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Plus Complaints & Reviews / gift delivery in kolkata city to a business

Feb 28, 2019

I have called the company yesterday, February 27, '19 from the USA and asked them for a delivery of package of sweets to a business address in the city of Kolkata. They explained same-day-delivery service and assured me of delivery next day, by noon on Feb 28, '19. I put the oder by 2:00... / delivery of damaged items and wrong and cheap brand

Nov 23, 2018

I would like to highlight the fact that they had shipped the wrong item and also a damaged one.I had ordered for the brand Royal Dansk Danish cookies but they have dispatched Sapphire chocolate cookies which was broken.They were trying to pin the blame on Bluedart.Its the mistake from... / Regarding the order of cake and 10 pink roses bouquet

Apr 21, 2017

I order a cake and then pink roses bouquet for a birthday for someone but these people send rose petals instead of a bouquet when I ask the reason of the wrong order they said there was no notice available this is the disgusting solista provided I mean who order rose petals for the gift I...

Gifts-to-India / Gift

Aug 19, 2016

Hello. I had a terrible experience with Gifts-to-India and too bad that I did not read the reviews before I made an order. There are tons of negative feedback about Gifts-to-India! These people are absolutely unprofessional, they do not keep their promises and they are completely unreliable! My...

Gifts-to-India / Horrible experience, terrible customer service!!

Jun 17, 2016

I've ordered a gift from and they did not send me anything!! When my order did not arrive I contacted customer service and asked about my order and also asked them to refund my money. I received the most ridiculous reply you could even imagine! They said that... / Such a waste of time and money

Apr 22, 2016

My wife is now working in India. I really missed her so I decided to make a surprise for her. I went online and found I contacted them and explained the situation. They said that I can order things and pay for them, and that I can provide them the address where to...

Giftstoindia / Worst and fraud company

May 23, 2015

I had ordered Pizza Hut coupons on Oct 29th 2014 for my mom's birthday and according to the 6 month validity period, they are suppose to expire on April 29th but when I check the status of the coupon, it says they expired on Feb 22 2015 which is way sooner then the validity. I have... / The seller didn't provide gifts

Sep 21, 2014

I ordered watch from the website and it was present for my friend. I provided them the address of friend. After several days I asked my friend if he got the present from me, but he told “no”. I was disappointed and returned to the website. I called them... / Please be aware and don't get caught in the scam

Aug 02, 2012

Gifts-to-India is a fraud website. They steal your money and never deliver the item. The customer service numbers are wrong. Stay away! The biggest problem is it comes up as the first link on Google. Please be aware and don't get caught in the scam. I request you to, please spread the word against the company and file a complaint. / Wasted my money and the surprise

Apr 23, 2012

Pathetic experience once again . I should have checked the reviews before using thr service. I Ordered a bunch of flowers with chocolates for my fiance. They delivered the flower to some wrong address and now asking me to collect from their. Chocolates are not yet delivered and it seems it... / Very bad website which doesn't give enough information regarding the order

Mar 29, 2011

1. Very bad website which doesn't give enough information regarding the order. 2. After the order had been placed 5 days before date for eggless chocolate cake Rs1040, they asked for extra Rs385 on the D-Day saying the location was too far(they never mentioned this before). They... / Stay away


Hello, I leave this feedback from England. I recently came across a website, which specialised in sending gifts to people in India and most of the major countries. On 14th June, I placed an order for a gift to be delivered in 2 days right in time for fathers day. After 3...