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I am not sure where to really complain but here goes. My husband and I fell in love with gehan homes! We were ready to sale our starter home to get into a bigger home. What a nightmare that turned out to be!! We got our pre approval through chase bank and off we went to Gehan homes. As soon as they saw our pre-approval they were ready to move fowarard as quickly as possible. They did a quick pre-approval with there loan officer, not asking for our taxes, or clarify our line of profession. We don't do loans everyday so we didn't know how important that was going to be and how it effected us severely! My husband worked as contract at that time, which had a big effect on us as well! Didn't know that either! Before we knew all this we worked with gehan homes realtor and sold our home quick, and gave our money to start on the new home. After all that happened we ended up not getting approved for the loan because of taxes! We lost our home and 15, 000!!! After we were denied the loan from the bank gehan didn't help at all!! They made us feel as if we didn't want the home and it was our fault but we had no control of the bank! If the loan officer would of completed our pre-approval accurately before even moved toward this would of never of happened! We would of found the loop whole with our taxes! We basically became homeless!!! They're went our dream home and 15, 000 we earned from selling our starter home!!! The worst experience ever!!

  • Updated by CillaM · Oct 20, 2017

    I forgot to mention that it wasn't just our taxes but my husbands contract work that effected us from getting the home...I really wish we knew this before selling our starter home. Also, I really don't think it's fair that gehan homes kept our 15, 000...we really wanted their home but had no control over the bank not approving our loan. Why should we be punished for that? They ended up selling our home allot quicker than their inventory homes! We tried so hard and ended up with no home and living with our sister in law while trying to figure out what to do next? Just horrible...horrible!

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