Fireside BankDO NOT work with fireside!


Fireside Bank is extremely rude. All the way down the down, from the customer service representatives, to their managers. You call yourselves customer service? I personally work for a company in MN doing customer service, if I EVER talked to a customer the way they talk to me, I would be fired on the spot. I received a car loan from them back in 2007, and every time I call them to arrange payment they are extremely rude. I've even gone as far as dealing with one specific rep by the name of Chris. I set up payment arrangements with him for a specific date, and had to call him back a week later to change the date, only he would answer the phone and say he had to call me back. I did this 3 times with him when I realized he was doing this on purpose. A year down the road, I make a payment on my account to get it up to a current balance, and the next day they repossess my car. I call them to find out what is going on, and they are nothing but rude to me. They tell me they cannot see that I've made payment and to fax them a statement of my bank account to prove it. I asked for a manger, they proceeded to put me on hold, only to come back on to tell me I would have to leave them a voicemail. I said I wasn't going to leave a voicemail, that I would hold, and she said "I just told you she's not available, so you will be waiting for a long time." Is this how you speak to your customers if you are a customer service representative? I call back the following Monday and they tell me they haven't received the paperwork yet from the repo place, but they did in fact receive my payment and it was posted to my account the prior week (when it should have been posted-same day they repossessed my car.) I ask why I'm having to pay a repossession fee when it was their error and I was transferred to a rep by the name of "JC" or "john/lon" Right off the bat he says "I've already heard from everyone else that you've been calling us all day, and I don't know what you want me to tell you." After explaining my situation he says "Well I don't know what your process of thinking is or why you're not understanding.." and I was completely appalled by the comment and asked him if he thought I was stupid. I told him his story was contradicting and he's telling me 2 different things, and he said "Hellloooooo, duhhhhh!" At that point I was so fed up I asked to be transferred to the repossessions department and he said "Gladly, I will gladly transfer you to the repossessions deparment!" I cannot believe you let your customer service representatives treat your customers this way. Even the managers act this way, and it wouldn't surprise me if the owner of the company acted this way as well. Point blank, don't EVER go with fireside for a car loan. I don't believe they are approving car loans for anyone at this point in time anyway, but if you currently have a car loan with them, I HIGHLY suggest you talk to your bank to see if the loan can be transferred. I have nothing but awful, awful things to say about how they run their business and how they treat their customers, and if you do your research online, it's pretty obvious that this is across the board with this company. Beware of this company!

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