Gameloftasphalt 8

R Dec 02, 2019

Trying to make a V6 purchase to tune up for Quests. Played one game and cleared cache, force stop, restart, etc... I stopped playing for a few months due to being "banned" and unsure even how to cheat and don't wanna cheat. It's a game to pass time and try to have fun. However, EVEN in the event I or any player would probably like to know if they are banned and accused of cheating which I do find extremely offensive as it insults my integrity. I am older probably than most players, but I want to win or lose on my own merit, not the aide or assistance of however people learn to cheat. A notification somewhere of being banned, if in fact, that is the problem AGAIN, would be helpful so that we are not wasting $ and or tokens and coins. I had to race a lot to earn some and spent $ on other's doing so. I, did tell myself that I wouldn't spend any more Money, but since I have not encountered any problems the past few weeks I decided to go ahead and give it another chance, BUT I am unable to play in the events or multiplayer games to try to EARN the requirements or quests. And getting a response turnaround time is slower than my connection.

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