GloveSaver.comunauthorized credit card charge & extremely slow delivery.


This company is even worse than I originally believed. It has now been 20 days since I placed my order, and I still do not have my latex gloves. To add insult to injury, this merchant added $7.17 to the charge applied to my credit card. If he claims that this might be sales tax, he is lying again. The sales tax rate in Nevada is not 8.5%, which is what this extra charge amounts to. If he is trying to collect Arizona sales tax, then why does he think people buy things on the Internet, and why wouldn't they simply drive down the street to Walgreens or CVS if they wished to pay sales tax?

My belief is that this (despite a pretty Web site) is a scam operation, run by one man (Bill Hampton) who operates his business from his spare bedroom or his garage. He waits to receive an Internet order, then he places an order with a manufacturer or distributor in China, and has them drop-ship the item to his customer. The extremely slow delivery time is a result of the transit time of the boat from China to Seattle or Long Beach. His assertion that his orders usually ship in the next business day might be technically true, but he neglects to tell his customers that the shipment point is somewhere in China, and it will take about three weeks for his customers to receive their orders. This is, in my opinion, a type of fraud, and that makes Bill Hampton a fraudster. Stay away from this man. Be careful because he can probably just shut down his business and reopen the next day using a different business name.

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