Forrest General Hospitalemergency room

Today I arrived at your hospital at 7:30 am with my girlfriend who was in serious pain and losing a lot of blood due to her menstrual cycle. The problem has existed since we been together. So on this morning we came to your facility for the pain she was suffering from. You registered her and took her to your yellow section in the ER which has the dumb rule that you can't accompany a patient if they are over 21. Never in my 62 years of life have I went to a hospital and denied entry to the room of the person I was bringing their. Need I remind you that you say people not accompanying patients to your yellow section speeds up the procedure of getting people waited on faster is a lie. I waited 2 hours or more on my girlfriend and you still hadn't given her anything for pain only took her blood pressure and temperature while admitting her. Your facility is deplorable, ineffective in diagnosis and incrededibly slow when it comes to assisting people in your ER. For this reason I give you no rating of good statue because your service and your doctors suck. Your doctors have caused me to spend over $300.00 on medications that have not done one thing to solve the problem she's experiencing and think you should be fine or your hospital closed until you can adequately provide proper and speedy medical care to the people you keep in your ER for 6, 7and 8 hours at a time. Your facility is lacking in courtesy, compassion and the best medical care that person entering your doors expecting kindness and compassion and professional service which your doctors and nurses practioners seem to lack in a lot of cases. Not only that but a few months ago I came to your ER myself and was misdiagnosed with my glucose level being out of whack when I actually had an access on my liver that your doctors misdiagnosed and could have killed me had I not went to Merit Health and they found the poison in my blood. And as of today I have no faith in your facility or your medical providers in your ER because they are basically ineffective in the job they do.

Aug 22, 2019

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