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We have been sending them monthly deposits for $465.00. We are still receiving phone calls and bills even from the creditor we supposedly already settled with. They say this is ok and just fax us the paper trail.
The only debt settlement was the one offered to us independently via US mail... and they then took a fee out of about $430.00... for settling something we could have done ourselves. They say it's a waiting game, don't talk to the creditors that call, they will take care of it. But GCS never contact us, call us with updates or negotiations. The fees come out monthly on the 20th of each month, yet nothing is being paid towards the debt and the bills keep getting higher. We've seen the same pattern affecting other people in the country. It's a sham and sorry we fell for it.


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      Jul 07, 2009

    Your "debt settlement" is them making you not pay your bills so the company gets desperate and then they offer a lump sum to settle on the debt. The bill will get paid but your credit will be ruined for years.

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