Florida KidcareNegligence on behalf of Kidcare

M Aug 03, 2018

This is the second month in a row my daughter has missed appointments because the customer service representatives aren't updated the information correctly in the system. So how they didn't update my account correctly and now it show my daughters coverage is inactive. She can't get her medication that she needs to help her daily which affects her ability to learn in school. She has a dentist appointment today due to a terrible toothache. The customer service representative refused to contact the doctors office to let them know she has coverage for the month of August. So now I have a child misses medication doses and suffering a toothache because of error by someone incapable of performing their job properly. I now have two cancellation bills that need to be paid due to the representatives error. I started a new job and the job was kind enough to give me this day to take my daughter to appointments within my 90 day probationary period with the exception of bringing a providers note to work on Monday. Which I can't present because she couldn't be seen. It's not fair we are being punished due to someone else's mistakes. So I have a child in pain and no note to present to my employer. So therefore the negligence of your staff most likely has me unemployed which means the next step is being evicted and hungry due to loss of employment. This is not acceptable at all and not fair... Is thit a really what Florida Kidcare is all about!!! The representatives still have their job and secure place to live... NOT FAIR ALL!!!

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