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I received my acceptance letters and new florida blue "blue care" hmo cards to be in a new plan which I am not clear about & after my doctors visit today I went to my normal pharmacy here in duval county fl. At my pharmacy I learned that even though I have paid for the new policy (that I was confused about when I thought I had to change & really want my original ppo florida blue select plan back), the "system" is not recognizing me or any coverage at all. When my awesome pharmacist called blue cross/blue shield of florida, she worked diligently to find a solution as I am not the first patient to come in with this serious problem. No less, I left without being able to get medicines for which I must have to remain stable as my health is critical and I sit waiting until the morning to learn what is going on and why I cannot have my former plan back with the same copays as before. I suffer brain traumas along with neurological disorders that impair my cognitive thinking in certain situations so the plan that I selected was not the plan that I wanted to be in! Blue cross blue shield of florida has received my payments as all are current but the systems not allowing me to access the health coverage at all! This is a very, very serious problem affecting more people than I alone. I believe that the big wigs at blue cross blue shield must address with a swiftness lest they suffer claims of damages from patients like me (a middle aged disabled [claim pending any day now] who are suffering needlessly because the disorganization of this florida blue madness and the "marketplace enrollment" confusions amuck. Sad & serious in florida, h

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