GAPemployee and manager and security guard

S Aug 15, 2018

Hello my name is Sabina akhlaq I was at one of the gap stores located in Brooklyn 86 street. I was at the register purchasing the items I needed the employee who was ringing me up was really a rude nasty unprofessional individual she snatched the items from my hand the whole time was sucking on her teeth if I asked her a question and rolling her eyes. At the end of the transaction instead of handing my receipt to me she turned her back on me and didn't give me my receipt that's when I question her should I take my own receipt from the register I asked for the manager then when she became violent and started slamming her hands on the register my sister was with me at the time she question her why are u getting loud nasty and rude that's when she got into my sisters race and started becoming violent and loud my sister and her got into a altercation that's when the manager Lucie came and acted like a lost case the so called security guard was pretty much not doing anything he let the gap employee hit me in my face that's when the cops arrived and she left register . This gap store was the worst experience how can a violent individual like her be hired as an employee and how can gap have lazy useless manger and security guard who are not properly doing there I'm just wondering why would there be a need of an security guard if there is no safety . There were other kids and customers along with my two daughters in the store when you're gap employee was acting immature disgusting and inhuman . I would like someone with higher authority to look into this matter and take full responsibility into resolving this issue I faced I am literally left in fear.

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