Gold Coastfree gas card scam


Received call from employee 32141 allegedly from Gold Coast International in Phoenix AZ. Heavy Indian accent. Very insistent. Assuring me I am going to be receiving a free $300 gas card for some reason - I think to do with using my Visa card - he was hard to understand. I figured it was a scam, but was curious as he kept insisting this was a free gas card, that would be delivered in 3 - 5 days. He verified my name and city and then he got to the "all you have to do is pay $4.90 for shipping and handling". I immediately said no thank you. He became even more insistent - why would I not want to spend $4.90 for $300 of free gas - I would not have to pay anything until I got the card. etc. etc. I hung up. We did not get as far as him asking for my credit card info. but I see from similar scams described on this site, that would have been next. Watch out!!


  • Ma
    Matt Oct 09, 2008

    I decided to go through with it and see what happens... I was charged $1.95 and they said they would call me back in 30 min. I'll be watching my account closely.

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  • Ma
    Matt Oct 10, 2008

    I gave them my credit info but didn't verify the transaction- said i didn't want the trial membership. (pay $3.95 to get a $300 gas card)

    So far only a hold has been put on my account ($1.95) a normal thing to verify that it is a card.

    they might be "legitimate, " but the moment you say "yes" you have to make sure you cancel the trial membership within a week. I don't want the headache. The service is not something I would want.

    Its just another dumb (but "legitimate") gimmick to try to get you into a trial membership that you will have to battle to get out of.

    I'll post again if they use my card in any way.

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  • Ma
    Matt Oct 10, 2008

    They did call me over and over for an hour this morning but they said they would not call back. Hopefully no more problems.

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  • 83
    83Toiler Oct 11, 2008

    I just received a call from the same guy. Last week he called offering free tickets as long as I present two forms of ID. I told him no thank you! He called a few minutes ago saying I won a $300 gas card from Gold Coast Marketing. He said he got my number and address from services I purchased in the California area. I figured he purchased the data from somewhere. He also insisted on getting the $3.95. He even wanted me to purchase a prepaid credit card with at least $3.95 for shipping and handling for sending the gas cards. He said he would call back on Monday to see if I have the pre-paid card to pay for the shipping and handling. His number showed up on my caller ID and I am putting him on blast 909-842-9142. He is calling from Ontario, CA. I did report his number online for abuse. I think a copy goes to the FCC. He may be a telemarketer. I will tell him once again to remove me from his calling list or he should be fined.

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  • Rh
    Rhonda Oct 13, 2008

    I just got off the phone with a rep. from Gold Coast. The most they asked for was the expiration date for my card to verify it was a valid card. Didn't give because I told him I didn't do that with my personal bank info. He said he would call me back by the end of the week to give me a chance to get a gift card. Has anyone paid the $3.90 to see what happens? I haven't seen anything that should it was a real scam.

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  • To
    Tom Oct 13, 2008

    Just say "No". Once you've accepted the idea of receiving a free gas card, the caller connects you to a series of recorded offers for overpriced products such as Roadside Assistance, ID Theft prevention, Buyer's Club etc. If I said yes, the caller chimed in with an 800 number to call if I wanted to cancel before the free trial expires (at which time charges start). If I said "no" the caller still gave me an 800 number to call to avoid charges. There have been small charges ($1-4) from each offer almost immediately. There were to be no charges until the free trial period ended and only if I didn't cancel. I've cancelled all of them, have still seen some charges on my account and am tracking them down. Not sure exactly how to claim my $300 worth of gas but I am pretty sure I'll never see that. I new it sounded fishy (phishy?) and should have known better, but who doesn't want a free $300 gas card?

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  • Me
    Melissa Oct 16, 2008

    Im 19 and I just got a call from the same company, but it was not for a gas card instead it was for a 1, 00 shopping card. It was the same heavy accent I kept him on the phone for about twenty min. trying to explain that I did not have my prepaid card on me because they called my parents house and my card was at home. He asked if i could use my parents card ( if i wanted them to kill me maybe).
    After a while he said " Miss if you dont want the card please just tell me and dont wast my time"
    Me: then give me your home phone number and ill call you when i get home and give you my info then you can take it to work and enter it in the computers.
    He responed with " Oh i cant do that"...
    Me: Oh you mean you dont like people calling you at home?
    Him: have a nice day...CLICK

    I dont think he like my offer.

