Gladenew glade plug in warmer

T Jul 17, 2019

I originally bought a set of the glade plugins with 2 warmers from Costco. The warmers worked fine with the first plugin. After that they barely got warm. I felt the warmer & it only was getting warm around the upper area which is not touching where the oil holder touches it. I then went to target & bought just the warmers in a 2 pack which is doing the same thing on the first try( getting warm at upper area not the base of the unit). These new units are really no good at all in comparison to the old ones. I still have older ones I had been able to use over & over until they changed the complete design of the oil container. Will be returning these warmers to target & probably going with Febreze from now on. Save your money & don't buy these warmers.

new glade plug in warmer

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