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Okay, on 28 Nov, 2017, I placed an order for a game account, within a 2 hour period, I did receive a verification call, that was completed inside of a few minutes. The next morning I received an email from Dawn Reed, stating that the account I had already paid for had been placed for sale by a "former" employee and offered a coupon.

While this bothered me, it meant something that the company wanted to make right, and I used said coupon. Its now been 2 days, I have tried contacting the company a multitude of times, via phone, email and their "24/7" Live support. All without any avail. Their "account manager" does not answer his/her phone EVER, their live support that is supposedly 24/7 is never there, and they dont repond to any emails.

Their website advocated delivery withing 2mins to 24 hours, its been well in excess of that. No company should be operating with this horrible of a customer service. If someone from the company wishes to respond to an email I have sent and deliver said product to me, I will be glad to amend this. I am already on the phone with the BBB, and my states internet fraud department this evening to file complaints. Iceband183 Fort Eustis, Virginia


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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Online fraud
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Fraud and cheating!
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - bad company
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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction. - Scam
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
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Mar 04, 2008 4:06 am

So I purchased gold and an account from I receive the account fine. Although the gear is TERRIBLE, I didn't mind that much, the description was misleading though. Well after about a few weeks of playing the account, the password is changed on me.

I'm thinking the original owner has taken it back. Well I contact and tell them the problem. They tell me I can chose from new accounts for a replacement. Well all they do is play the never ending game of 'well forward this to the accounts management team' and nothing ever happens. No one ever contacts me. Nothing. No one can help you, there is no phone number.

GAMEPAL SOLD THE ACCOUNT AND THEN TAKES IT BACK WHEN THEY HAVE YOUR MONEY. Also the gold I purchased, they don't even have on the server to give. And it took well over a month for a refund.

Beware of Gamepal, they are frauds.

May 31, 2008 6:39 am

bought a virtual account, from gamepal payed via paypal, and they wont send me the information that goes with the account, but they took the money.they only sent part of the info and then sent e mail ssaying they would send rest later, and they havent yet that was over 2 months ago.i cant secure the account without the info.i cant subscribe securely or puchase upgrades on account, becouse anyone can log on with the info they gave me i cant change it.and all the info was in the deal.i have all the proof.gamepal is a scam!and i think they have multiple sites with diff names, but same cost service.

Purchased an account from about one year ago for world of warcraft. they have since battlenet enabled the account and are reselling it. they have a life time garuantee, but they will not respond to emails and there chat 'conveniently' is always closed. Its obvious as it was nothing on my end, and i think this is ridiculous. Buyer beware.

Dec 04, 2008 2:15 pm

Hi, I am being taken advantaged of, has send a collection agency after me for the amount of $1, 877.85. For taking back 2 accounts that were never mine in the first place. I have now had to contact a lawyer and the RCMP / This company is in shambles, their records are not accurate and they ripping people off. DO NOT EVEN ASSOCIATE WITH THIS COMPANY, AND PLEASE DO NOT SHARE COMPUTER/PERSONAL INFORMATION WITH THEM! I CANNOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH

Jul 28, 2008 5:25 am

A few months ago i ordered a custom powerleveling order from where you put in the details of the wow character you want and its level and then they do it. I payed them the money but a few weeks past and they wouldn't respond to my emails, i eventually found out they hadn't even started the order yet so i asked for a refund. Now, months later i still haven't got my money back and i keep getting the same automated emails back saying they have sent my information to the account managers. I cant get any help from the live chat as they tell my to email them because they cant do anything. Has anyone else had this problem?

Aug 28, 2009 5:54 pm

Sadly, my story is the same. They sold me an account, it got stolen back and they then gave me a "credit" for the amount I paid. Of course, credit in a company that does not respond to emails or acknowledge you in any way is meaningless. It is a scam.

Jun 23, 2009 11:55 pm

Well, they've gotten me 2 times now. I first bought an account and leveled 2 or 3 chars up 10 levels for the expansion only to have the account "stolen" back by someone when I was in full epic gear on the chars. After weeks of emails and unanswered questions in live chat, the company gave me credit for another account through them. I did much the same with the new account and maxed out everything again over about a year or more. The second account just got stolen back by "someone" again.

Now the company or any of its lackeys won't talk to me...

Lesson learned for me...

Jun 10, 2009 3:58 am

They didnt pay me for my account and has since taken the account and changed all the information so i can no longer access it. And as many others have said, never they reply to emails and live chat doesnt work. Filed complaint with and am still looking into other ways

I have to agree at one time this was a good company but it hence got down the toilet. i purchased an account only to have it stolen back, now going out of my way to try to get it closed if i ahve to just to be fair. they used to do all orders quickly, then all of sudden every order 'fails' one way or another and they only refund account purchases with gamepal dollars so they try to keep your money.currently there live chat does not work at all. this is ridiculous

Apr 16, 2009 2:07 pm

WOW this company is amazing the LIVE CHAT is no such thing unless its for currency of course cause its the easiest to get off their hands, they DO NOT REPLY TO EMAILS WITH ACCOUNTS QUESTIONS just auto reply the facts to you even tough the currency and powerleveling poeple have replied to me within the hour they say they cannot help me if its an account problem . I sumbited my account info and have been waiting for payment since the 8th their excuse for the live chat is that theyr upgrading to phone operators...yeah i cant wait to see how THAT goes SO thank god they havent touched my acccount yet im tired of waiting and unanswered emailes(like 15) so ill be changing to another site i seriously dont recommend gamepal to ANYONE . is a SCAM! they have no online support and do NOT reply to emails.
$220 down the ###ing drain.
face to face i'd murder them.