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  • De
    Denise Oct 18, 2008

    Earlier this week I received two calls from Gold Coast. In the first call a "Frank Chiu" told me I won a free $1, 000 shopping spree because of my credit card usage. I know that you don't get something for nothing, but I listened to the spiel. This guy Frank Chu gave me his employee ID number, and told me I need to speak to his supervisor for verification purposes. I hadn't given him any info they didn't already have but wanted to see how far they would go. So I get transferred this guy with a Indian accent named "John" who gave me is employee ID number and told me that by charging $3.95 to a credit card they would ship me a card enabling me or anyone in my family to go on this $1, 000 shopping spree. I told him that I did not like the sound of it; he tried to become insistent, but I hung up on him.

    The very next day I get a call saying that I won a free $300 gas card. Before the lady could get into her spiel, I asked her was this Gold Coast. She said, "Yes." I told her, "This is a scam" and hung up. Out of curiousity I tried to call back the number on the caller ID; it was in California when I was told the company was in Arizona. The recording said they they only call people whose names were given to them and if they called in error they were sorry.

    The scary thing is that when I got these calls I was visiting a family member out of state. What I would like to know is how they got my name and family member's address because in the first call they told me my name, the address I was staying at, and they obviously had the phone number. I filed a report with the Federal Trade Commission and also with the Attorney General of the state I was visiting, as well as in CA and AZ.

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  • Li
    Lindsey Oct 19, 2008

    I just got a call from Gold Coast. Head's up, the website they give is total bunk. I figured it was bunk from the get-go, but I'm curious about these things. I told them that I could send them a check for the $3.90 and then they could ship my $1000.00 shopping spree. I spoke with "Steve Black #10855" also with a heavy Indian, Sri Lankan or Bangladeshi accent. He told me they needed my card. I said I don't give my card info over the phone. He rambled on and on about how nothing would be charged until I authorized it. I asked, "But you need my card info over the phone?" He again evaded the question and rambled, cutting me off several times in his attempt to bulldoze me. I snapped, "Sir? It is a yes or no question. Do I have to give you my credit card number over the phone to get this?" He said, "Well, yes, but--" I said, "No thank you" and hung up on him as he started to yell at me.

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  • Th
    Theresa Oct 20, 2008

    Was just called and offered for 3.90 a 300.00 gas card.
    Was really insistent - wanted my credit card number and I told
    him not over the phone to strangers. I am so glad I did not do
    this. He was telling me he was a christian and he would never
    lie. He reads the Bible and so on and so on. But you could
    hardly understand what he was saying. I told him let me
    pray about this a minute and he was very insistent and I ended
    up hanging up on him.

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  • Be
    Beckiboo Oct 20, 2008

    I got the same call, and when I said that I do not have a credit card, they said "how irresponsible" because they said my info had been forwarded by a marketing partner, and they show that I used my credit card/debit card recently. I insisted that I had just closed that acct, and that I did not have any credit cards or debit cards that are active, and they thanked me and hung up.

    The number on my caller ID was 909-842-9148. Interesting enough, the first person calling identified himself as John Williams, then later in the call gave his name as Joe Hardy. When I asked why his name had changed, he insisted that he was Joe Hardy!

    Thanks for this did sound too good to be true...should have trusted my instincts, but reading other people's experience helped to confirm it!

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  • Pe
    Peggy Chen Oct 20, 2008

    I'd recently been getting many calls from two numbers (626-259-5579, Pasadena, Calif. and 909-842-9142, Ontario, Canada, the latter of which is similar to the one that Beckiboo before me complained about.)

    The caller had a heavy Indian accent, and said that I'd be getting a $300 gas card. I asked what company she was calling from, and seh said "Gold Coast." (What legitimate company does NOT introduce itself before trying to get your response or action on something?)

