George Salter Academyadrian price is a drunk and poor quality headmaster.

E Aug 12, 2018

George Salter Academy Headmaster Adrian Price is a drunk who also makes racially inappropriate comments online.

Adrian Price seem to think it is appropriate to post youtube videos of Adolf Hitler showing considerable racial insensitivity ( Adrian Price also seems to have a drinking problem, boasting about his consumption of alcohol. This is highly unprofessional and disturbing.

Adrian Price might think that videos of Adolf Hitler are funny. The millions and millions of Jewish people and others murdered by the regime of Nazi Germany certainly did not think this is amusing. Indeed far from Adrian Price being 'broadly average' as his Twitter profile claims, he seems sub-par

This shows a worrying lack of self discipline. Adrian Price also seems ethnic minorities and their hairstyles showing a vile and hateful attitude.

In short Adrian Price is a poor quality Headmaster with a drinking problem

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