I've been getting harrassed by them for over 2 months now. I hired a lawyer to get them off my back as the claim was completely invalid (as it seems to be with everyone else getting these damn letters!) And I stopped hearing about them for about 3 weeks. After that, low and behold, I get ANOTHER letter from them, completely ignoring the one my lawyer sent them concerning my contesting of the claim, and on top of that, Gamepal decided to add another 600$ to their original 1400$ claim for a grand total of 2017$USD now. First off I asked for proof, they never bothered to send it, then they add more money without even explaining where all these sums are coming from. They're all just doing this to scare people out of their money.

I would just simply ignore it save for the fact they can ### up your credit if you leave it unresolved long enough. But I know DAMN WELL I didn't do what they accuse me of, so their grounds for claims are complete ###.

Seems lawyers don't do anything for them either - as it is the law to contact the attorney in question instead of the client if the agency has knowledge of the contact information for the attorney - which in my case, they did!

I could sue them and take em to court for this. But I live in Canada, i'm not paying any more money to fly down to Raleigh, NC to get told what I already know. I don't even think Gamepal has any workers left in the U.S. Last I heard, their offices were all located in the Phillipenes or whatever.

Siiigh... :/

Feb 09, 2009 11:22 am

I've had the collections agency harassing me for a few weeks now. I would gladly give the account in question back to the company in exchange for them saying it will resolve my debt, but of course I can't get in touch with them.

I'm not paying a dime for their illegal business practices.

I am curious however, how anyone else had this matter resolved. I've seen a ton of posts and complaints about this but never seen any resolutions one way or another. Did people pay? Did the company back off?

Feb 04, 2009 1:23 pm

They are persuing me the same way. Sent me a collections notice. Of course, there is NO way to contact anyone at the company. If I get any more collection notices, they will hear from my lawyer. What have you done so far? how is it going with this?

Jan 05, 2009 10:59 am

Gamepal's customers should start a class action suit against gamepal for the fraud and theft that gamepal and its associated sites and companies have enacted upon its customers for years.
Gamepal, has practiced internet fraud across international borders for YEARS. Its practices are designed to deceive, and when a customer has a complaint, gamepal will stall and delay untill the customer has passed any point of simple resolution thru paypal/ cc charge backs. by making promises that the issue is being resolved, while simply doing NOTHING to actually resolve the issue.

The Email staff is instructed to ignore repeat emails, to copy and paste a pre formatted response that informs the customer that a manager is handling the problem, while the email is simply ignored.

Gamepal's chat reps instructed to pat heads, blow smoke, and pacify customers complaints, while making promises of resolution. Telling customers to email the accounts teams, which will only result in an endless stream of promises of resolution, which are simply lies.

All of the gamepal associated sites, all of its management are on the same plan. the powerleveling, currency, account buying and trading. Its all part of the same network of theft, designed to bilk the customer out of its money while provideing the customer with nothing but empty promises.

Write the District attny of North Carolina, and the BBB of North Carolina, call the IRS and report them for tax fraud, call the big game companies and complain about the theft of your accounts.

The customers of this company number in the hundreds of thousands, TAKE ACTION against a company that practices theft.

By taking action against companies like this you will put them out of business, and the persons behind the curtain, will pay for their crimes.

Dec 16, 2008 10:16 am

I attempted to get a power leveling contract from them. They stopped responding to my E-Mails. Refuse to obey their own TERMS & CONDITIONS

Gamepal offers a 24 hour guarantee on ALL powerleveling orders. Gamepal retains the right to cancel your powerleveling order at anytime, with or without prior notice, at which time it will result in a full refund if the service has not yet begun. If any passwords are changed as the result of any Gamepal powerleveling service, Gamepal is not to be held responsible for your account. By purchasing any Gamepal powerleveling service, and hereby agreeing to the Terms and Conditions stated here, you are giving consent to the staff at Gamepal to fully utilize the account possession, which includes, but is not limited to, game currency and character equipments. Gamepal offers 100% protection of your accounts, and will assist you fully in retrieving your lost password(s). Gamepal will only change your account password in the event that your account may be endangered by access struggles.

Is posted on the company's web page. The HTML based chat "24/7 Live" is crap. It only works for currency. I've sent E-Mails Daily...I wonder if i can take legal action for my $200.00 USD ...and charge the lawyer fee back to them. I want as much negative feedback as I can against them. I want paypal to cut them off. Hmmm

Dec 03, 2008 2:48 am

All I have to say is good luck man. Eric's ###ed himself big time. I'm one of the former chat workers of the many that got shanked by his greed. So you're not alone in this, nor any other people that've been ###ed over by him.

