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Hi. I am [removed]. I have been being harassed by third party notices due to me being the victim of identity theft and a person using a variation of my name attached to other information of mine. Upon researching i learned that the person who stole my identity has a pending case in Florida under the name [removed] which is being attached to me through third party contacts. One of these third parts contacted me and notified me that they had t o hunt down my information because they were being harassed by the Florida Department of revenue sending Police to their house to serve summons to the name that is similar to mine and has been wrongfully attached to me. The lady who contacted me stated her name was Carol Massey and she stated her and her husband served the Florida Department of Revenue a cease and desist order in regards to the matter stating none by the name [removed] lived there or was on their lease which could be researched and t he company ignored the cease and desist and are still harassing them and violating their right t o privacy. I live in Pennsylvania, but the person who used the name [removed] lives in FLORIDA and I am not interested in being held liable by Carol Massey or others due to this company using deceptive practices in order to attempt to collect an alleged debt that is obviously not validated as required by law. I am not in their jurisdiction or the right person. I filed an identity theft report against the [removed] name and the address that FLORIDA OF DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE has because that is not me, but it appears to only affect me and my finances and if the company is making an honest mistake due to this person stealing my identity and possibly providing them with a fake name and address or something, i don't wish to file liens on their company or agents nor sue them, but wish for them to resolve the issue. I understand they are not eyewitnesses and i just want this resolved so the homeowners of [removed] don't sue me or claim i caused them damages because of this company .


I serviced agency and its attorney Pamela A. Schneider with a notarized affidavit of letter of appointment of beneficiary notifying them that I am the Executor of an estate titled [removed] and provided them with proof of ownership of the fictitious name/entity which is registered with the state of Pennsylvania and not within the florida venue fraudulently alleged. UCC 1 lien was also filed against said agency and its attorney for conspiracy against rights under the color of law which breached terms and conditions of lawyers quid pro quo contract as well as various other frauds. Upon servicing of the unrebutted affidavit of notice of Executor and proof that [removed] is registered as an entity with limited liability within the state of Pennsylvania, there will simply be a deprivation of rights under the color of law suit filed against DOR and the Lawyer. I have an FBI agent that is my eyewitness to servicing, failures to respond and file said evidence, etc. I no longer wish to have these complaints be public.

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