    Hahahah Oh god,
    I waited 3 days, Today was it i had enough.
    I opened chat up, Told them I wanted my refund for my account and he said he was going to tell the manager.
    I then said that the website has a lot of people saying it was scamming and that I have was going to file a complaint to visa.
    The person had the typical, Im sorry response. It almost seemed like it was copy and pasted.
    The person then proceeded to say that he has sent a email to his manager to give me a refund.
    Then i asked the person i was talking to how he already told his manager about my refund if i hadnt even given my email or account yet.
    No response. I close the window. Sit here all pissed off and mad at myself. Then after 15 minutes of looking on how to get a refund, I open my email and see a message from goldicq, I read it and it said

    Dear ___
    The deliver for your 800k gold order is completed, please log into game and check your bank as soon as possible. If you don’t mind, please write back to inform us that you have got the gold.
    And please close the dispute you opened on this order.
    Thank you very much.
    If you have any further question, please feel free to write back or just contact us on the live chat from our site.

    I log onto my account, and there it is the money is there. I'm satisfied. But it was after 3 days of wait when it clearly states 24 hours.

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  • Mi
    mikeyyy12 Nov 05, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i was a victim aswell some context about the manager thing. but i managed to get my refund through force by paypal because i have substantial evidence (such as this site) and screen shots of chat proving they didnt deliver. if any1 needs help i can help then. silkroad gold btw

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  • Su
    Sunter Nov 07, 2010

    DO NOT TRUST MMOBREAD.COM! They scammed me, and then claimed that 'paypal was not working' when it obviously was! i then tried to get them to lie to me, so i said that i made a purchase 5 months ago (i actually made the purchase 1 week ago), i told them all my details (email.. ect..) then the 'person' said that, '' we cannot find your order as it wa placed over 4months ago.''


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  • Da
    DaRkCaSTLe Nov 19, 2010

    same as the rest went through it all

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  • Ca
    camosam Dec 07, 2010

    100% true to all stated above, do not do business with them EVER!! The real sad thing is that no one whom they use as a Middle Man .. IE BoldChat, Paypal, Etc. seems to care, they just brush it off as if it is not their issue.

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  • Li
    liren Dec 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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  • Au
    AudioGreen Dec 25, 2010

    Its true, i purchased and made a dispute on paypal they told me to close the dispute and then i would receive my product. Heres the chat session.
    You 12-24 17:55:34

    manger 12-24 17:26:31

    Welcome to our website, how can i help you ? ^_^

    You 12-24 17:26:37
    still waiting

    You 12-24 17:26:39
    for my order

    You 12-24 17:26:43
    id like a refund

    You 12-24 17:26:47
    or my cc delivered

    manger 12-24 17:26:49
    May i know your payment email address?

    You 12-24 17:26:53
    [email protected]

    You 12-24 17:26:55

    You 12-24 17:27:02
    ignored me for half an hour"?

    You 12-24 17:27:08
    completely unacceptable.

    manger 12-24 17:27:47

    can you closed your dispute first?

    You 12-24 17:28:02
    if i close the dispute

    You 12-24 17:28:04
    i cant re-open

    You 12-24 17:28:13
    and how do i know whether or not you deliuver goods

    You 12-24 17:28:16
    you cant even respond to me.

    You 12-24 17:28:45
    do you

    You 12-24 17:28:47
    hve the cc

    You 12-24 17:28:56
    10k cc?

    manger 12-24 17:29:02
    Please hold on, I will make a check.

    You 12-24 17:32:02
    still here...

    You 12-24 17:32:08
    another 5 minutes again.

    manger 12-24 17:33:08
    i am preparing the gold ready for you, please wait a moment here, once its ready, I will msg you here. Thanks.

    lily 12-24 17:35:18

    plz clsed your dispute first, we will give your gold 10min

    You 12-24 17:35:53
    i didnt purchase gold

    You 12-24 17:35:58
    i purchased cc.

    You 12-24 17:36:00
    do you understand?

    You 12-24 17:36:06
    campus credit

    You 12-24 17:36:09
    thats what i purchased

    You 12-24 17:40:45
    do you understand now/

    You 12-24 17:40:58
    so the question i have now

    You 12-24 17:40:59
    is do you

    You 12-24 17:41:02
    or do you not have cc

    You 12-24 17:41:05
    and if you do not ahve cc

    You 12-24 17:41:11
    which is what i purchased

    You 12-24 17:41:13
    please refund me

    manger 12-24 17:41:43

    plz dispute clsed first

    manger 12-24 17:41:54

    we will give you gold

    You 12-24 17:42:01

    You 12-24 17:42:04
    i did not buy gold

    You 12-24 17:42:06
    i bought

    You 12-24 17:42:06

    You 12-24 17:42:16
    i bought this

    You 12-24 17:42:16
    2.CC - 10000CC 20.00 USD

    You 12-24 17:42:18
    not gold

    You 12-24 17:42:22
    do you understand?

    You 12-24 17:42:54

    rose 12-24 17:43:06

    i understand

    manger 12-24 17:43:08

    yes plz closed dipute

    rose 12-24 17:43:12

    we will deliver after you cloze paypal dispute

    You 12-24 17:43:25

    You 12-24 17:44:24
    closed dispute

    You 12-24 17:45:39
    i want 5x Upgrade Protection Gloves x 12 + BONUS Pirate Lucky Box

    rose 12-24 17:46:30


    You 12-24 17:50:53
    how long...?

    You 12-24 17:53:19
    has been 5 mins.

    You 12-24 17:53:28
    almost 10 mins actually

    You 12-24 17:53:30
    and still no response

    You 12-24 17:54:07
    rose you have 2 mins to respond

    manger 12-24 17:55:35

    Welcome to our website, how can i help you ? ^_^

    You 12-24 17:55:43
    still no respones

    You 12-24 17:55:44

    You 12-24 17:55:46
    can you help me

    You 12-24 17:56:20

    You 12-24 17:57:17
    5 seconds manager

    0 Votes
  • Sa
    Sadalmelik Dec 28, 2010

    I was scammed as well for this bunch of thieves. And what makes me more angry is the fact that nothing cant be done. Let make this thing to stop, spread the word, post whereever you can about this scammers, if you have details about this company post it too. This cannot go any further.

    0 Votes

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