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Frosch Travel prides themselves with professionalism and expert agents, the agent have been taught well how to get your money without you even knowing that you have been screwed. They cloak extra charges in your credit card bill and you will not even know it, they are so smooth and plus you trust them.
For instance you are taking a trip to Paris, they will charge you 700.00 for the Continental portion to New York from Houston and maybe another 10, 105.00 business class t0 to Paris from New York, the real fare on Air France would be 9505.40, but because there are 2 different airlines involved the lay person would not know that they you got for an extra 600.00 your total cost would be 10, 805.40. They mostly do this to thier corporate clients on international destinations, but I have seen charges from 50.00 to up to 2000.00 over charged depending on the destination. They love multi-destinations because you would never figure that out. They train thier agents well, most dont even know that it is credit card fraud, I did not. ( the fraud part is they do not advise the client when using thier credit card for these cloaked charges)(Would you agree to being charged an extra 600.00?) Oh, on top of that they charge a 50.00 to 100.00 fee . You get double screwed, I use to work there, I know. Ask them about "merchant charging" The agents go along because this is how they get thier incentive bonuses from cheating clients. Some agents there are making up to 50, 000 a year. So guess how much Frosch is making?
Bottom line add up the boarding passes that the airline give you when you travel and you will see, you have just been screwed, very few ever notice. To be honest I did not see much cheating on domestic flights, kind of hard to cheat on those, I guess they have not figured how to cheat you on those yet. I would always double check thier prices though.
OMG do not ask to go on a vacation, you will get a" preferred vendor" and yep you had better believe it will be pricey. Everyone I referred to them said they could not afford it. Did not work in the vacation department, but I am sure that probably had a way of cheating you there also. That should be easier for them to cheat you with the bundled air, car and hotel pricing.


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      Jun 30, 2009

    You just sound like an angry employ that probably got fired for not meeing your sales goals. Maybe the agent charges the 2 different airlines seperately becuase thats better for the client if they need to make changes, then you dont have one airline plated on another.
    You also cant categorize and say that agents there give "preferred vendors" Sure, Im sure they might push a Signature hotel because then the clients gets more amenities, but no good travel agent pushes something on the client that is not a good fit. Majority of hotels pay, on average, about the same commission, so who the heck cares which ones you push.
    Frosch is very successful, for them to be that successful they are certainly doing a lot of things right. Travel is a lot of repeat and recommend so they certainly have a lot of satisfied clients to write the kind of numbers they do, over 500 million a year.

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      Aug 17, 2010

    FROSCH works. The service is good, a bit expansive though and it can take a while until you get your things. When one unpacks carefully might see that each in every item is in its place, nothing missing. The delivery papers are OK, not heavy time-consuming staff.

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      Dec 28, 2010

    whomever wrote this complaint is not sane. EVery agency charges a ticketing fee, and they tell you this up front. If they did you a ticket and issued each leg separate there was a good reason for it, like those airlines don't interline and fare rules made that the best way to do it. What the heck is a "cloaked charge" ? If an agency runs a ticket, the AIRLINE charges your credit card, and the agency runs a separate charge for the ticket charge. If somehow a mistake is made and not caught, the agencies typically pay you back out of their pockets. Know what you are complaining about if you go posting stuff, as it makes absolutely NO sense!

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      Jan 06, 2011

    In years of using FROSCH, I've always found them to be absolutely 100% professional and never ever experienced the problems that "concerned consumer" posted. This sounds like an angry ex-employee or something like that to me.

    I can't imagine what "concerned consumer" has against them...but it's a shame.

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      Jan 19, 2011

    Being an ex-travel agent ( thank God ) I know that airfares can be tricky. I was once chewed
    out by a client and my agency ( Frosch Travel ) at that time backed the client and threw me
    to the dogs because I booked him a completely refundable round trip domestic ticket. The problem was that you had to return using the same route. Well, the client changed the route on the return and wanted a refund on the return part he didn't use. Because the round trip fare was lower than the one way fare there was no refund. He had a fit saying he never took non-refundable tickets and why had I booked him on a non-refundable ticket. He never understood that he was paying less for buying a discounted unrestricted round trip ticket than we would have paid for a one way ticket and naturally my bosses didn't try to help explain it to him because that would have made him even madder. So I got the blame and no support from a company I once looked up to and admired.

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      Jul 10, 2014

    Working with a Frosch Travel agent in Houston was a nightmare! She made a huge error on our tickets, refused to return my calls, and lied about the entire incident!

    My family (eight of us) were heading to Africa for a little over two weeks from various parts of the US. We planned to all arrive and depart on the same dates and around the same times, but the head of the Africa division ticketed two of the Business Class ticket departures on the wrong day. When I called her to correct the error, she told me that I obviously had the wrong itinerary and that she would email me the correct itinerary. When I did not receive the promised itinerary, I called her and left a message on her voice mail giving her my email address again and ask her to please resend it as I had not received it. I ended up chasing her around for FOUR days on the phone and email, but she would not return my calls or emails.

    She finally responded with a very nasty email to one of my other family members saying that she had tried to email the itinerary to me seven times. Her email and the attached itinerary was forwarded to me. When I looked at the itinerary I discovered that she had obviously had to rebook the flight on the correct day.

    I understand that people make mistakes, but it was the cover up, the not taking responsibility, and the lying that made me so angry. I can only speak about my experience, but other family members had issues as well. The only reason we used Frosch Travel is that was the organization that the safari company used.

    Please review your travel information very well before booking. This was an incredibly expensive trip and while I was glad she corrected her mistake, her customer service skills were terrible.

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