    She said that this was not a sales call, I'm not obligated to buy anything, etc. but before she was to transfer me to someone else, I googled "gold coast" "gas card" and found you guys. I read about the $4.90 shipping and handling fee just before she told me I'd have to pay "one-time fee" of $3.90. Thanks for being here and for helping me avoid a scam!

    Whoever thinks up these scams should be paying for my gas and wasted time out of their own pocket, since, they are no doubt getting tons of money from the gullible.

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  • An
    Angry CS Oct 20, 2008

    Got smiilar call as those listed in last few days, from James at 909 area code, Indian accent, said he's from Goald Coast marketing in Phoenix, AZ, offering a $1, 000.00 shopping spree at any store given I use either a Visa, Mastercard, or Diner's Club. He 1st confirmed my name, mailing address, and type of card, all of which were incorrect but I let him believe it anyways, just to see how far this would go. He said that I get the $1, 000 if I respond to a mailing and then pay $3.90 for shipping. He then wanted to confirm my credit card expiration date and security code at which point I challenged him to prove why he needed this data. He said so that he could confirm my indetity and card ownership with my credit card company who would then mail the offer to me. End of conversation.

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  • Ta
    Tammy Oct 20, 2008

    I just got off the phone with Alex Parks "1125" from Gold Coast. He was just like the described above and got irritated with me when I would not give him my credit card number. THANK you for these complaints. The only way I got him to shut up and hang up on me is when I said, "oh, look at that. I just found you on the internet and it says 'free gas card scam." I started reading the complaint to him and he hung up on me. Thanks for the information.

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  • Sh
    Shane Graham Oct 27, 2008

    got this same call at dinner last night (sunday). This Mr. Brown was an idiot! This was the worst example of a telemarketing scam I have ever seen and if you were scammed then you should be ashamed of yourself. First red flag: freakin accent so heavy, 7-11 wont hire him and his name is Mr. Brown. COME ON. second red flag, no objections were ever overcome, you have to put my mind at ease before i give you my $3.90. But most importantly, hire an american...Oh having trouble finding americans to do your crappy telemarketing scams? Heres the reason why, unlike you(scammer) the average person wants to stay out of HELL! ...This type of situation makes it difficult for real phone solicitors, who have a neeeded product or service to make a living. thanks, Shane

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  • Ma
    Margaret Nov 06, 2008

    I got a call yesterday evening from "Sabio Anderson" ID #19045 at Gold Coast in Phoenix AZ, accent and all. They "got my name because I recently used my 'Plasticard' to buy gas or for shopping." They already had my correct address, but wanted my name so they could send me a $300 gas card. I would only have to pay $3.90 for shipping, AFTER getting the package. I asked why is a gas card so expensive to ship. I gave him my credit card expiration date, then he asked for the credit card number. I said no, I haven't got the package yet. He said we just need the number now, so we can charge it later. I refused. He transferred me to his "supervisor, " who insisted that he was honest and didn't want to be fired from his job if he did anything wrong. Finally I hung up, and wished I had hung up sooner.

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  • Ma
    Margaret Nov 06, 2008

    One more thing. The "supervisor" said if you don't feel comfortable giving me your credit card number, you can say it into a machine and it will come out to me as XXXX. Very creative!

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  • St
    Steve Nov 06, 2008

    Ditto all that above, same guy, Indian type accent. 300.00 gas card for 3.90 shipping cause I used my debit card somewhere. Where I couldn't understand. I asked him what city he was in & he says Phoneix AZ. I Said how's the weather, he says's it's cool here in phoenix and I go yea right, he say's it's stays cold here most of time right?! Of course by then I knew it was bullcrap, so I kept em on the line for 30 min. or so. Very insistent, pushy and when I said look, I'm not interested, he starts yellin and screaming.

