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I purchased Valentino earrings with no problems. However within a week of wearing them the pin part of earring came apart and the ball part fell off. Luckily I was at home and managed to push the pin back in. A few days later the same thing happened to the other earring. They cost a lot of money so I contacted Flannels to explain and as the same thing happened to both earrings I requested a full refund. They asked me for a picture which I did along with all the details of the order.

They said I was to return them which I did using their courier who came and collected them. They were in their original box but I didint have à returns label. She told me that the courier would provide the label. I have kept all emails sent to me from them and my responses. This happened before Christmas and was in my time limit for returning them. I have contacted them almost daily to find out the status of my claim and they in return keep asking me the same questions over and over which I keep answering. I have now asked for their escalation process as I don’t seem to be getting anywhere with my claim and I’m getting increasingly frustrated with their responses. Won’t be shopping with them again!

Desired outcome: A full refund

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