Firestone Complete Auto Carecustomer interaction

S Sep 12, 2018

I spoke with Aaron at the mission valley location in San Diego. I went for a battery change and he said they would test it and call me with what they find. I received a call about an hour later saying he accidentally sent me an incorrect email and to disregard it. 7 hours later I still haven't hear from them so I call. He says it ready and they forgot to call. I get there to find out they put in a new battery, without my consent (I NEVER SIGNED ANYTHING), and was charging me $228. I said I never got a call confirming this or giving permission to operate on the vehicle to which he responded we tried the number you gave me and it didn't work. I said what's the number, to which he responded my incorrect number. To which I said, weird cause you called my correct number earlier so I know you had it. And I could see where he had my number and he chicken scratched a 5 over an 8 which was clearly there originally! (That being my correct number). He then said wel you never called us to confirm to which I said, "that's not my job, the burden of confirmation is on you! It's your job". To which he said you're right, we can take the battery out if you want. The job was already done and we needed the car to get to work. But Aaron is a horrible employee and literally put his failure of his job on me. Will never be returning. Aaron needs to be reprimanded and/or replaced

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