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  • Ch
    CHANDAN kumar Nov 07, 2008

    Our name is Sunny Grover and Chandan Kumar. We work in Maitri solution ltd as a customer sales associate and saw there lot of scam going in US. How? They make the call in US citizens and say we are calling from gold cost, ez1 rate, gold cost vacation, key discount saving and you are going to receive 300$, 200$, 100$, gasoline voucher and 2 round trip air line tickets and US citizen’s take credit and debit card no then after take his verbal authorizing then they charged his bank account whatever they want something like 200$ and 250$.
    You know why we are working there because we are student and belong to middle class family when we knew that about the scam we wanted to give up our job but they did not accept our resigning letter but also they did not give our salary.
    There is running all process and we want that they can not work more if they work more, they will be making pool Americans and they will be charging whatever they want.Never ever give ur credit card no over the phone . This is our humble request.
    Chandan Kumar (9999180723)
    Sunny Grover (9990702847

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  • Ka
    Karen Nov 07, 2008

    We've been getting these calls for three weeks now! Today "Tom" #30154 told me they can't charge my card unless they have the numbers from the back of the card. When I told him I'm a cashier and frequently take payment over the phone using only the expiration date and credit card number, he gave me some spiel about verbal authorization and I hung up. He called back saying "Miss Karen don't be nervous..." and my Mother-in-law hung up on him. I'm glad for this site cuz now I won't be wondering if I missed out on "free gas" as if that would ever happen! Thanks!!!

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  • Pa
    Paul Nov 10, 2008

    I got the same call today from "Gold Coast"(201)257-4421 and the guy told me straight up that he was going to send me a $300 dlls. gas card for being a loyal customer. I asked him how he got my phone number and name and he told me from a partner company; He had my name and the last 4 numbers of my check card, i told him to get my name and any info off his records. and not to call me again. I dont know if it's a scam, but it sure looks like it.

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  • Ca
    cant tell Nov 14, 2008

    ya it can be a truth ..coz m a x employee of that company...and the calls are made from india only..if u need address i can provide that

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  • Ja
    Jason Sung Nov 17, 2008

    This morning, I received the same call from the Indian man from Gold Coast Marketing 513-933-2009. He had the last 4 digits of my bank check card number. I told him that I am not interested and not to send anything. He hung up immediately after. I called my bank and cancelled my card. Also, I reported this company and their phone number to SEC.

    In the past, I was charged about $12 from a marketing company, and they ended up charging my credit card for over $8, 000.

    Be careful everyone and check the activities online frequently to avoid such problems.

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  • Se
    Secret Nov 17, 2008

    I just got a call about 20 minutes ago. Again a heavily accented man from Gold Coast saying I won a free $300 gas card and a special shopping card that was going to let me have 50% at any major retailer[yeah right] for being a valued Visa card member. So I handed off the phone to my mom who asked him questions [obviously a scam from the start] while I typed in "Gold Coast scam" and came to this site. She asked if he was set up on Phoenix, Arizona [as I had read], he replied yes and she then informed him that his scam was all over the internet and to quit calling. Creepily enough he also knew the last 4 digits of my bank card, but apparently has known about other people he was trying to scam. Watch out

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  • Ch
    Cheryl Nov 18, 2008

    I try canceling my memebership. Everytime I call the number is busy or I get a recording saying my wait time is seven min. and noone would come on. I wait a long time. They are taking 39.95 a month on my credit card. What can I do? I am so mad at them. I have no use for this.

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  • Tt
    ttown Nov 22, 2008

    I received a call from someone from "Gold Coast" who wanted to send me a 300$ gas card to thank me for being such a loyal Master Card users. They then told me my address and the last for of my debit card number. They wanted the rest of the account number, and the code off the back, so they could send me the card. He also kept talking about calling them back after I had the card. I googled the phone number while he was talking. Saw the all the scam stuff, and said I wasn't interested and hung up. He called back right away, and again non-stop for about fifteen minutes. Creepy.

