FlySafair / Safair Operationscheck in missed due to traffic jam and delay at counter

D Sep 29, 2019

Good day. Ref lsxuuz to CPT at 17h55 on 29/9/2019. I missed the check in by 2 mins 17h17 due to traffic jam to get to departures at ORT. Not to mention the long queue and empty check in stations. Nonetheless safair refused to listen to reason or to allow access and I had to pay R300 to be placed on standby for another flight. These were circumstances beyond our control as there was a few of us who missed the 17h15 cut off but it was rather used to make extra money. In addition when I found another flight, they refused to refund the R300. I have used various other airlines that would have considered these type of circumstances within reason but safair is the worst by far.

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