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Plus Complaints & Reviews / fraudlent billing


What a SCAM!!! This GROW.COM! I ordered a free trial offer from the Yahoo sponsored ad for a shampoo and conditioner, paid $5 shipping handling fee. Two months later, SURPRISE, I received a credit card charge for $109. Now that is in dispute. Surprised! Another month later, I received... / Beware of FREE samples from


Coupon from said FREE SAMPLES: pay only $4.95 for shipping. When the samples came I could tell immediately that they would not work for my skin and never even opened any of the products. About a month after receiving samples I received a box of products which I didn't order... / Total Scam!

I just received a second shipment! I did not ask for this!!! This time they charged me over 90 dollars! I can not log in to their site to change my CC Card number! These people are Evil and all need to be in Jail! I can not believe they are allowed to do this! I called them and they claim... / free trial/deceptive advertising


Glow.comCompany advertises, using pop-up ads on the internet. They indicate a free trial for the cost of shipping and handling, only. No monetary amount other than shipping and handling charge. After completing the order information and credit card information and submitting it, a separate email... / free trial


Online I responded to an offer of a free trial of a face cream for only the cost of postage and handling $6.95. Idiot that I am I did not read the packing slip which told me I had to return the Bottles within 14 days or I would be charged $96. I had no idea of this until I saw a charge on... / Unauthorized charges


I did sign up for the free trial of this product and once I received it I went online and canceled my account. I did request to send it back but didn't realize that it had to be done by a specific date. I looked at my checking account because of some overdraft fees I was charged with... / Deceptive advertising

Ca is deceptive in its offer. They offered trial products with brushes for ONLY "shipping charges $1.95". I assumed they would follow up with an email questionnaire or options to buy more etc. But the next month I found a $90 charge on my credit card, non-refundable. The product i...