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  • He
    Hebing Nov 22, 2008

    I just got a phone call from this Gold Coast company in Arizona like 5minutes ago. I was mad because I was sleeping, so I gave them an atitude, but yes, they said I won a $300 gas card and I have to pay $3.90. This lasy with a heavy indian accent. I could barly understand her, and she said her name is "Kathy Smith" I was like yea right, a indian with a name Kathy Smith. and she gave e her empoly#40543. She keep insisting that this is a free offer, and I dont have to pay anything for that. So then she transfer me to her senior supervisor. so that guy said I need to be a credit card hold and I have to give them my last 15digit card number. duh..theres only 16 digit on the card. So I hung p, and he or that "Kathy Smith" called me serveral times after, but I didnt pick up because I could see the caller ID. Now they just stop.

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  • He
    Hebing Nov 22, 2008

    try to call your credit card company and tell them what happen and ask them to check on this. That would be the best solution. I think just said you got through the call waiting, I dont think they would "allow" you to cancel. I got the same phone call from Gold Coast, and I was almost fool by them, but when they asked me for my credit card number, I realized that this was a scam.

    Try to call you card company, they would give you the best solution. O and try to call the fraud department, thye take things very seriously.

    Good luck on canceling!!!

    Hebing ^^

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  • Ra
    raj kumar Nov 28, 2008

    I just got a call from the same Gold Coast company in Arizona like 5minutes ago. they said I won a $300 gas card as they keep track of my transaction with their credit cards and I have to pay $3.90 for shipping . This guy is with indian accent and told me his name is charlie and gave employee#10107. He keep insisting that this is a free offer, and I dont have to pay anything for that. I saw this complaints board and told him that i am not intereset but he tried to convince me by forwarding the call to his senior supervisor. I hung up the phone after that. Please do not entertain these kind of people and company.

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  • Jo
    John Nov 29, 2008

    I received a call from "Gold Coast" yesterday and decided today to look to see if it was a scam and found this site. I knew almost immediately yesterday that it was most likely a telephonic version of a phishing scam, so I kept the guy on the phone for like, 20 minutes. I enjoy teasing these little scammers, as the longer they're on the phone with me, the longer they're not bothering someone else.

    The strongly Indian accented guy called himself "Frank" and told me that for being a good customer of Merchandising Partners, he wanted to send me a $300.00 gas card, usable at any gas station, and it would cost a mere $4.90 in shipping and processing. He wanted my CC. I told him I no longer had a CC, that I'd closed down my cards a few months ago. He insisted I was lying saying he knew I used my card with Merchandising Partners recently. I told him his information was out of date. He wasn't happy. But to keep him on the line, I told him I do have a JC Penny card, and a Sears one and a Mervyns one. He put the phone down and talked to someone else in the room, in Indian. They chatted for a minute, then he came back and said he would like the expiration number for any of those cards. I knew that any of those cards were useless except at the issuing stores, but he REALLY wanted to use one of those cards! I guess he hadn't heard of those cards before, and it pleased me a great deal, that I was able to pull the chain of a scammer live and in person, in real life. After a few minutes, he put me on with a supervisor, also Indian, who simply re-pitched to me the $300.00 gas card thing, and said this was a legitmiate offer. It was SO obvious this was a total scam! The other guy came back on the phone, and said he would send me to another extension, so I could do a "verbal authorization" for the $4.90, that would be taped. He said he can't bill the card without this taped verbal consent. Then he again asked me for an expiration date. Of course, department store cards don't have expiration dates, at least, not those. I kept the guy on the line for 20 minutes feigning confusion about where the expiration dates would be on any of these cards, and telling him I couldn't understand why I could not find them, and maybe if I go look at one of my written statements I could find an expiration, etc. He was getting really impatient. He asked again if my JC Penny card had a Visa or Mastercard logo and I said no, and he asked for a 20th time for me to get my Visa card, which I again told him I had recently cancelled. In sheer frustration and exasperation, he finally hung up. It was a successful call for me.

    Why can't law enforcement put these jackasses away? They all ought to be rotting in a jail cell somewhere. How difficult would it be to track the calls to their boiler room, telemarketing source, and arrest them all? This kind of BS should not be allowed to happen. Is there a place I can report this to an official law enforcement source??

    Here's the company information the guy gave me. (He gave me this early in the call in an attempt to convince me of the legitimacy of his call):
    450 South West 12th Avenue
    Deer Field Beach, FL, 33442.
    I am sure the address is a total fake, but this is what they guy gave me.

