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I am writing this review as an employer and a Comptroller of a nationally owned automotive group.
Today I was amazed at the governmental behavior displayed.
Our payroll dept is comprised of 6 very hard working employees that are very self aware and always make sure the numbers check out.
From time to time a small mistake is made and corrected, no big deal.
We received a notice to terminate a withholding order for one of our employees and made every attempt to make sure everything was taken care of.
Because of the amount of moving parts to the deduction process, a payment was accidently sent to the Florida DOR .
I personally made the phone call to the employer line.
A agent answered and asked me to explain the situation .
I explained to the agent that it was a mistake on us, not the employee.
She wasted no time to tell me that The DOR DOESNT refund payments at all
no exceptions and we would have to settle it between the employee and employer.
She did tell me that the payment hadn't posted yet.
That didn't matter. No refunds as she said with a chuckle .
This is the absolute worst agency I have ever had to deal with.

Rene C


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Jan 04, 2021 5:27 pm EST

This is incorrect. My son's father has been refunded 4 or 5 payments that they continued to take after his obligation (the dor and cse), the amt that is calculated on the child support order, was fulfilled.

I have a wonderful father to my child and would have never gone thru the state for child support if I wasn't made to. This is by far the worst dept you can even imagine.


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