Emails will go for weeks on end without replies. Phone contact is just as much as a joke as that. Your best bet is filing through Paypal and provide them the unique transaction ID and date of purchase.

File chargebacks via Paypal. Call their customer support line (Go to Security Center page, and Live Customer Support; there's both the 800/888 (I think) number, and another one direct if you hold a debit card through them - either will pull you into the main automated pool. It's a few tele-automated menus but after about the third one you'll be put through to a rep.)

Tell them you have been trying to file for undelivered goods. Under Paypal's user agreement and provider service they will reinstate the money to your account and/or bank. It's always a lot easier to handle it over the phone with them than waiting for a few days through their text/online message support. (Trust me on this, I have had to deal with them many times over on the phone over small complications or double-charges on orders, and they get things done asap on the phone and you can confirm it right off the bat after they've completed it with a quick page Refresh.)

If you, and any others that might be reading this and need further information, please repost here and I WILL help you in any way I can of knowledge and information. Like we have tried to before. Not as a chat worker, not as a blank name behind a screen, but someone just as pissed as you people are.

Nov 24, 2008 12:56 am

It's funny, if you sold your accnts to GAMEPAL and their affiliates, and it gets stolen. They really do list them on their site, even though those accnts are banned. example is this..

Rank: 10
Af: 6
Conquest Points: 5000
Passes And Keys: all
Missions Completed: ZM
Crystals: all
Best Way To Sum Main Jobs Equipment: Good Full Gear - Average to Good
Your Characters Server: Quetzalcoatl
Your Characters Level: 75
Your Characters Job: Paladin
Main Hand: Earth Staff, Macuahuitl+, Light Staff
Secondary Hand: Koenig Shield, Master Shield
Head: Valor Coronet, Gallant Coronet, Adaman Barbuta
Neck: Parade Gorget
Ear 1: Stoic Earring
Ear 2: Insomnia Earring
Chest: Gallant Surcoat
Hands: Gallant Gauntlets, Kng. Handshuhs
Finger 1: Jelly Ring
Finger 2: Bomb Queen Ring
Back: Knightly Mantle
Waist: Warwolf Belt
Legs: Gallant breeches, Adaman Cuisses
Feet: Gallant Leggings
Additional Equipment Worth Mentioning: Bibbiki seasehll
Your Characters Server: Quetzalcoatl
Your Characters Level: 75
Your Characters Job: Samurai
Main Hand: Ushikirimaru
Secondary Hand: Mythril Grip+1
Head: Myochin Kabuto, Wyvern Helm, Optical Hat, Walkure Mask
Neck: Chivalrous Chain
Ear 1: Bushonomimi
Ear 2: Minuet Earring
Chest: Hachiman DOmaru, Haubergeon, Ryl. Sqr. CHainmail, Saotome Domaru
Hands: Hachiman kote
Finger 1: Ruby Ring
Finger 2: Garrulous Ring
Back: Amemet mantle +1
Waist: Potent Belt.
Legs: Myochin Haidate,
Feet: Myochin Sune-ate, Saotome Sune-Ate
Additional Equipment Worth Mentioning: Lightning Bow
All Subjobs Unlocked?: Yes
Subjob Level: 75
Characters Subjob: Paladin
Subjob Level: 75
Characters Subjob: Samurai
Subjob Level: 45
Characters Subjob: Warrior
Subjob Level: 37
Characters Subjob: Ninja
Subjob Level: 31
Characters Subjob: Thief
Latest Expansion Enabled: Treasures of Aht Urhgan
Version Of Final Fantasy Xi: PC - USA Version
World Transferable: Yes - Available

Account Submission ID: A315343

Account name: IBHN2644

Link to the char can be found here..
Quetz server.

Nov 22, 2008 7:32 pm

Gamepal is a company built on the breaking of a law. Of course they will SCAM, their whole business is based on manipulating rights of others.
Buyer Beware, if you want the best protection.

Oct 04, 2008 8:47 pm

You know, ive seen a ton of complaints against gamepal/accountgear and im not sure where these come from. I have dealt with gamepal on many different occasions and have no complaints. Ive ordered pl from them a few times and it was completed fully and in a timely manner, i bought an ffxi account from accountgear, at first the one i order they said something was wrong, so i got a coupon, and used it to buy a differnt account, they took a while to send, but in about 4 days i did get the account that i purchased, im really not sure if maybe accountgear/gamepal scams or not, but i have had no problems.

Jun 16, 2008 11:50 am and their affiliates are rip off merchants, I purchased second life lindens, they claim delivery is instant but it was far from instant.

I went to their online chat help, first she said that employees were on some chinese holiday, then I asked more questions, and she finally admitted that they didn't even have any lindens.

Yet they are still offering instant pay for lindens as I write this, their site needs shutting down and paypal need to disown sites such as this, they are a scurge and harm other businesses with their illegal practises as it hurts consumer confidence in other online stores.


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