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  • Ge
    George Dec 02, 2008

    Okay... so I don't know if I can say much about this subject cuz of my position. What I can say is that... all of you are right. It is a scam. It's sad. When you call to cancel... they are only authorized to give you 50% of the last deduction from your account. They'll try 3 rebuttals to persuade you to still go with the program and then...once you say no to that... you'll have to call coorporate. They'll give you the number and when you call... you'll wait for 20 minutes or so and then get hung up on. It's ridiculous and pathetic. I'm sorry to all who have to deal with this and that you got scammed into it without even knowing. When you do call to cancel... just realize your not calling the Gold Coast themselves. You're calling a Telemarketing Company with people who have no idea about this program and are only reading things verbatim because they're boss told them to. None of the reps agree with it and feel bad after every call. Unless you call coorporate and you actually get someone. If you call coorporate.. your dealing with the actual scammers.

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  • Kk
    kkj1001 Dec 09, 2008

    This morning, I went through the same thing, even went as far as to give my credit card number. As I started to feel uneasy about the situation, I googled "Gold Coast free gas", and as soon as I saw the word "scam" I hung up the phone. I called custormer service of my credit card and had my acct # changed. Funny, as I was on my cell phone doing that, my home phone was ringing like crazy. They actually had the nerve to leave me 2 messages. The first one said that they had already charged my acct for the $3.90 and that I better answer to claim my free gas card. The second message said that I better pick up the phone or else my card would be charged and additional $50 "as a fine." What kind of riduculous thing is that?

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  • Ch
    Christine Dec 13, 2008

    I recevied a phone call from a Paul Smith ID # 30666 with a thick Indian accsent from a (818) 870-9155 number stating that I just received a free $300 gas card. I asked him what is was for and how he received my information. He stated that he received is from Visa and Mastercard for useing my card. He stated that there was no catch so I let him go on asking him questions about his company. He stated his company was Gold Coast and it was based in Phoenix AZ. He said all he needed was for me to confirm my name and address. I gave it to him waiting for the catch. I was not requested to pay any money however he requested the expiration date of my credit card. I gave this to him them he requested that I get my card and give him the customer code that starts with a 4. I asked him how may numbers and he said 16...That is my credit card number!!! I told him no that he did not need my credit card number. He stated it was only for authorization and that without the 3 didgit number on the back my card could not be used. Excuse me I use my card all the time and rarley do I ever get a request for the 3 didgit number on the back at yet somehow thoes charges go through. I told him If I recieved it for fress. Send it to me in the mail but he was not getting my card number. He continued to insist I then told him to have a good day and hung up. He had the nerve to call me back and ask me to clam down and insisted that this was not a scam. I told him I dissagreed and hung up again...Please do not give your card number out to this company. You do not allways need the 3 didgit code on the back of yout card for a charge to go through. If this realy is aq free no catch gas card then my card number would not be needed.

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  • Li
    Liz Feb 20, 2009

    My mother in law just got scammed for hundreds of dollars by this gold coast...she is older and has just been widowed and they took her last dollar and over drafted her acoount...

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  • Bu
    buffy Mar 23, 2009

    I just had a similar experience... only not from "Gold Coast", but a company called "Big Deals" offering a $200 gas voucher. Indian accent. He insisted it was not a sales call. He said I had been specially chosen to be the "lucky" recipient of this gift because I'd used my Visa or Mastercard to make gas purchases in the past. He asked where I'd purchased gas before. He asked for the expiration date first, which seemed harmless enough, so I gave it to him. When I said I would not give him my credit card #, he got his "supervisor" on the phone who went into this increasingly desperate sounding rant about how a fraudulent charge couldn't be made without the 3-digit security code and they just needed to verify with the credit card company that I was the authorized user of the card. When I told him that wasn't true about the security code, he became rude in his approach, at which point I thought, "Why is this person so desperate to give me a free voucher?" After he refused to answer questions and continued to rant, I had to hang up to break free.

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